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November 23, 2010



Fantastic zipper tutorial Nicole! I have saved it on my computer forever as I am a bit scared of putting in zippers. Your version is very clear! Thank you so much x


THANK YOU thank you for posting that awesome detailed tutorial! I've never sewn a zipper before. I believe this project followed my home from the shop yesterday! Thanks for the inspiration!


great tutorial , thank you

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Thanks so much for the tutorial. You made it look so easy!


Thank you Nicole for the great tutorial. Why is it that your work always looks so neat and tidy?
On another note, I notice that you keep your Angler on your machine - I bought one a few weeks ago but have not yet tried it out - I've been doing a lot of hand stitching lately.

Barbara Anne

Thanks for the excellent tutorial!! Love the fabrics, too.



Great tutorial. Thanks. I've been afraid of zippers too.


THIS really inspires me to make a bunch of these bags for Christmas gifts! I've made bags before and cutting the zipper turns out not to be nearly as scary as it sounds!! But that 'clunking' sound when the needle hits the zipper foot--I've heard THAT and it IS scary! Thanks for the super tutorial!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks, Nicole. Excellent tutorial. Great photos.

Mary Flynn

I loved reading the tutorial here and fantastic photos to boot! Thank you for sharing and taking fear out of THE ZIPPER! LOL


You're a pro! I'm going to buy that pattern now, and get going on some Christmas gifts. Thanks!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Beautiful work! Thanks Nicole!


excellent instructions, Nicole . . . thanks so much . . .

I do think you need to publish a tutorial book . . . with all your terrific instructions . . . I would buy it !!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving !!

Nancy E

Many moons ago when I made my clothes, I would put zippers in the garment, but now I always avoiding buying bag patterns that use zippers so great big thanks for the great tutorial and wonderful pictures. It looks so easy!


Thank you - great tutorial, nice clear pictures! I, too, am bookmarking this!


Thanks for the great tutorial on the zippers for those cute bags. I used to be able to sew in zippers in my sleep when I was a teenager and made most of my clothes..... but that has been many moons ago now! I love the way those little tabs on the ends turn out so perfectly! Great step-by-step photos which help those of us who are "visual learners".


great toot. I've seem many on how to put in zippers, but yours is excellent. Gives me hope that I could do this :-0


AWESOME tutorial, Nicole. You've almost convinced me to order the pattern. LOL

Heidi U

Thanks so much for this - now I might try a zipper!!


How kind of you to post this tutorial. I find a lot of inspiration in your blogs.


OMG!!! Talk about a Eureka Moment! This is the very first time that I have EVER understood exactly how to put a zipper in a zippered pouch. This has opened up all kinds of possibilities for me (seriously) because I have been so zipper phobic. I think those tabs make all the difference.

I am going to post a link on my blog. I've now got zipper religion!


I'm so glad you did this....I really appreciate a good "visual" when I want to do something new. I have my pattern...I have some fun I have to find zippers in awesome colors!


Great tutorial - thanks!

Lynn Wilder

Great job Nicole. You make it look so easy that I may even try it!

Helen in Switzerland

I've already ordered the pattern Nicole - I'm smitten!

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