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September 02, 2010



Hi Nicole!
Oh my! I know how awful asthma is - my father suffers from it and hardly can sleep at night for the last weeks...he can't wait for the rainy days of fall when the air gets clearer...and he already dreads the winter with dry air (and dust) because of the heaters...
When I'm with him it almost causes me pain to hear his heavy breaths... (don't want my papa to suffer!).
So I really, really hope your doctor can fingers are crossed.
The wedding at the beach sounds wonderful - I hope everything will be right & you'll all have a fabulous time!
Cheers, Julia


What a great way to cap off your summer! Good luck with the asthma. I never had a problem with that until I moved to Utah - it's only occasional, but no fun at all.

Loris Mills

Nice idea for the purples. I hope your asthma clears quickly so you can enjoy the festivities.


Have a wonderful time and I hope your asthma gets better.


I can see that you and Thelma can inspire each other. I like her blog a lot also. Both of you have great quilting ideas.

Barbara Anne

DH was diagnosed with asthma at age 57 and AMIL was diagnosed last year at age 78. The inhalers and humidified household air (NOT high humidity!) are almost instant cures for them both. Good luck getting in to see the doctor today!

Have a wonderful time this weekend and at the beach. May the memories that location holds bring each of you much joy!

I look forward to pictures of the purple quilt when you've had time to enjoy every part of the process and it's ready for photos!



Feel better so that you can enjoy life!


Small world. My son got married at Parajo Dunes in May 2008. It was my first trip to California, and was just a few miles down the road from Ft. Ord where my husband spent his basic training....many, many years ago. :)


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