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December 21, 2010



Nicole, just think if you sold your house and your husband hadn't lost his job you would not be working there and that colleague still would not have received a home made gift just for her. Through your setbacks joy has come to someone who will never forget your acts of kindness. This is the true meaning of Christmas. Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas.

Sue Bennett

Nicole, you have touched someones life. I also love to do home made gifts. I just like doing it for myself. But I make so much that I usually dont get hand made gifts. I have gotten a few but not as many as I have given. thanks for a great blog.


Sophie is such a sweetie-pie. Good work on the holiday gifts! Karmen

Barbara Anne

Your Sophie has the right idea and I plan to follow her good example today! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the present.

It is amazing to consider that there is actually someone who never received a home made gift. How wonderful that you were able to give this co-worker her first ever gift made just for her!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

I'm still chuckling about your intent to keep making her things until she begs you not to. Too funny!



Sophie is so cute. My dog likes to lean up against things too.

I can't belive your co-worker who had never gotten a hand made gift. I bet you were both feelin' the love!!! Merry Christmas!!


I'm right there with Sophie! I would give anything to sit in your garage just to feel a little sunshine right now! She looks so sweet. Your handbags are going to be the IT gift this Christmas! They are all so cute!


What a mantle full of tissue and elegance you created Nicole. Your bags are darling. Reminds me I can probably sew something else besides than quilts. I paid for some Vera Bradley this Christmas which would have funded lots of handmade bags. Every one would love them, and your luck co-workers will love yours.

I retired just after Thanksgiving. It's a hectic season, but I think I'll take a cue from Sophie.

Merry Christmas.

Jean M.

Hi Nicole... What a wonderful gift... The bags are so sweet and could have many uses..I too, have made many homemade gifts this year and the past 3 years... The look and Thank You notes I get is wonderful and I know they would never make the things that I do for themself's... I know your staff will be ever so Happy with the bags... Merry Christmas :)


I think the first comment by Penny says it all. She's exactly right on in my view! You never know when someone will be touched by what seems to you to be a simple thing.
I just love the photo of Sophie. Pets are so comforting and dear, aren't they? ...which doesn't mean they can't be wacky at times, but they DO have their moments!
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

carol margrave

Homemade gifts come from the heart. What a wonderful heart you have. Sofie has absolutly got the right idea, let's sit back and take a few moments to enjoy the joy, beauty and wonder of the the Christmas season.


I gave a friend something homemade for her birthday, and she hugged me, saying she just loves homemade gifts more than anything. I think it's the time and thought that go into it.

We celebrated 5 birthdays and Christmas on Sunday, when we could all be together. This week is a calm one compared to last! I will indeed take a few minutes to sit and ponder and enjoy.


What a kind gift for so many people. And that complement really proves that it's better to give than receive. I can't believe she never received a hand made gift. I bet she has not been surrounded by women in her life that craft. It makes me even more thankful for the mother I have since she was very crafty and taught me so much.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Our doggies can teach us a lot.
Love the bags. What a generous thing to make her another bag. True Christmas Spirit.


I can't wait for the sun to peek out again! I'll defnitely copy Sophie then :)

You are so generous, Nicole! As a crafty person, I find that people often DON'T make me things because they think I can make anything I want myself. But I doubly appreciate handmade items because they ARE handmade and I know the work that goes into them. I treasure a ribbonwork embroidery a friend made me and someday hope to get the little quilt my sister started for me four years ago....

Sinta Renee

That is exactly what I was going to write, what Susan said above! That is the Spirit of Christmas... and all of the gifts look so beautiful Nicole, I'm sure everyone will love them "daily"!


lol, no she won't! The Bliss fabric is perfect. ;0

Jan Smith

Sophie has it figured out, doesn't she?!
The recipients of your pretty bags are lucky girls!


Merry Christmas to you. I enjoyed reading through some of your posts today as I have gotten terribly behind. Seeing Ozzie enjoying the sunshine, made me realize that I have missed the enjoyment of reading the blogs. Your Christmas packages look so pretty! As far as what kind of blogs I like to read - I really like to see what people are working on and any special techniques they have come up with. I have learned so much blogging and I do enjoy seeing how others set up their sewing areas and organize their crafts.


My most valuable asset, my time! Taking the time to make a gift is the ultimate compliment, that you care enough to spend your time making something for someone else. I"m thrilled your bags are a hit, they sure look adorable, but some folks think home made gifts are just a way to save money on buying gifts, they could not be more wrong. Your story is heartwarming and a lovely Christmas story, it made my day.

That picture of Sophie is an award winner, I can feel the sun on my face as I see it hitting Sophie's .


Nicole, Some people just aren't crafter's...they just don't know what they are missing in both the pleasure of creating and the joy of touching someones heart with a handmade, heartmade gift. Thanks for sharing this story, it speaks volumns. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hugs...


Nicole, I've been a long time reader and admirer of your quilting and your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the cosmetic bag pattern. I made one today, am working on a second and plan on making them for all the women in my family. I love this pattern and your tutorial inspired me to give it a try. Thanks again, Merry Christmas.


No one has ever made me a gift and I understand why. Still, it would be treasured if it arrived. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks so much for the enjoyment I receive from your quilt musings throughout the year.

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