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November 18, 2010


Linda Kennedy

To learn about some very clever embroidery stitches you may want to check Artfabrik webpage or blog which is written by Laura Wasilowski. Each Thursday she posts "thread-u-cation."


I've been using those hoops for years. They are great! And they don't snag your fabric, because they are so smooth.
Love the bags!


I also use this type of hoop. I have it in a few sizes.. it's excellent!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I don't use a hoop for embroidery. Am I the only one who does this? I find stitching a lot easier without the hoop.


I use a Q Snap frame ( and have for years doing cross stitch...I like that it doesn't distort the cloth as much as the circle type...personal choice. I love the Brainy Bird Designs too! I visited their booth at PIQF and also purchased the transfereze paper...OMG! It is so so awesome! Have fun Nicole!


Okay, so those cosmetic bags are just too cute! I think I may have to try making one of those. Hopefully, I will have some Bliss leftovers! Cute gifts too!


Love the bags, Nicole. Today I took the leap and bought self striping yarn to make those socks...I think after reading several articles about Christmas gifts, especially RIGHT OFF THE BOLT by Alison Dea Bolt (Quilters Newsletter) a must read...I will be enjoying my quilting projects and buying my Christmas gifts. LOL


I've been using a spring hoop for over 20 years. Glad you discovered them.

Barbara Anne

Cute bags!

I've had these hoops for a long while now but found looking at other options most interesting. Thanks everyone!



I don't use a hoop either . . . I trace my design on my fabric . . . then I spray a piece of batting with 505 fix . . . and iron it to the back of my design fabric . . .

I stitch with my right hand . . . and roll the fabric from the left . . . I hold the roll in my left hand . . . this also keeps my piece clean . . .

then when I'm done . . . the design piece has some body to it . . . it also helps if I am going to put it into a quilt with other blocks . . .


Nicole, when I use a hoop, the spring hoops are also my favorite. I'm always on the look out for hard to find sizes in them. They hold the fabric just tight enough but not so tight it pulls and distorts things. Good choice!

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