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November 11, 2010



Wow, am I the first comment? Cool tools you have there Nicole. They certainly seem to work nicely for you. BTW, Happy Veteran's day to any and all of you and your hubbys who are currently serving or have served in the armed forces. Thanks for all you do for our country!!


Do you make your units a smidge bigger so that you can trim them to perfect size? I've always wondered if that was the way to go.


Add that ruler to my stocking please, Santa!


Wow...I have never heard of this ruler...I definitely need one though...I'll be on the lookout!

Loris Mills

Nice ruler! Thanks for sharing it!


I have always loved my bias square ruler for hsts, but this ruler is great for hour glass units as well. Thanks for sharing.


hmmm another very important item to add to my ever growing list!


I bought the Precision Trimmer ruler on your recommendation and I just love it. I make my HSTs a bit bigger and trim. Just my own personal preference.


I haven't found it necessary to use a larger needle with the spinning star paper. Just decrease the stitch length and run your nail along the paper at the seam to weaken it before removal. Also, don't just pull the paper from the point. Tear it downward along the seam line and you'll be surprised by how easily it comes off.


I love my Precision Trimmer...use it all the time!


That looks like a handy ruler!! I always oversize my triangles, then trim.


Thanks so much for including the part with the hourglass blocks! That ruler seems NICE! I think you talked about that ruler before but I forgot what it was called, so thanks for posting it again! I'm going to check the shop to see if they have it!


Very nice! ANd look at how beautifully your triangle seams lined up! Well done. ;0

I think I need one of those rulers. If I learned ANYTHING from quilting it's that the tools can make or break you!

Erika Sews

Great tip, I never knew about the Precision Trimmer before! Since we're talking tips, have you found yet? Lots of sewing and quilting tips with new links being posted each week - it's great!

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