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October 07, 2010


Barbara Anne

Whoopeeeeeeeee! What glorious fabrics you found at home and far afield in the Midwest! You chose well and I need to go find my bib again!

When I buy fabrics for a project from book, magazine, or my imagination, I write myself a note about what pattern, book, and page it's on or a sketch if it's from my imagination. If it's a packaged pattern, that pattern gets tucked in with the fabrics. I don't always follow my initial plan when I get to the fabrics and don't always use the fabrics together, but I know what my initial plan was without the frustration of wondering what I had in mind! I highly recommend this method.

One of my peculiar quirks is that I never buy more than 3 of any fabric line for a quilt. I mix in fabrics from my healthy stash so I end up with a unique quilt.

I have serious stash closet envy. Sigh....


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Great stuff! I love the pinnk-and-green collection. And I LOVE! the log cabin quilt with the flowers.


I love the log cabin! Which book is the pattern in? I would love to buy it! Please share!!!


Oh Nicole your fabric choices are amazing. They are all yummy but love the greens and pinks but also the red in the last photo with the co-ordinates. What fun you all had shopping!!

paulette doyle


Sandy (Strlady)

When Lisa posted a picture of Nottingham Star a few days ago I was starring at it with a "I must make this quilt" look. But she had not posted any info on it and I resisted from asking because my TBM (To Be Made) list is just waaaaayyy to long. Then this morning Thelma posted the pattern and the link.. UGH. I had to buy it. I just pulled out my CC and clicked on the link. It was like 6 am and I was in my pjs. I am sooo bad. I kept thinking, "At least I didn't buy the KIT!" LOL!

I recently went on a Stash enhancement trip over to Sew Unique Creations online shop. They specialize in repros at great prices. Your new additions are drool worthy. Is that red print (2nd to last pic) from the Annandale line by Jo Morton? Red ALWAYS does it for me. It adds just that splash of interest that flips a quilt from beautiful to Wow. Sometimes it's just the binding that does it for me. Anyway... Thanks for the share!


Man, oh man! What a great collection of goodies you have. And to think you had some of that in your almost-forgotten stash! Those patterns and fabrics are really great. Since I'm a relative newbie (just a year now) at quilting I don't have much of a stash, but I'm looking forward to it as the years progress. (Shh, Honey, don't worry....)


Fabulous buys! I see lots of beautiful quilts in your future. :-)


Wow, Nicole! Love the stash and the pinks are fabulous! I have a few of those in my stash and good pinks are hard to find. I am always on the lookout for some. The quilt patterns that you chose are beautiful and can't wait to see some done!
Love to read your blog!

Valerie Z

Love your choice of fabrics! Would love to make the "Shadow Box Roses" quilt - what book or pattern is that from? Looking forward to show and tell using your new purchases!

Wendy T.

Hi Nicole - thanks for letting us peek in and see what you are planning and the fabric that you bought. I, like a couple of the others, would love to know what book or magazine the shadow box roses quilt pattern came from. Love it!! Thanks.


It must have been so fun to go with friends that have the same tasts and shop for fabrics. These quilts are going to be amazing.


Where did you find "fabulous reds?" This past weekend was the Kansas Shop Hop. I drove down from Nebraska, stopping at a few shops on the way and then did the shop hop with my sister. I put 675.8 miles on my car, shopped at fourteen different quilt stores and could not find one red in the shades I was looking for. They were either burgundy, pinky, or orange. So disappointed. Question for anyone else wondering when the price of fabric is going to quit going up? eek..
Oh, thanks for sharing your stash with us. I brought home thread, needles, bobbins, batting, and muslin....didn't think I needed to take any pictures...ha. My sister and I think maybe Missouri has some great shops we need to check out.....


Very nice purchases. I see some familiar fabrics as we have an amazing shop that specialized in civil war and jo morton fabrics close by. While living in British Columbia, I had never even heard of civil war fabrics, now I love them.


Ugh!! That log cabin quilt with the flower applique is to die for! Just ordered the book and fabric. Thanks for posting your "haul". I am excited to begin sewing!


Inspiring for sure! I love Moda but agree there are lost of other companies out there that have top quality fabric and designers as well. Never enough reds or greens in my stash for me! I really like all the patterns you chose. Very pretty quilts are in your future (but that is always true of you Nicole!)

Patty Nordahl

Love the fabric in the first picture especially the 'poisin' green and oranges. Also the Shadow Box Roses quilt - think I need to go on a hunt for that one. Thanks for sharing - a peek into your stash definitely made me green with envy.


GORGEOUS fabrics! I have a a new quilter, what's the best way of organizing a stash, color wise? Individual piles of color or groups? (i.e. "pinks & greens", "reds & blues", etc). With some fabrics, I can't decide WHICH group they should go in! Thank you for inspiration!!


What a bunch of delicious treats! You will have a wonderful time sewing all those.

 Sandy E.

Nice fabric and pattern selections. You have a good eye for color combinations.
When you finish your quilts you will always remmeber the trip you made.


MMMmmmm I wish I had some of those fabrics in my stash, no scrap that... I wish I had all of those fabrics in my stash!!! I really need to go through my stash now and do a little inventory maybe I might find some new inspiration there too!


Wowser! What a fantastic load of beautiful fabric and how fun to "find" the jackpot in your garage!!


Fabulous loot - I'm drooling over the pinks and greens.


You have an amazing talent of putting colors together and then finding a quilt pattern to suit them... or choosing a quilt pattern and then picking the fabrics. Which do you usually do first? When I choose fabrics first, I seem to never have enough to complete the project, and then am on a hunt. When I choose the quilt pattern first, I don't have a good eye for color, especially to pick something that will really make the quilt pop. Maybe you could give a tutorial on quilt patterns and colors.....
Can you tell me what the quilt pattern/book is in your second to the last picture (the 4 patch with the sashing and cornerstones)? Thank you and I always enjoy and am inspired by your projects!!

Sue Babich

I just love the blue , brown and cream fabrics and patterns. I just have to purchase those 2 patterns ;-) What gorgeous projects ! I have a question Nicole. We are going to be staying in carmel next week and was wondering if there is any awesome quilt shops down that way. Carmel? Pacific grove ? Monterey ?

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