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October 08, 2010



Love your color choices - can't wait to see the finished quilt! Good luck with the house! And...the Halloween fabric header is cute - I think I have some of those same fabrics in my stash. Have you shown the complete quilt in your blog?


The quilt is so lovely! Yours, with the brown as a focus is coming right along and wil be another beauty!!
Good luck with keeping your house clean and selling it!!


I really love this quilt. It will be on my "to make" list.

I hope you have success with the house! If the rest is immaculate, a busy workroom won't make much difference.

Barbara Anne

Love the quilts and applaud your fabric selection and your productivity!! You're a 4 patch whirlwind!

I agree with Diane, a neat and pretty house with one quilting studio in use shouldn't dissuade any buyer! I get so annoyed that TV has made people think appliance must be new, bathrooms updated, and everything pristine before the house is worthy. Give me a break!

I hope your house sells quickly so you can settle into your new home where you don't have to be buyer-ready all of the time.


Sandy (Strlady)

I'm awed by your ability to pump those pieces out. I've have a quilt that is waiting on 25 blocks that are comprised of half sq triangles. The first 25 are made and sitting in a little pile but after I made about 50 of the 225 HST I was done. I put it aside and it has been sitting there for over 4 months. The repetitive motion of sewing and TRIMMING the darn thing has me resenting the project. I think the trimming is what kills me, but I need my HST to be the right size so I HAVE to trim.
Have I ever mentioned that I love that I can click on your pics and get a close up. Both of the quilts made are a treat and the browns are sure to do this pattern justice. I love warm tones so I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one.


Good-luck with the sale of your house and sewing!

Karen L.

I needed these photos today. Your ideas are so inspiring! I'm always ready to see new quilts. I finished a top as a thank you to my sister-in-law for her help this year. I thought about her the whole time and as a result, the quilt is infused with "her" (if you know what I mean). However, when my husband saw it, he had an immediate "I love it" reaction. He hardly ever reacts that way. Now, I'm torn. Since he likes it so much, I should keep it and make something else for my sister-in-law. No matter where it ends up living, this quilt will always have the essence of Kathy, and now Jim, in it and it will be part of the quilt's story.

Karen L.


Beautiful! I must make that quilt! I'm so excited I'm tempted to jump off BART, play hooky and head to the nearest fabric store!

What Miss Rosie pattern is it from? Love the idea of doing it in brown.

Good luck with the house sale. It is a pain but the reward will be great. Keeping good thoughts for you that it sells quickly and at a good price for you! Maybe someone with a love of quilts will be smitten by it with all your lovely quilts throughout the house! I tease my husband that he liked our house because of the previous owner's wine collection (it was everywhere, they were in the business)- silly but true! You never know how a house speaks to someone!


Route 44. Duh! Answered my own question. Ordering online now! :)


Oh Nicole I LOVE Route 44 with the brown setting...couldn't be better!
Fingers crossed for selling your house...sending good thoughts!


Terrific pattern! I am a relatively new quilter, and this appeals to be because it is heavy on right angles (although I am now into triangles). Do you think it's appropriate for someone on the new-ish side of quilting? Thanks!


Great quilt Nicole! I love making 4 patches :-) Hope you have success in selling your house.

Sinta Renee

Carrie's class looks like so much fun... especially since she had a special little group there in it! I love the sample quilt... and yours is beautiful so far. I have a weakness for repro fabric too! You scored on that. I love that Heartspun pattern...they have been catching my eye recently!

Nancy Anne

Ah, Nicole, I can sympathize with the whole house selling deal. I try to keep it picked up at all times but some days its a stretch. Of course, so far no one has wanted to see my beautiful little cottage! Best of luck to you. I hope you sell it in no time, now that you have nibbles!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Hope your weekend brings you a sold sign!


I now have the Route 44 pattern, as well as Sweet Escape and Ashcombe. You can't just order one pattern, you have to order 3 to make it worth your while in shipping costs, right? I love seeing your fabrics with the patterns. As for mine, they will probably be scrappy. Or used from stash. I have way too much fabric right now to justify buying anymore. Especially with my hubby out of work. I agree with the others about the sewing in it and let them see that the rest of the house is pristine!


Oh my goodness! That quilt is lovely!


What a great quilt. How big are the 4 patches? And, I hope your house sells quickly. I know what a strain it is to have to keep the house up to snuff.

Sue Bennett

Love that quilt and your color choices are wonderful. I am going to have to get that pattern. I think with one focal fabric you could use scraps for the rest and it would still be wonderful.


Don't worry about your sewing room. As long as the rest of the house is fine, just go with it. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

One reason I don't sell my big house and move to something smaller is that I do not want to go through the selling thing--not to mention the moving thing.
Love Carrie's quilt, and yours is going to be beautiful too.


Your quilt will be beautiful! Good luck with selling your home- and someome may buy your home just because they see a great sewing space...

Sandy E

I know your house will be impressive with the quilts around making it look homey.
Keep your sewing machine out but as neat as possiblel.
Are you "baking cookies" for the smell factor or should it be apple pie for fall with a great candle fragrance?

Judith Hogan

A beautiful quilt. Love the pattern. Wish I lived close enough to take a class with Carrie. I understand about your house frustration. We've had our house for sale since June. People just want to come and look. No offers. And every time they do, I have to clean up my sewing room and put whatever project I'm working on, away. What a drag. Hope you sell your house soon. We've taken ours off the market until next year.


The browns and blues are gorgeous! What a great design Carrie has yet again come up with.

Everyone and their brother? That's a lot of peeps! Hope one turns into a bonafide offer. Oh my.

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