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August 31, 2010


Sue Bennett

I am with you one this one. I have made several Yellow Brick Road and they are great quilts but for me I have gone back to making something that is going to take me awhile to piece. What am I going to do with all of these quilts anyway. So slow done and enjoy the masterpiece. What is the rush any way.


I came to that same conclusion myself recently. Now on my list to do around Christmas, is Elizabeth. I also have several sampler type quilt projects in mind. And table runners are my kind of smaller project for new fabrics. They make great gifts and it's fun to change off with the seasons. Your two quilts are beautiful. There's something about stars that I always enjoy.


I agree wholeheartedly with your thinking. I personally have never been a fan of what I call non pattern quilts. Turning 20 and yellow brick road have never appealed to me. I enjoy doing intermediate type quilts because I love doing detail. I sure don't put out as many quilts as some of my friends but each one is more complicated and gives me a sense of satisfaction. Your two quilts are very pretty and something to be proud of.

Diane Linford

I have just come to the same conclusion - slowing down and enjoying the process is as great as the finished product. It's nice to have come this far.

Beautiful quilts!


Your finished quilts look fabulous! I agree with the posts above. I like to use a challenging pattern to learn new techniques. Carrie Nelson's offer variety and helpful tips and have become a favorite of mine. Love those Schnibbles! I also use Heather Peterson's when I want to try something new and fun. It takes me a little longer to finish a quilt, but the results are worth the time spent!

Mary Flynn

You are absolutely right...however sometimes instant gratification type quilts are needed in my life when I'm busy quilting other's quilts. Also older stash that just isn't loved near as much is perfect for those quick gift kind of quilts. Enjoy your day!! post is listed twice.


I completely agree with you on slowing down and savoring each quilt. I think we get into too big of a hurry to get them done and then it's on to the next expensive quilt project! Your quilts are beautiful by the way!


Two very beautiful quilts, Nicole.


They are both beautiful!!


You know you have this post on twice right? And I'm with you about making more complicated quilts. I just finished a Miss Rosie pattern thanks to your influence.


Well spoken, Nicole. You are so right about the investment of our time and fabric; we should have a beautiful quality piece to show for our efforts! I am also wanting to make larger quilts these days, such as the Miss Rosie sized ones (usually about 72" square) and bigger. I don't have enough furniture/decor to use little ones through my house and other people wonder "what am I supposed to do with something this small?". If I want them to enjoy it, then it needs to be large enough to be useful. I wonder if anyone else feels like this too? Great quilts!

Deb A

Totally agree with you on all points! Quilting as a whole is VERY expensive and those that don't quilt don't realize how expensive it is to make a quilt. How many people have you had ask you to make them a quilt, or would you make them a quilt and what would it cost? When you tell them it costs $200 or more to buy the fabric for a queen size quilt, and another $200 to have it quilted, not including your time for labor they about pass out. I like the complicated, time consuming quilts, but do like a "finish in a weekend" quilt every once in a while. They're both beautiful!

Sue Bennett

Oh me too. I have a good thirty on a guest bed that when I want to use the bed I have to take off then put back on to lay them flat. Each of my sons have 6 or 7. So of there friends helped us move 4 years ago and I made each one of them a quilt. I have several tops not quilted from twin to queen. I worry that they will end up in a yard sale for 5 bucks. I think I will put in my will that if the sons dont want them please give to a battery womens shelter or a nursing home.

Barbara Anne

These quilts are just beautiful!! Isn't it astonishing what a huge difference the quilting makes? Of course you know inside, outside, and sideways what the top looks like, but the quilting adds something wonderful that you cannot quite envision. Or I cannot!

I share your thought of having enough quick and small quilts. It's time to turn my time, thoughts, and attention to some of the "someday" patterns I've long planned to do. One of those for me is Snail's Trail and another is Buck-eye Beauty. Neither is very complicated but I haven't made them yet.


Sandy (Strlady)

So beautiful! I love when the quilt is finally quilted and bound. You can throw it in for that first wash and watch it become a treasure.

I don't think I have gone through the Yellow Brick Road stage... or maybe I'm just slow all around. If the quilt is not a baby quilt I feel guily if it's too easy. I always end up making it more complicated in one way or the other.

I have a really easy quilt on the sidelines for when I need some encouragement and immediate gratification but if not, I have too many gorgeously complex quilts to make. LOL!


Wow...I soo agree...not that I haven't made plenty of quick quilts myself...and I will continue to make them for gifts...but I love the challenge of more difficult quilts...especially in this economy...and Schnibbles are the best for making a small project that has the elements of a larger project!

Loris Mills

These look wonderful. Those beds are going to look great!

Lisa D.

The quickie quilts certainly have their place, but I do love the more complex patterns and your 2 latest quilted beauties are just masterpieces!


I'm guilty of taking the easy road when it comes to quilts. Thanks for the challenge to challenge myself! Your quilts both turned out beautifully!!!!!


I often wonder why I hear people wanting to hurry up and "get this over with" only to start another project. I'm focusing on a list of all projects in some state of progress. I machine quilt for others so doing hand applique or hand quilting is my style the last year. It's restful and gratifying. I'm glad you are going to challenge yourself and stretch your boundries, it will be an excellent journey.


Hi Nicole!
Both quilts turned out beautifully! You & your quilter did a very good job!
When I first started quilting (without knowing about the ressources the American quiltshops provide) I started very small (because of the even higher costs of fabrics here in Germany). I (mostly) didn't follow patterns but sketched my own "designs", the fabric choices were much "make do" because the local shops had a very limited selection - and heaven forbid if they carried an entire collection ;).
When I discovered the "quilting industry" in your country I felt like a child in a toy shop - I wanted quilts - quick & easy.
Now that I've grown up a bit (and learned a lot along the way) I try to challenge myself NOT always to go the easy way by using only one collection or re-start to design the quilts I do myself...just doing something out of my comfort learn more...
That doesn't mean that I don't continue making those easy quilts (pattern/design/fabric-choice-wise)...I just try to find a balance, like you!


I also like the more complex designs, Nicole! Cutting all those 8500 parts and piecing them back together is time consuming but enjoyable. I took a quilt class at the local college and the teacher said that we must learn to enjoy the PROCESS. That's hard, because we just want to be FINISHED, and that's what those simple patterns allow us to do. But the journey on a more intricate pattern is so satisfying in a different way. Enjoy it all!

Mrs. Goodneedle

I like to pour a lot of myself into the piecing (or applique), there is much satisfaction to be gained in stepping back and seeing the whole BIG picture... but,then, the smaller, quicker, pieced projects certainly have a place too. Love the tow quilts you have shared today, they're WONDERFUL; well done!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Nicole, I got to this point back in January or February, and ironically it was after seeing a wonderful quilt on your blog that you were making. I believe it was a Miss Rosie pattern, and I decided to try to make something similar on my own (I don't buy very many patterns). I got into slowly making choosing fabrics for individual blocks and slowly making those basket blocks and was so satisfied with taking my time on an intricate project. I just got that quilt back from the quilter and am binding it -- it should appear on my blog within a week. Since then, I've started two other more complicated projects and have loved it. Last week I held a purge and gave a lot of fabric and PIGS to a friend whose fabric budget is even more meager than mine. I know there will be occasions where a YBR or D9P will be the right thing to do, but for me they are going to be the exception and not the plan. You've written this so well.

Deitra Mixer

I love it! You know, I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago and got completely addicted because of your design choices and because you're a genius with colors. I was inspired because you're GOOD, not because you're fast. So...good decision in my book. :)

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