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July 01, 2010



I like fruitcake also...alas it has a wee bit too much sugar for my system...

I love doing me it means the finish of another fun quilt..


I'll trade basting a quilt for doing binding anyday! I have a quilt to baste this morning and I am actually doing WORK to avoid doing it, LOL.


Sorry but I'd rather bind that eat fruitcake any day. Absolutely love your stargazer quilts - have added that one to my huge to do list!


Collin Street Bakery - be still my heart!!! Ok, even if you don't like fruitcake - this is oh so good!!! Have a nice piece with a cup 'o, put on some good music or a good movie, and get your binding grove on!!!!! You know how beautiful those quilts will look with their finishing touch!


I trade with my friend. I quilt her quilts, and she puts on my bindings! Works like a charm!

Donna Coulter

Bindings are what I save for the evenings when we sit down to watch TV. I keep a box fan handy for the summer evenings when it's really too hot to sit under a quilt.


I LOVE to do bindings! LOL Yes, I do so them on over and you'll have them back in no time flat. :-)


Grandma sent the good stuff!

Cara Wilson

Basting is the worse for me, and attaching bindings with the machine, I've actually lost my mind and don't mind stitching down the bindings any more...hmmm this truly may be an argument that I've totally lost it now lol

Wendy P

I like putting the binding on! It is the last step before the quilt can be used. It's exciting! And I can sit and hand stitch it to the back while I watch a good movie or listen to music.

I'd rather bind than rip out mistakes and redo!


I know just what you mean. I now do most of my bindings by machine--all of it, and it makes a big difference in them getting done. My mom used to do the hand sewing for me while she watched football on TV - how sweet is that?

Sue Tokash

Oh thank you Nicole! Most of my quilting friends look at me like I am crazy! Why? Because I have so many quilts that are ABB-all but bound. I hate binding. I find it so uninspiring and monotonous. I'd prefer to sit and do any other hand work than binding. It has been said of my that I like the creating not the finishing.


I feel your pain. Of the five I had to bind, I have one done. Then my daughter gave me a quilt to repair so I'm back up to six. But my son is home visiting and I have the grandson's every day to babysit, and the moon is in the seventh house.......... Tee Hee!


What you're suffering from is BAS. And the fruitcake is an example of an advanced BAT.

BAS ~ Binding Avoidance Symdrome
BAT ~ Binding Avoidance Technique

When you're in school, you have SAS and perfect SATs ~ Study Avoidance...

I love the stitching it down part, but I would pay big bucks ~ huge bucks! ~ to have someone actually stitch the binding strip onto the quilt. I love the squaring it up part. I even like the "making the binding" part. It's that part in the middle that I don't really care for. But stitching the binding down ~ I really enjoy that part.

As for the fruitcake... not sure what to tell you. I like fruitcake but never the packaged, store-bought kind. Even the really good stuff. It always seems a little too sticky and sugary, sweet to me.

Though the sugar should give you a little pick-me-up to get those bindings done... right before the inevitable sugar-crash. :)


No thanks for fruitcake but I'm with you on bindings. I have a knack for always getting a seam at at least one corner, no matter how hard I try to lay it out ahead! I usually machine stitch the whole process, so at least it is finished sooner :)

Karen L.

The binding is my favorite part of the quilt. Although, I used left over strips for the binding on my last quilt and ended up with the seams at nearly every corner despite my best efforts.

What are you doing with all these quilts?


Move over and cut me a piece. I've 2 king size ones to do and it ain't gonna happen any time soon. And I don't even do the hand sewing way, I machine bind! But, it still is at least a 3 hour job, I've timed myself before....

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I like GOOD fruitcake, and I bet this one is. I hate making binding though.

Charmaine Taylor

I spent Tuesday making binding, and yesterday sewed a few to their respective quilts.
I also like fruit cake!

Mary Flynn

I'm chuckling when I read you had to get into the zone and just do it! How many times have I told myself that?! I'd say depending on project is how often or not. But haven't you found once your in the zone it feels as though some weight has been lifted?
I don't know if you have ever heard of Southern Supreme
but when in-laws come out from CA they just have to go and stock up. I must admit I am not a fruitcake gal but this one is YUMMY!!


I don't like binding and I don't like fruitcake...and I would probably rather clean my toilets...


I have a binding pile up now too...I can feel your pain!


Once again I say, "You're simply amazing!" I truly believe you could spin ANYTHING into gold. Great quilts. I won't touch the fruitcake subject...or the real thing either. I didn't know people actually ate those things! Ha. On a more serious note, have you ever talked about what batting you use? If so, I've forgotten. I thought the batting I used to use wasn't quite the same quality as a few years ago. I've tried Dream Cotton, 80/20, and even did the last two quilts in a wool batting. I like a traditional antique look. I can't wait to wash my quilts as soon as I get the binding on. Lately, I have wanted a "heavier" quilt for those cold Nebraska winters, but I haven't found a solution. Any thoughts?


OK...I'm an oddball (what else is new...LOL)...I like binding and I love to hand stitch the back :) I also love fruitcake, so I'll come over and have a slice with you and a cuppa and if you stitch the front on, I'll hand sew the back :) Deal??? What I don't like is the actual quilting part :( To me, it's boring and I just want to get it over with!

Wendy Currie

I really need to get busy and finish some quilting ...and get the binding done before my big holiday in 16 days gulp. Too bad I can't sit and bind quilts at work lol
Christmas Cake in July? hmmm

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