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October 11, 2010


Sue Bennett

That is going to be beautiful. I have also been planning to make that quilt. I love it. I never thought about using the paper to do it but looks like it is going to work out well. I love your color choices. I love those collection also. Cant wait to see it.


That's going to be beautiful. I'm currently making a kaleidoscope quilt with those three lines of French General and it is turning out very nice - they all blend so prettily together. I will watch your progress with interest.


Will definitely be delicious!


This will be stunning. I'm excited to see the finished project. I'm interested in the triangle papers. Are they available in many places? Different sizes? Do you have a lot of trimming to do? The trimming is what takes up all the time.

Wow. Lot's of questions. I hope to hear from you when you have a little time. :)

badlands quilts

I am anxious to hear what you think of the papers!


Oh boy, that's one of the patterns I've been considering for my FQ stack of Rural Jardin. I'm tempted to join you.

I've used a product called Triangles On A Roll to make half square triangles when I needed a lot of them. I like it; seems similar to the product you are using based on your photos. You can tear off the paper while watching tv or something like that.

Barbara Anne

I love scrappy quilts, too, and this one will be glorious. The fabrics are delicious and I'm so glad you found those papers to make 8 HSTs at a time!

I'm clearing the decks to work on a Christmas project this week.



Can't wait to see your finished quilt - it's going to be fabulous! I'm in the mood to get sewing again but must dig my way through the sewing room to find my machine! Think it's time to change some things in there so I can be productive - and have fun making some pretties like yours! A walk through a new-to-me quilt shop the other day inspired me to make it happen! Thanks for the tip for making HST. Hope I can do some soon!


I just found the Spinning Stars triangle paper and love it. I started the triangles for Belle Meade and working a little at a time between other sewing had all the triangles made in 10 days! And the paper tears off really easily. I will definitely use that product in the future.

paulette doyle

This quilt is going to be stunning!! I have never seen the Spinning Star Triangle papers before...looks like fun...and I like the idea of getting so many blocks out of one...
Take care and happy sewing!


the easiest way I have found to make 1/2 square triangles . . . perfectly every time . . . is using Kaye England's 1/2 square triangle ruler . . .

you just cut strips . . . put your 2 fabrics right sides together . . . cut a bunch . . . they all come out notched perfectly . . .

chain sew them . . . and you're done in no time . . . and they come out perfectly . . .

I love her rulers . . . especially the 1/2 square triangle and quarter square triangle . . . so so easy . . .

and they finger press beautifully . . .

Nicole . . . you're quilt will be beautiful . . . you always pick fabrics so well !!


What a lovely pile of fabrics and these will be beautiful for that quilt!!
I think the choice of triangle paper is perfect!!!


Oh wow! I love that pattern and have been walking past it at Morning Star thinking....could I make all those triangles? Looks like I could! Nice job Nicole, and can't wait to see the end result! Pam in Chico


Scrappy is best! I like how cheerful this quilt is going to be with that homespun goodness and the texture the French General fabrics have. It seems you'll eliminate a lot of the bias edges with these papers, a very good thing!


There is a wonderful computer program available from a company called QuiltPro, that lets you print your own triangle papers. The program is called Print & Sew: Triangle Magic, and allows you to print HST grids for finished size squares from 1" to 7", in 1/8" increments. It is the best $19.95 I ever spent. You can print on standard computer paper, or on thinner stock, like Caro Doak's paper. Here's the link:


That looks lovely. How do the papers work? I really like the Missouri Quilt Co tutorial on You Tube for making half square triangles - I think the tutorial is entitled pinwheels. It's great for using charm packs or layer cakes.

Sinta Renee

That is going to be beautiful Nicole and even more fun to make with Thelma!!! Heck, why not go ahead and make 2 that's only 1,312 HST! I liked using those papers. Have fun with that gorgeous fabric!


I love using the thangles on a roll for large amounts of 1/2 sqs. This is a great method. I find when its time to take the paper off, I fold it back over the seam and run my finger along ,then I tear off the big side and the small side comes off easy.


That's one of my very favorite quilts...I've been working on it for over a year...doing HST's in between other things. I'm so anxious to hear what you think about the Spinning Stars paper. I've used Thangles and tearing off the paper and trimming drove me nuts...the paper was about computer paper thickness. Sure would make it quicker to be able to make 8 HST's at a time. It's going to be one wonderful quilt!


Happy to see you've got a start on your HSTs! Glad someone's doing more than thinking up good ideas, I need to press my fabric and cut some strips....maybe tomorrow!!


You and Thelma will have such fun with this! I have not done any paper piecing, and frankly I don't even understand it. But this pattern looks like it will be a great help to you on this particular quilt by making 8 at a time.


I am telling you, Nicole, papers are the way to go! Once you get them sewn and trimmed, get a couple of friends together and start ripping the papers off! I had a friend that brought them to our quilt club meeting and in no time the papers were off! These make very accurate half square triangles. Love this quilt. You are the most ambitious quilt maker I know!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Oh how fun! It is going to be a beauty! Happy stitchin'!


I'm looking for a good method to make those pesky HST. I honestly hate the make big and trim when there are many to make. The repetitive trimming kills me. I heard of a program called Triangulations that I briefly considered but thought of the paper moving... Please let us know how this works. I'm really hoping this method proves a better option.


I like using the papers too but I do hate the tearing off of them. I love this pattern though. I am going to have to invest in it. Papers may be the only way to go with this pattern. What a great look at the end of the journey though! Can't wait to see your finished quilt top. Thanks for sharing with us.

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