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July 16, 2010


Barbara Anne

Have a lovely time on your mini-vacation and with your friends among the world of fashion colors and styles!

We have mother and son cats who are 8 and 6 years old and Tom (not so creative male cat name) never fails to get in his mother's face and to irritate the stew out of her. Then the fur flies - literally. Will he never learn or does he enjoy it?

Sophie and Ozzie are too cute. Can't dogs seem to find the most amazingly comfortable positions for their naps?



It's supposed to be really hot in L.A. this weekend! Wear something cool. And have a great time - hot or not, I'm sure you will!


I'm sorry to say that here in So Cal it is not going to be in the 90's but in the 100's. Please bring all your COOLEST clothes for this weekend! Have a terrific time with your friends! (BTW I have just found your blog in the last 3 weeks and love it! I've even ordered one of the quilting books you used for one of your quilts. I'm a relative newbie to quilting - less than a year but I love it and it is addicting!

Helen in Switzerland

Sophie seems to behave just like one of my daughters!!! When the worm is in their characters you just can't do anything about it can you!


Those dogs just kill me! They are so true to life. Sophie (the female) can go all day. Ozzie (the male) does a few token "things" and lays down the rest of the day. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! LOL!


My mother and sister would tell you that I was the instigator. But I'm not so sure that was always true... and I'm sure not one now!


I hope your black is short sleeved or sleeveless while you're here, we've been getting very hot, humid, monsoonal type weather, it rained at my house yesterday, absolutely miserable.


You will look wonderful...stay cool! Isn't it just a dog's life??


Have fun on your vacation, and I hope it's not too hot!

The pups are just too cute :)


Kelly Ann

Wouldn't it be great if we could all lay around like Sophie...but I think our families would complain...but dang she looks comfy...


Hope you have A great weekend lucky Girl Those dogs just crack me up.and I never had problems when I was young I am an only child and the only on I could fight with was myself LOL.
Hugs Mary.

Becky in Georgia

Have a great time in California! Please share some insights of what you learn from the show. Absolutely love the photo of Sophie:)


Hahaha - nice centerfold pic of Sophie there! My parents had 2 bulldogs there for awhile who were a lot like your terriers - always fighting about something. They had to do the same thing - separate them and closely monitor play times. Hope you have a great weekend!

Allyson in Alaska

This is perfect timing. Just yesterday, I was thinking that it's been a while since we saw an Ozzie and Sophie post. Good to hear they're getting along better. They sure are cuties!

Denise in PA

What is it about the girls? My 15-lb Pekingese Lilly thinks she's the boss of the world. She has to let our son's Pit Bull (a very sweet, cute guy) know she is the boss every time he comes over. At her day camp - they call her "boss lady". Have fun doing the fashion thing!

kim naylor

Can you tell me about the quilt behind the dog?

Kim from san diego

Awww, so cute... I should start posting a few pictures of Jack, who is my constant sewing companion. And his handiwork with the quilt that was on our bed...


Have a blast on your trip - love the jewerly thought and I'll have to borrow that for my own self!! Love the pics of your doggies - they are sweet.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Cute baby pictures! Glad they're getting along bettter. Hope you enjoyed your weekend getaway!


I rarely comment but I LOVE your photos of the dogs!! I really look forward to them. The top one wins the blue ribbon.

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