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December 20, 2010



Thanks for these great ideas! I was planning to go look for stocking stuffers for hubby today and now I know where to look. We installed a steam shower this summer during a huge renovation and I can just imagine how fab the emotibombs will be with the steam.


Great to know. I had no idea. Those are some really neat gift ideas. Sometimes I don't take the time to try a lot of new things, then again I can't usually hang out at the Lush counter while I'm working. LOL!

Barbara Anne

Wonder if these are in stores as time for shipping is getting really, really short? Love the idea, tho. Blogland is full of such interesting information. Thanks!

We venture forth to the mall today - sigh - and I'd rather be going to an antiques or junk store. Will also mail DS1's quilt to the postal service and will wish for an armed guard to escort it safely to its destination.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I wonder if those emotibombs would work if you hadn't indulged the night before. I could sure use something to get me going in the morning.


LOL!!! I love these!! How adorable!
I haven't been indulging too much lately, but I like the get you up one!!


Funny! The salon where my daughter works sells a line of men's grooming essentials called Sh*t, Shower and Shave. It includes "secret weapon" deodorizer drops for...ahem...the bathroom as well :)


Holy cow! I just went on the LUSH site and ordered some of the hangover thingies (great for my nephews), and some of the lushious bath bombs (super for my preggo daughter and stressed out daughter-in-law). I am hoping beyond hope that they will get here in time for Christmas.

Becky in Georgia

I have lots of young men to buy gifts for. We went to Trader Joe's today to get a gift card for DH's nephew. Nephew is a vegetarian and a bit particular. We thought he would find fun food items here. I also tend to buy sweaters for the guys. Thanks for these wonderful ideas!

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