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December 17, 2010


Barbara Anne

Too funny - and of course, not so funny. Smart pets are brilliant at cunning plans to get them what they want. What was it the experts said about rewarding bad behavior when our kids did it?!

Perhaps you need a waste basket in your sewing room that has a lid?

I have a screened door blocking access into my sewing room. The cats stay outside and I get ventilation. The cats sit outside the screened door, cry, claw, and climb but they don't get in!

Outdoors is a frozen winter scene. The binding is on DS1's quilt and quilt-clipped in place for hand stitching!



Ozzie is too funny!! SOOOO smart! He knows exactly how to get attention from you!


About thirty years ago, the kids had a cat that swallowed a bunch of thread, it wrapped around her intestines, and she died. I've always been scared to death of pets in the sewing scraps!

I have to make a purse and matching cosmetic bag today for my sister's birthday party tomorrow. I'm off and running this morning!


I though it was only our goofy dog that did that! I love it that she is not alone. She does exactly the same thing in the sewing room or in my teenage daughters room. But she will drop it for a treat!


That darn Ozzie!

Molly Nelson

I have a 3 1/2 month old pug and she is into EVERYTHING too! She found a yellow flower flat head pin and was carrying it around like a bone. As soon as I spotted her she takes off running and looks like a piglet at the rodeo. LOL I just know we're going to end up with a vet trip for foreign object removal. Oyyyy



How cute! My dog paws at me when I'm piecing. It must be the sound of the machine, but a little scratch on the nose and she goes back and lays down. They are funny creatures, aren't they?


My daughter has a one-year old beagle who constantly gets into the trash can I keep in my sewing room. There are always bits of fabric trimmings and thread everywhere in the basement because once she pokes her head in the can and selects a "treasure", she makes off like a bandit to somewhere more comfortable. I'm always worried she's going to find a pin on the floor and require a trip to the vet! Those darn dogs (but we love 'em!).

Christine Thomas

Very fun red, Nicole. Aw, I feel Ozzie's "pain." My doggie, Sophie, will get mopey and barely raise her head in acknowledgement when I call her name. Then I know I should sit on the couch and read for a bit. She will still get into the bathroom trash and retrieve tissue but that's only when the French floral bucket trash can begins to get a little high. Otherwise, we elevate the trash cans in the office and sewing room. Well, that won't work for your dogs; they're taller than my little Shih Tzu.
(Very good post; just the sort we like to read. :) )


Like Pam said, that darn Ozzie! However, he is so cute you just want to nuzzle in his soft fur. My hubby likes to make an "invisible force field" which consists of 2 boxes with a sheet of bubble wrap strung in-between, at the entrance into his office because our dog LOVES him. It seems to be enough to keep Skippy out and my hubby happy! If Skippy does get too close, all hubby has to do is pop one or two of the bubbles!


Maggie is really good in my sewing room. She usally just lays on her doggie bed and sleeps while I sew. Once in a while she wants up on my lap and then wants on the tables to see what's up. She doesn't take stuff out like Ozzie does. We have lots of redwood trees out back, however. She'll go outside and then come back in an I will have little tiny dead redwood branches (they drop a lot) alllllllll overrrrrr the house and caught in her hair. I vacuum a lot!!!


Under no circumstances should Ozzie and Vash be allowed to hang out together...what one does not think of, the other would. Enough said. Very cute photos!


I've been fortunate not to have any personal thread, or pin,stories to report. I do have a friend that works at a local emergency vet clinc. They see lots of thread problems. This includes problems caused by those braided dog toys that have the threads on the end. Always supervise!

Elaine S.

Thanks for the update, Nicole. (I'm just smiling.)


LOLROF!!! It looks he'll always find something to get into- as long as it's not thread!!!


He's just too funny! I can totally relate, with my cat who likes to get into my sewing things or swish her tail around the sewing machine while running! Enjoy the holidays,

Susan Ramey Cleveland

But he looks so adorable.


Ozzier hasn't changed since he was a pup, he's still mischievous but adorable too.

carmie anderson

I now have my DD dog because he ate so many clothes at her house. The last straw for her was when he made chaps out of her over $100 jeans.If he hadn't cost $350 I would have taken him to the shelter when said come and get this dog before I kill him. He didn't eat anything at my house for a short time. Wish I had made him sleep in his crate when he came to live with me ( I thought it was for a break for Erica). Nevin has been here for almost 2 yrs. He is now 3 but still eats fabric like crazy at night. I found a king size sheet yesterday that now is about the size of a twin sheet. He has very good food, toys and lots of cuddle time from both my son and myself. He's in heaven this week-end because Erica's 2 children are here for a few days. He doesn see them often but he remembers them. He went crazy when he saw Erica and he hadn't seen her for about a yr ( I always went to their house to visit as it is in the same town as my salon). They have moved about an hr away so we don't see each other often. If any one knows how to stop this behavior please let me know. He loves polyfil and has destroyed two store bought comforters and ate corners off my fist quilt I made. Hate to try another one on my bed but it's cold now.


Oh, aren't our furry children so funny!! I love to see your Ozzie. Rosie the poodle we adopted from the streets this spring just gets right into the middle of anything I am doing...and if I have a stack of blocks? She will grab the top one and run for it! Little stinker!! I love her, though, so she can pretty much get away with anything...

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I always enjoy reading about what Ozzie's been up to! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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