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July 06, 2010



I've always enjoyed Anna Quindlen books . . .

and the Mennonite in a Little Black Dress has been on my to be read list since I got my Kindle . . . so sounds like I might want to read that next . . . thanks . . .

also happy to learn of Robyn Carr . . .

I used to make sure I finished every single book I started . . . no matter how bad . . . I don't do that anymore . . . I give every book 50 pages . . . at that point if I have some interest I go to page 100 . . . if it hasn't grabbed me by then . . . I'm DONE !! . . . onto something better . . .

that's been working for me . . . really well !!


Love the book reviews, now that it's summer I'm always on the look out for some nice light reading. You must check out Barnes and Nobles new pick "A Vintage Affair" by Isabel Wolff. I'm only a third of the way in, but so far the vintage fashion description, a bit of sewing and wonderful vivid characters are lovely. Might have to put it down for awhile though, you've got me thinking I need to make a big Madeline for myself...

Karen L.

I wish there was time enough in the day for everything! I have so many books lined up to read, it's ridiculous. They don't keep the hardbacks in the stores very long so if you don't buy it when you see it, it will be gone. For some reason I find holding a hardback book more satisfying than a paper back. Because of my lack of time, it's difficult to read a library book completely before it's due back and often the newer books can't be renewed.

I think my real problem is ADD since when I'm reading, I'm thinking about sewing. When I'm sewing, I'm thinking about doing something else!

Karen L.


I so enjoyed your book reviews. I also loved "these is my words"....and just finished another of Robyn Carr's books "the house on olive street" and highly recommend it. My town does NOT have a library so I belong to For every book that is requested of me, I get one point. For every one point I can order a book from someone else. I only pay shipping on the books I send out. Saves me a ton of money...

Helen in Switzerland

Thanks Nicole - I'm certainly going to hunt these down on Amazon. It's nice to learn of new writers that I don't think I would come across otherwise!


hmmm... you ave me curious with Anne Quindlen. I'm not a bigfan of hers just because her books can be a bit depressing but I'm curious as to what is this grand event...

Anyway, LOVE LOVE LOVE Scottoline. She is just too fabulous because she mixes such a great set of characters in her Bennie Rozatto series. Mary's family is just so darn funny!!

Carr also does it for me. I started reading her Virgin River series and the character's from Grace Valley hang out with those in Virgen River so I'm familiar with who you are talking about. I find these books so relaxing. It's like going home for a spin.

I have an e-reader and pick up most of my books in digital format but I really have not actually READ a book in a while. I have been listening to most of my literature via Audiobook and I love it. I get alot of my audiobooks from the library and ebooks can be checked out at the library too so I love it.


Nice book reviews!

Kim Juilfs

Thanks for the book reviews. I recently read my first Lisa Scottoline as it was our book club pick. I enjoyed it, so I may have to try the one you recommended. I love, love, loved These is My Words. I just got the next two to go with it. One of my recent favorites was The Help. I really recommend it.


Thanks so much for the book reviews. I'm always looking for a good book. I'm definitely going to have to look into that Anne Quindlan book. I read Mennonite in a Black Dress and thought that it was the most boring thing I had read. Seems like she was trying to deal with getting over her divorce more than anything. I only read it al the way through because she teaches at a college here in Michigan.


These Is My Words is in my top five favorite books right now, and has been for several years. It holds up well to re-reading. I read Whiter Than Snow, and for some bizarre reason it didn't depress me (usually that story would) - who knows why? Thanks for the other references - you know I'm always on the lookout for new reads!


My husband gave me Lady Killer for my birthday, along with a ticket to a book signing. Lisa Scottoline is even funnier in person than she is in her books. If you like her for light reading, you might try Janet Evanovich.

Have you ever considered getting a Kindle (or a similar e-reader)? I love my Kindle.


Thanks for the book recommendations, I put a few of them in my Kindle wish list.


I may look for These Is My Words. It sounds interesting. I love Robyn Carr books. There are three Grace Valley books and about nine Virgin River books. You become really entangled with the characters and they become like friends. I've met Robyn at a booksigning and she was so very nice!


I love to read too :)

In addition to my quilting blog (which I think you've visited before)... I also have a reading blog

I've reviewed a bunch of books... usually the day I finish them... or shortly after.


Thanks for the reviews. I love Anna Quindlen but haven't read any of hers for quite a while...think I will need to pick one up soon!


Every Last One by Anna Quindlen was soooo good. What a gifted writer she is! Her subject matter is not for the faint of heart but I just remind myself that it is fiction...although while reading her books, I feel like I am right there.


Thanks for the book reviews. Next to my stitching/sewing, books are my next favorite thing! I have added a few to my "must read/check out" list tonight! I have fallen into Jodi Picoult's books. They are not always easy reads and have surprise endings that throw me for a loop sometimes. But they are thought-provoking. Enjoy!


Thanks for the reviews Nicole- It is always interesting to read what others say about the books. I just came home with some books from the library- Some of Jennifer Weiner's books- "Certain Girls" Goodbye Nobody and Between Friends" . I have read other books by her and enjoyed them very much. " Good in Bed" and In her shoes are some of her other titles.

I will check out Robyn Carr- I do not know her books.
I loved the Nancy Turner book " These is my Words".
Someone else I am going to check out is Nancy Pickard- she is fairly prolific writer with lots of titles.
I am a fan of Kristen Hannah and have read more of her books. They all were enjoyable.
Jodi Picoult is very good but her subjects are often difficult stories to put away so if you are after light reading I would not choose her stories.
One of my favorite Anna Quindlen books is One True Thing- It is a very moving story about a mother and daughter and their relationship and how it changes when the mother has cancer.
I have read some of Sandra Dallas's books( The Diary of Mattie Spencer, Alice's Tulips and The Persian Pickle Club and enjoyed her stories. I do not know her newest ones.
Happy reading Nicole.
Hope life is treating you and yours well.

Debi Hendrickson

Yes, These Is My Words is a wonderful book but you failed to mention she has two more books that follow the story, Sarah's Quilt and Star Garden. I kept thinking the following books couldn't be as great as the first but they kept getting better.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Wow! You have been reading. Lots of those books sounds very interesting. I'm going to put the Quinlen book on my list. I love her books.


Will be off to the library to see what they have. Thanks for the great suggestions! I am new to your blog. Thanks.


see my problem is I only ever read about ghosties, ghoulies and mythical creatures! So it is really nice to know there are other books out there too! (I am not saying I will venture down this path but it is good to know ;o))


HI!..I enjoyed your book reviews. I read a LOT and have piles and piles of to-be-read books. I like to get recommendations from others so I don't waste my time on something I'm not going to like. If you enjoyed Nancy Turner's These is My Words, you HAVE to read the rest of the triology, Sarah's Quilt and The Star Garden. It follows the characters through their lives. It is hard for us today to understand the hardships the pioneers went through. Thanks.


Nicole - I still suggest you would probably like Barbara Michael's Anna Peabody series - best read in sequence, and I think the first one is "Crocodile on the Sunbank". Mystery, romance, witty, suspense, it has it all.
I've been looking up the reviews on about books I think I'll buy - or even before I check them out of the library, and they give me a pretty good indication of what I'm getting into, and whether I'd enjoy the read or not.
Too many books...too little time!

Loris Mills

Love your book reviews. I've been looking for new authors and appreciate you sharing some. Your review of Island Beneath the Sea reminded me of my feelings about The Lost Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini. As I have enjoyed her other books, this one should have come with a warning. Very graphic and distressing. I wish I hadn't read it. Even though it is good to be aware of the bad that has happened, one needs to be prepared a bit before wandering into it. IMHO
I'm definitely going to check out many of the books and authors you listed here. I love to read just a few minutes before I go to sleep and/or lose a few days enjoying the stories.

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