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September 23, 2010


Karen L.

Have a wonderful time, Nicole. I can't wait to see the photos!

Karen L.


almost a week without your blog posts . . . what will I do while I have my coffee in the morning . . . wahhhhhhhhhh . . .

but seriously . . . have a wonderful time . . . and take lots and lots of photos . . . !!


oh you lucky ducks. I met up with a blogging friend last week, since we are in the same city. You are right it was amazing how much the same we were. enjoy your time together. wish i could be a fly on the wall to hear all the goodness being shared


I'm jealous! I love reading all your blogs and of course Carrie's patterns!

Barbara Anne

Oh, this is SO very true! I have delightful friends dotted all over the planet and we met thru their blogs. I still don't blog so have to ask why I don't. Does anyone know?!

Have a wonderful time as you go there and back again (to quote Bilbo Baggins)!

Up, up, and away ....!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I am sooooo jealous. Hope you all have fun. Be sure to take lots of pictures.


Here I am, making a comment on one of my favorite blogs. Have a wonderful time!


Truer words were never spoken - I have forged some wonderful friendships through blogging.

Have fun with Carrie!

Sandy (Strlady)

Did you pack the camera? Make sure you do! Some of us will live vicariously through your photo journals! Hope you have an absoultely fantastic time!!


Have a safe flight and take lots of pictures!


Have a great time. I read your blog frequently. Don't have a blog so really enjoy reading about everyone. One of these days I will be there. Safe flight.


I live in a suburb of Chicago and Love the city. It should be a beautiful weekend weatherwise. Have a fabulous time with your girlfriends.


Have a wonderful, wonderful time...will be looking forward to lots of stories and pictures...and you are so right...I have met and built friendships with some amazing women through blogging.


Have a great time. I have met people from all over due to blogging and Groups: Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, various places here is the States. Huge rewards.


Enjoy your time with Carrie and friends! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Going to miss you this week!! Your blog is the always the one I begin my day with. Have a wonderful, wonderful time!


wishing you a safe trip and enjoy your time with everyone.

Patty Nordahl

Favorite blogs? I start with your and then reach out to many of the people on your favorite list.Have a terrific time and as requested take lots of pic's. Enjoy and be safe.

John'aLee Burk

What a great post. And oh how true! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Cant' wait to see all the fun you four are going to have, great post, right on the money!


Have fun! Can't wait to see your projects. Love you and Carrie. Watching from afar.
Debbie in Oklahoma


I agree with everything you said! Have a really wonderful time away.


When you get back will you show how you pack your featherweight for traveling?


Be safe!! Cant wait to hear about the trip the Sunday you are back! :D


Have a wonderful time in your classes and with the best blogging friends. I've met some very good friends through blogging.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

I just did. :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful time!

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