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October 06, 2010


kate mcminn

Good move checking out the machine before class. I have been in too many classes where quilters have brought machines they rarely use and end up having troubles and are unable to participate


I am looking for a carry case with wheels but want it large enough for my machine to be in it's cover. Yours looks to be the right size. Our local Joanne's does not have one large enough. I hate to spend the big bucks on the Bernina ultra deluxe.

Barbara Anne

Good lessons, one and all! I'm so glad you test drove your Featherweight before departure time!!

Cheers that you stood your ground with the sewing machine repairman and also got him to remove the stupid sticker, REALLY!



I have the same rolling case for my two machines . . . and when I use if for my Featherweight there is even more room inside for everything else I need to carry . . .

but . . . I recently decided I might want a small rolling case . . . just for my Featherweight . . .

so I bought a rolling knitting case . . . it is made exactly the same as the other one . . . but is smaller . . . my featherweight fits perfectly inside . . .

the next time I fly I'm going to measure those bins at the airport to see if it will fit and be ok as a carry on . . .

the bad news is . . . the stupid thing was almost twice the expense as the big one !! . . . but luckily I had a coupon for 40% off . . .

not sure if it would work for your Janome . . . but you might measure what you need and check them out at the craft store . . . I got mine at JoAnns . . .


. . . I feel the same way about car dealerships putting their advertising sticker on the back of cars. (I think folks then ought to at least get a discount in the price of their car - for doing all that advertising for the dealer!).
After traveling last week & having to go through airports seven different times in 9 days - I can't imagine not having luggage with wheels. . . God bless whoever invented putting wheels on luggage!
xo, Bren


Good for you!

Sandy (Strlady)

Happy to hear you got your say with the repairman. I had a bit of an embarrasing moment with my repair shop a few months ago. It was.. well embarrasing.

My sister has a little Janome and she loves it. It was in her car the other day when I was over for a visit and I could not believe how small it was!

I bought a rolling case last spring after I went to a retreat and saw all those quilters with all thier stuff tucked away in those rolling bags. I bought one that had a separate piece to put the cutting mat and the stash. I've used it once but it was the bomb! Definitely too big to ship but perfect to haul everything you want to a class. I have been thinking about getting something much smaller with wheels to carry the Featherweight when I fly because I cannot imagine EVER carrying it without wheels. You are my hero. LOL!

kate mcminn

Car dealership stickes can be reomved thith hot water on a rag. Hold it on the the sticker for a few minutes and it will peel off.

Patt Anderson

My Featherweight had the same issue with the cord so I replaced it and it is great now. I actually keep my little machine at the Quilt shop. My daughter does not drive and takes the bus or trolley everywhere so the shop lets us keep the machine there for her classes. Also I remove stickers with hairspray and a little elbow power. I also hate stickers.
Anxious to see your finished quilts from Miss Rosie.


Did I tell you about my Featherweight repair guy in Fremont? $59 and he is great!!!


the issue with the long stitches actually might be it skipping stitches and that makes long ones between - it might be as simple as needing a new needle :)


iron...garbage kind of travel partner! I'm still laughing at this.


Your Limo driver really dropped the ball by not accompanying you through the check in process.....UGH!!

I AM proud of you for mentioning the sticker!

Sinta Renee

Thanks for sharing your story! Now I have to go check out those Janome Gems:)


I think it's great you can take your machine as carry on luggage - here in Aus we have very strict carry-on baggage limits (both my machines are too heavy) and when I flew interstate earlier this year I packed my older Bernina inside its hard case into my largest suitcase. Cost me $A40 excess baggage each way but worth it to have my own machine at the retreat. Think it's time to look into a lightweight machine.


What kind of rolling sewing machine case is that, and where did you get it?

I'm glad it all worked for you!

Linda Bishop

Hello from Down under

I follow your blog but dont have my own. Soon I hope. I noticed you are getting into a little stitching. Have you been to this blog?:

Bronwyn Hayes has some very cute stitcheries up for a year. Check them out. Rather cat inclined - I think perhaps you would prefer dogs, but well worth a look.



Taupo New Zealand


I took my Featherweight on an airplane when I went to Paducah a couple of years ago. And I carried it in the BLACK BOX!! Talk about heavy. The first thing I did when I got home was buy one of those knitting bags (like Cheryl mentioned) from JoAnn's. It is two sections, so if I were ever to fly again, I can take the bottom section (with wheels) and carry it on the plane.


catching up on your doin's, what wonderful fabrics you have added to your stash. And GOOD for you on the whole sticker issue - that would have really, really peaved me! Can't wait to see your progress with all those nicely stacked, pressed and delicous fabrics!

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