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September 01, 2010


Sue Bennett

Well I dont think you can go wrong either way. I love purple. I have not made an all purple quilt but love what you have pulled. Your purples are not what we would call big prints so you I think I would go with the pieced version.

Suzanne C

I would go with the larger squares. Nice choice of fabrics.


Oh boy. We are all going to have a different opinion and you still will make the director's choice. I just read the comment above me and laughed because I was just going to say the opposite. Since the fabrics are prints already, I would go with the larger pieces. That's the beauty of creating. We all get to do it our way.

Karen Sikes

I would go with the pieced blocks, but either way would be beautiful.....


I'm thinking you might want to do the quilt with the bigger blocks. It may show off your fabrics more.


Purple is my favorite color. I would use the smaller and try to create an all-over pattern using the color as another element. Two for the price of one!


I made a small purple quilt and now in the midst of a bigger quilt - both using the disappearing 9-patch.

For you, I would prefer the bigger squares. I like to show off the fabric.

Shelley dionne

I have never made a purple anything! LOL! I don't think I have a purple side to my personality, explored OR unexplored! Interesting thought, though...I may have to ponder on whether there is a color lurking beneath the others waiting to come out. I like the pattern with the larger pieces...I mean, if you're gonna do something different, you may as well make it noticeable! LOL

Becky in Georgia

I seem to like purple more and more. Could be that we are big LSU fans:) I even have some purple shoes. I have purple in several quilts, but have not made a completely purple quilt. I like the quilt on the left with the larger blocks, but it depends on the mood or look you want to achieve. Either version will be gorgeous. You have great fabrics:)


I would go with the larger blocks. I think your beautiful fabrics would get lost in the smaller pieces.


I went to Miss Rosie's Quilts and looked a larger picture of the quilts in question. Although your selection of purple fabrics is wonderful, I'm not sure you have enough different prints to do justice to version 2. Version 1 is somehow more soothing in appearance and will look awesome done up in purple.

I am a huge fan of purple, even for clothing. I just finished two purple and gold quilts for two special people in my life who attend LSU. I have so many scraps left over I may have to join you in a quilt along! Have fun, whichever version you choose!


Combine the two patterns, show off your favorite fabrics with the larger, not strip pieced blocks. Then use the other fabrics for the stripped pieced blocks, to add interest!


I think I'm siding with the bigger block pieces. It just might be too busy and distracting. I love the color choice though and your completed purple quilt is gorgeous!!!


the larger squares - the other is too busy.

Sarah B.

You are the perfect spokesperson for Carrie because I haven't seen that pattern in any of my LQS and now that I have seen it I really want it! I just made a purple quilt and I have been wanting to try orange and the solid block version is calling to me!! Either one would be beautiful but I am a lazy quilter and the strip version would kill me... :o) Although I MUST make her "Heartland" even though it's a bazillion half-square triangles!

Sandy (Strlady)

It really depends on the fabric and if you want to showcase it.
Both versions are wonderful and yet with the great fabric that is out there, I would probably go with the larger squares. If I was focusing more on value, then the pieced version would be the choice.

Good luck on your new project!!

Jackie Hicks

I'm liking the larger square better - the other one looks to busy to me for such pretty fabrics.

Barbara Anne

I'd make the larger block version so the fabrics have a chance to shine.

The pattern in the foreground looks too chopped up to me. I'm sure it would be perfect for other fabrics.

Enjoy the process!



To really blend all of your purples and have a really scrappy look, maybe the pieced blocks? But either way, cool pattern!!!


What happened to the blue/yellow beach quilt project you promised to get back to?
I love your purple quilt shown on the bed, but doubt I'd need more than one purple quilt!


My dear friend Nancy, Near Philadelphia, embraced purple a while ago & created a magnificent quilt she called We, the Purple. It turned out to be stupendously grand.


You know... you could do both. Mix them up. Maybe add some four-patches or other kinds of units.

Oh wait... I think that sort of thing is going to be mentioned/discussed in class... never mind. (Channeling Emily Litella.)

There are three things I would consider. First, you've got a big range of values (love that, by the way) but some of the darker purples are really going to stand out in the larger squares ~ the 5" finished squares. Second, what is your background fabric going to be? If it's a print of some kind, then plain squares might be best. If it's a very plain neutral, then the pieced squares would probably be a little more interesting. And third, the prints you're showing are all relatively small scale. They are going to "read" almost like solids from a few feet away. Do you have any larger scale prints to keep things moving? If you're planning to use just these, then I think I would do the strip-pieced blocks.

Then again, you could just mix the two. ;)


We all know that whatever you choose to do, it will be gorgeous! I'm leaning toward the larger block, tho the combination design that Thelma suggested sounds interesting.
My niece came to me about 10 years ago with a pattern and a bag filled with purple prints she had bought at her local JoAnn's and Wal-Mart. The pattern had purple going from lights to dark across the quilt, with large white stars over all. I made the quilt...without any prewashing of the fabric...and the purples faded all over the white stars. FORTUNATELY, it did so evenly, and the white stars were the palest of lavender in color. It was really quite pretty. I learned a lesson there, but have not attempted another purple quilt. And if I did, it would definitely be with better fabrics!


And here is a really pretty free patten I found on the Hoffman web site, using their Annabelle fabric line. My DIL loves loves loves purple & has a daughter named Annabelle, so this quilt looks like the perfect Christmas present to me!


Both are pretty - and the purple fabric is pretty. So, you can't lose either way. What does your gut say you want to do?

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