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November 15, 2010


Karen L.

Nicole - Embroidery and other needlework is such fun. I have no doubt you will be great at it, too! My only problem with it is a lack of time. Also, I need a magnifier clipped to my frame in order to see the small holes.

I can't wait to see what you do!

Karen L.


I'm glad you're exploring the world of hand embroidery - the sky is the limit.

You already know how I feel about handwork - it's truly blissful. I hope you experience the same.


I so agree with you . . . my goal is to become proficient in Sashiko . . . but I do love embroidery too . . .

I am trading teaching with a Sashiko guru on Friday this week . . . she teaches Sashiko at several of the shops I go to . . . but I haven't had the $$ for the classes . . .

she wants to learn English Paper Piecing . . . which I have taught at one of the shops . . .

so we're getting together on Friday . . . she will teach me Sashiko . . . and I will teach her EPP . . .

good trade I think !!

I really love those seasons pillows . . . will have to look for those patterns myself . . .

on Karen's comment . . . my eye doctor made me a pair of bifocals . . . the top is my reading prescription and the bottom is a magnifying prescription . . . he had me bring my hand sewing in with me and I sewed while he tested my eyes . . . from there he worked out what I needed . . . they are terrific . . .

Peggy Reilly

Nicole-Embroidery is one of the crafts that I would like to learn also. But, I plan on taking a beading class soon. I would also like to get back into counted cross-stitch someday. With working fulltime, I just don't have enough hours in the day. I'm sure your embroidery will be beautiful and I love that new fabric line coming out in March. Peggy


I would like to become better at knitting - I come do a great scarf or dishcloths but that is about the limit of my abilities. Hats, scarves, purses, socks, - all look so wonderful.
Main resolution for 2011 is to finish my son's t-shirt quilt by graduation and to try to work on something everyday (to many WIP sitting on the shelves).


Gorgeous work in those photos. I want to become more adept at applique and plan to work it into my "to do" quilt list for 2011.

I'm glad I read the comments. I may be in the market for glasses like Cheryl has if things get any worse. The joys of aging!

Sandy (Strlady)

I love embroidery and Applique. It is just so gorgeous. To say I'm not proficient enough is a copout. I admit to using the excuse. I recall the scene in Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie tells Mr Darcy that he would never get good at social interaction unless he practices. I need to remember this more often. I honestly don't do much hand work at all. Just like everyone that has commented, I have horrible eye sight. Many people sit in front of the tv and do thier hand work but I either wear my contacts and use reading glasses (which I hate and are clunky) or I take off my contacts and then I can see what i'm doing but can't see far away. Honestly, more copout excuses. Maybe I just need to set a goal and get it done. Good Luck on your resolution!

Karen L.

Cheryl - Those glasses sound terrific! Thanks for the tip.

Karen L.

Pam E.

I'll make the resolution to learn to knit socks. I know how to knit, so it'll be just learning how to knit a pair of socks. I just love all the colorful yarns there are now to pick from.


Gorgeous pillows! I love Crabapple Hill's things - she has a way of putting things together in such a sweet way. I want to fine-tune my 'bit-more-than-beginner' quilting skills. Need to finish up some projects and start new things. If the tendonitis in my wrist will settle down and let me knit, I'd like to knit up a storm this year!


I used to do a lot of handwork. Not so much anymore, but I can't really figure out why. I do all machine quilting - I'd love to try some hand quilting (starting small...), also I'd like to hook some rugs!


Cross-stitch was my first crafty love, though I also learned to knit and crochet. I still do an occasional cross-stitch project and have some unfinished ones!

I would love to try needlepunch or rug hooking but really have to limit myself to one hobby due to space and time. But since I selected quilting as my focus, I too would like to combine stitchery, applique and patchwork. I just love that look.

Patty E

I'd like to learn how to make stained glass. I hesitate to start due to the lack of space and the need to collect another complete set of tools/supplies costing mucho bucks when I've already committed so much to quilting.


I used to love cross-stitching and embroidery - now I seem to be more enamored of quilting. I've tried applique for a Round Robin my Guild is doing but don't think that it is "my thing" at least I don't seem to be very good at it, but as they say Practice makes Perfect. I also enjoy knitting but there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day even when you are retired - in fact the days seem to have shrunk.

Karmen Sunshine

Those pillows are wonderful. Thanks for the link to Crabapple Hill; I enjoyed looking at their patterns. I think I an going to use a lot of Lilac Hill! Karmen


Those are beautiful embroidery pillows. My two crafts are quilting and scrapbooking, and I can't really afford to try anything new due to money, time, and space. I can sure appreciate everyone else's crafts though!


Nicole...I love how you are immersing yourself in embroidery. I love the look...not sure I have the patience. I hooked rugs for several years, but then got turned on to quilting (have been sewing all my life but never was excited about quilts...go figure!). I know how to embroider and applique...sometimes think I would like to do more. Counted cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting...all learned years ago. Who knows what I'll add in.


Yes that fabric would set off the embroidery beautifully! Get it, so I can drool over it!! I want to rug hook so bad. I am making a resolution to try that next year. I love the look of wool hooked rug! I almost took a class this fall, but schedule was way too busy.

Barbara Anne

Having bounced from handcraft to handcraft in years past, I love piecing quilts the most. I still love embroidery and made two shams to go with the Log Cabin quilt I made for my mother's bed. Those are red-work and they came from about 15 years ago.

crabapplehillstudios has some charming patterns that combine patchwork with embroidery. I hope to use a pillow pattern I got from them to make at least one pillow before Christmas.

My goal in the new year is to finish some UFOs, to make at least two quilts from bundled fabrics that have been waiting patiently for years, and to finish those last three counted cross stitch projects that I abandoned in 1992 when I began my 1st quilt.

I'd like to get back to stained glass and have always wanted to learn to hook rag rugs and to weave. I think I can, I think I can!



I have tried just about every craft out there, but what I'd really like to get into is applique. That's the one thing that I've been avoiding. I'd done machine applique, but now want to feel the fabric in my hands as I stitch.

Crab Apple Studios has some of the greatest designs. I've accumulated a few of them. Embroidery is the first thing that I ever learned. My grandmother taught me.

Becky in Georgia

I've made a goal to get good at sock knitting. Finding a group to stitch with is one of the best helps. I'm hoping to find a sock knitting group to meet with on a regular basis.

Diana Marlow

I am very interested in rug hooking. Alot of the quilt patterns can be used for rug hooking patterns. I am going to start dying my own wool. I have been collecting wool for 5 years. I can get so excited over a wool skirt from the thrift store!


I want to become more proficient at knitting. I have completed a couple of projects, and have a few in the works. After the start of the new year, I am going to take a couple of classes to learn from the pros.


Applique? Come over here and join in the fun
It's a 25 block applique BOM. Good luck with that new addiction. Crabapple Hill makes the BEST patterns.


I would love to learn how to do rug hooking. Its hard to find a teacher in Florida. All that wool people think its took hot to be fooling with wool. If you or anyone know of a good how to book, video or wool supply store that would be fabulous. Good luck with the embroidery.

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