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July 28, 2010



I knew there was a reason I don't go to Michaels!!
I love your new light fixture. When the time is right things wil fall together for you to move. Hang in there and enjoy your updated digs:)


I agree with Lori, at least you are getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the current house.
Regarding Michael's - I've never been one, we don't have them in Qu├ębec - don't know about the rest of Canada - I guess you get what you pay for - low prices = shoddy goods.


We don't have a local Michaels, so only go when I get to the 'big' city. Having said that, I usually don't go unless I really need to, because it is so junky.


Nicole, the lighting is beautiful. One thing I regret from when I staged my house for sale was that I lived with a horrible kitchen for 8 years and fixed it for someone else. I said I would not do that again. I would make sure my house was always ready to sell so I could enjoy it too. I'm sorry to hear you lost your new house but on the other hand you get to enjoy your old home with the outstanding repairs you made. BTW: I might hate Marshall's but I do love Michael's! LOL!


Beautiful lighting! I'm sorry you won't be moving closer to Sara right now but I'm sure it'll happen soon. Everything in it's time and season.

Michael's serve a simple purpose for me - embroidery floss, rotary cutter blades, etc. It's changed so much over the years.


Michaels is the only store where you go in, spend a bunch of money and have nothing to show for it! I rarely go into the one in my area, it's newer, but you are right. The staff has the "over there" customer service mentality. Not where I choose to spend my dollars. Power to the purse holder.

Dawn Heese

I have to agree about Michaels. I try to not go there at all. I went there a couple of weeks ago looking for a particular item. Asked the girl if they carried it, she didn't even know what I was talking about, but was sure they did not. Roamed the store for awhile and found it.

Helen in Switzerland

Hi Nicole,
I'm so sorry your house move fell through - but I'm also glad that you will get to enjoy your newly updated house! It always seemed a shame to me that someone else would get the fruits of your labours and not you!
By the way, I think the Monterey Bay area is gorgeous! (But then I come from NE England where it's always cold and windy and live in Switzerland where it rains - a lot!!)


I agree with you about Michaels. And the one near me is the worst I've even been in. If you go there, you have add at least 20 mins to stand in line to check out - and really, I'm not kidding. I goes there only when I feel there is really no other choice.

Barbara Anne

Love your new light fixture and hope you can look at living in your spiffy updated home in lovely, temperate Monterey as a gift. An even more perfect home in Angel's Camp will surely be yours when the time is right.

I agree about Michaels but miss Hobby Lobby since we don't have one here.



I'm with you on the Michael's thing. Actually our Joanne's is really no better. I only go there if I have to. Does discounted merchandise really have to be sold in dirty, messy locations?


What has happened to customer service. I hate it when you go into a store and ask where something is and they point, "it's over there." Get up and walk me over to it1!!!!!!!!

Check out my blog post! We're having a party!!

Cindy Emerson

I agree with your Michael's comment. Our town use to have one but it closed. I always thought it was a fire trap, you couldn't get through the aisles with all the merchandize sitting around.


I am sorry about your move. However, your chandelier is lovely and now you get to enjoy the updated look!
I completely understand about Michael's. I do not go unless I know exactly what I want and don't have time to drive to another craft store. Basically, I try to avoid it.


Sorry that your move right now fell through. Hopefully the market will "turn around" and you will be able to eventually. I discovered a wonderful little local bead shop where the two owners (mother/daughter) are absolutely delightful and will fix the jewelry right there on the spot, and for no charge! No need for a trip to Michael's. But I would trade all that to be able to live in your close-to-Monterey area with temps in the 60's!


Hi Nicole I am sorry the house fell through But dont worry things will turn out right in the end Hubby will get another job and you will be on top of the world again I lowe your new lamp it is beautiful.
Hugs Mary.


You aren't alone. I love craft stores but detest Michael's. My pet peeve is how they will put a sale price up on a bin or along a shelf and you think it's a great deal. Then you go to check out and find it only meant the pink ones or it was for the ones next to the bin where the sign was, not the bin directly on top of the sign or some other bull. I think they deceptively advertise on purpose. Our local one is no longer worth going into - it is 90% Martha Stewart scrapbooking. I hate MS and I hate scrapbooking. Give me a Hobby Lobby any day.


I feel your pain. Totally agree.

LuAnn Briggs

Hi Nicole...Even though I don't comment, I am a long time reader of yours and love your tales of woe, humor, and frustration and I cry, laugh and beat my fists right along with you and LOVE your quilts!...I have to tell you that I used to work for Michael's and was disappointed at how they treat their employees on every level...I was aghast to find myself being continually reprimanded for helping the customers find and use products!...I was actually told not to do that anymore!...I quit that job...I do so wish they had a Hobby Lobby in my town!...Blessings to you and yours! Annie

lizz embry

I honestly really like Michaels... But I don't care for anyone talking to me while I shop. And I like to wander the aisles, it's more of a shopping experience then running an errand. So, for a gal who wants to be ignored and spend an hour circling the same 4 aisles looking for something, it's my kinda place! But I can see how frustrating it would be to not have help when you need it. At least they have so many coupons out there, it softens the poor service blow.


I guess the good news is that you'll be able to enjoy all the updates y'all have been working on, but it stinks that the details just aren't lining up for you. Oh, Michael's. I go in there sometimes, hoping to find a good deal, and as soon as I walk in the door, I always think, "There's NOTHING in this store that sings to me."

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