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July 27, 2010



I have a 3 ring binder that I keep recipes printed from on-line sources, friends, or clipped recipes that are taped onto paper. I also have a recipe box and book that holds the small recipe cards. And I have recipes floating around my kitchen. Ah to be fully organized and to have stay it that way.


I have a 3-ring binder with page protectors and little tabs for each type of food - appetizers, soups, salads, fruity desserts, cakes, cookies, etc. It's getting pretty full. I'm thinking about migrating the dessert sections to their own binder. The page protectors are great because I don't have to worry about magazine clippings falling out. I just stuff them in to there. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Barbara Anne


What a lovely recipe notebook that Mary also sent and that her most talented DIL made!!! Well done!

My recipes are still in those little recipe boxes on 3x5 note cards. I have my mother's 3 recipe boxes, and two from my grandmother so it can get confusing. Oh, did I say we have more than 100 cookbooks, too? I have a 3 ring notebook that I copy special recipes into.

As for your recipe book that's falling apart, I'd see if a 3 hole punch would make those pages fit into a 3 ring binder. If not, perhaps a old fashioned stationery store could bind it? Either of those ideas would mean you don't have to re-copy your recipes.



I type up my recipes on my computer. Then I print them out 8 1/2 by 11 and store them alphabetically in a Desk File sorter. It's like a binder but without rings, and has a tabbed page for each letter of the alphabet.


I wish I had a good answer to this question. I have them in notebooks, cards and stuffed in a recipe holder. I keep thinking I need to get them organized. My sister is putting them all on the computer and is planning on printing them as a book for her daughter and granddaughters.


I print my recipes onto 8.5 X 11 paper and put them in page protectors. I am a messy cook so it saves the recipes from ruin. I used to have one binder and separated them by deividers but over the years I have so many I have a small binder for each section. I also try to pick a week or two of meals out at a time so I can plan my grocery shopping and menu. these recipes go into my "This week" binder so I know what I have supplies for.


Such a precious design for the recipe notebook! It reminds me of pages that I sometimes put together for scrapbooking. My kitchen only has about 3 cookbooks, one recipe box from YEARS ago, and a 3-ring binder with indexes that I keep recipes that I get from friends or online sources.


I keep mine in 4 file folders. Orange - Autumn, Green Winter/Holidays,Green - Spring, and Yellow - Summer. I started the folders as a way to begin organizing them, thinking I would come up with a fabulous file many of the recipes I use really are seasonal, and I only keep the current folder in the kitchen.

On the inside cover of the folder I jot down favorite recipes that would belong in the file, but are in cookbooks I own.


I used to have all mine on 4X6 cards - typed. Just two months ago I revamped it all, ditched recipes I haven't made in 10 or 20 years, and now all are printed on 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper, and in sheet protectors. They are all in a binder. I may have to split it into two binders, more to accommodate shelf space than because I have that many recipes.

This format makes it easy to insert stuff I've copied or cut out of magazines also.


Recipes? What are those? Ha! Although when my Mother passed away I found that TasteBook dot com was the best way to preserve all her honored recipes. It looks like a professional book, but can still be updated with additional pages whenever I have the steam to type in more recipes.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

My recipe notebook is more than 30 years old. I really need a new one too. Think I'll make me one. I saw one that Brenda at Cozy Little House had made from an old appointment diary. It was very cute. At least I think it was Brenda.


I have a 3x5 index card box with the recipes I stole (okay, copied) out of my mother's recipe box, plus a few others I have added. Unfortunately, there's not a lot in there as I was not such an adventurous eater at the time. But it's not hard to find what I'm looking for as everything is alphabetized, with the desserts alphabetized separately.

Now, I mostly search my blog! lol I've been thinking about trying to put together a 3 ring binder, but I've never quite gotten around to it. I just have stacks of printed out recipes waiting to be filed.

Sinta Renee

I am just starting to organize my recipies onto cards and into a box (that I got for Crhistmas)... because I think they look cute that way. Rigth now they are everywhere, loose, all sorts of different sized papers or pieces of paper. Completely unorganized! Can't wait to see what everyone writes... because I really need help with this.


oh Nicole . . . don't copy them over . . . your recipe books are charming and someday will be so important to your family . . . just the way they are . . .

I took all of my mother's recipes . . . in various organization and have them all in a box . . . my DIL's love going through them . . . they love seeing how people kept recipes over the years . . .

mine are in various organization too . . . but I like them that way . . . there is so much family history in all of it . . .

your book that is falling apart . . . Staples can bind that for you !! . . . for very little money . . .

I just recently had them bind a bunch of quilt patterns for me into a book . . . so much easier for me now . . .

hope this helps . . .

Sandy (Strlady)

I don't really use any of the above.
I am a bit of a tech junkie so I keep my most used recipes on my computer.
I'll print out the recipe when I need it and keep it in a book holder and when that printout falls apart, I print it out again.

I'll scan recipes from my cook books onto the computer if I think I'll forget where to find it and will keep them in particular folders if I need to, but mostly it's in the recipe folder. I have the folder backed up on a hard drive in case the computer falters (which has happened).

I love the system, especially now that I have an iPad I can just put the recipe on the iPad and can scroll through it w/o actually printing it.

My daughter has developed the same system but she just plops her laptop on the counter and away she goes.

No need for recipe cards in my house.

I do the same thing for my favorite patterns. It allows me to keep a soft copy of the pattern - where I can write and scribble on, avoiding any damage to the original.


i hate to admit it, but mine are sort of here, there, and everywhere. I have a notebook that my grandmother wrote all of her recipes in. My step-sister published my step-mom's recipes... but everything else is everywhere. Once I get this teaching thing figured out, I plan on putting the recipes in those old black/white composition books... organized by desserts, main dishes, etc...... Someday.


I'm a recipe box girl. I have a vintage box I love and when I find a resipe I love, it goes in the box. Although I have been using the internet for finding new recipes lately.

Andee Neff

I have typed them in to and then over time have added pictures of them and have ordered myself and several close family members a really nice printed cookbook of them! It has worked out really nice and the family recipes get passed down this way!


Hi Nicole, I've got tons of cookbooks despite the fact that I gave away two boxes full last year. I use an Excel Spreadsheet with 'Worksheets' by category and when I try a recipe that I want to make again I enter the source into the appropriate spreadsheet. For recipes that I've clipped I have file folders by category until I actually make them - then they either become a word document in 'Carla's Recipes' file on the laptop which I can take into the kitchen(with the appropriate reference in the Excel document) or, if they did not get a "passing grade" get tossed. But then there are also the recipes that have never been written down....perhaps one day in the distant future they too will get organized.

Dandelion Quilts

How cute! I use a binder I bought at hallmark.


In a 3 ringed binder with each page in a plastic sleeve. This way I pull out the recipe, get "stuff" all over it, wipe it down and put it back. And of course there is that stack of loose papers and clippings tucked into the front flap on the binder!


Nicole I have an old recipe book that the school's used to put outI have had it for years My dil made me A book to hold my verses for my greetings cards that i make I will put A photo of it on my Blog.
Hugs Mary.
PS I hope you have many good years with your new book I am glad you like it.


I still have the old 4x6 recipe cards stored in 2 wooden boxes and of course the standard Betty Crocker (50's style) CookBook. Recently started putting recipes into a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors. Also this summer I even did a down sizing on the recipes I had clipped from magaznes over the year.


I keep mine everywhere: on my computer, printed off the computer and in page protectors, stuffed in the front of my 3-ring binder, cut from magazines and piled up "to do something with" someday, on 3x5 cards in a cute Longaberger recipe basket. I am not one to give organizing advice. If I am looking for a favorite recipe, I look for the dirtiest ones first because I am also a messy cook. The good ones have the most stains.


I do a combination - 3x5, couple notebook type, of course too many cookbooks with post-it notes flagging pages that are well loved. Then I have a paper bag with recipies clipped out of places, yet to be tried, so haven't wanted to use up the time to write in another form...this one makes me smile as it's so funny to spill them all out.

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