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January 28, 2011


Sue Bennett

Love your choices for your borders. I think I would go with the red also. But after I got all my baskets together I would have to lay it on the red and the blue. You always have the best fabrics to chose from.

Toni Anne Potter

I also vote for the red. I think it would really make the quilt POP!!! I'd love to own Kim's Scrap Basket Sensations book. I already have her book Scrap Basket Suprises!!Thanks for the chance to WIN :-)

Molly Nelson

Nicole, I'm reading Fall of Giants too and had to laugh at your comments. Too funny! Did you read Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett? Those are two of my favorite books ever!
Love your fabrics on this quilt. I always love your fabric choices.


Maria Stahl

Nicole, what's that green stuff outside your window? It looks like something alive. I have forgotten what that looks like.

Judy C in NC

Lovely quilt and the fabric is spectacular. I love your idea of the red border. Fall of Giants is my bedside companion right now and will be for quite awhile. Love Ken Follet books. Judy C

Barbara Anne

Applause for your wonderful Belle Meade blocks!! Deciding where to put what fabric is a constant problem with scrap quilts (my favorite quilts). Sooner or later you just have to sew.

I suggest putting your each setting triangle fabric on your flannel board and positioning a corner's worth of blocks on each fabric for a test run. You'd know quickly which look you like best. Have fun!



It's really pretty and the border choices are pretty too. Would you want to kill me if I told you I think I see a half square triange pointing the wrong way in the block directly above the one in the bottom right corner? If so, I won't mention it. What's the next project brewing in your head?


Yes indeed the red setting triangles will be lovely. I haven't read Fall of the Giants yet and will be sure to put it on my list of books to be read.


The red will be fantastic for the setting triangles. The blocks look great on your wall!!

Helen in Switzerland

It's looking great Nicole, but my , what a lot of triangles. You certainly have staying power! By the way, red wins!!

Nancy E

Like you red choice. I started listening to Fall of Giants, but decided I wanted to read the book instead. I love his books.


Had you thought of using all of them? It would probably be more noisy but since the quilt is so happy you might as you say audition them. One other thing, not that it is not pretty, and I am probably the only one who sees it, however, the one block that is or looks a blue solid on the right draws my eye to it. All the rest have more print on the bottom. I am NOT criticizing. Just my opinion. Thanks for your blog and inspiration.


I just love all of those blocks. I love the red for the border, but I love red so I may be biased.


The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words...your little picture leaves me with a thousand thoughts/questions. Where is your Bernina? What fabric is on your ironing board? Did you say Five blocks in an hour? You definitely could use...and would love a design wall. I have a wonderful design wall which my brother built and installed in my sewing room...but, I would love to have your window and view... What all of us wouldn't give for the "perfect" quilting studio. Although lack of a design wall has not hampered your ability to create lots and lots of beautiful quilts.

Karen CA

Your Belle Meade is looking sooo good! I really like your layout so far and look forward to seeing is come together!


What a gorgeous view for you to look at while you sew!!! I would always go for the red and your blocks are looking wonderful!!


Looking good!


I know what you mean about getting tired of making the same blocks. Sometimes it helps to step away for a while. With only 6 blocks to go, you can easily knock it out in one more sewing session. I'm not usually a red person, but I like the red for the setting triangles for this one. Great view from your sewing station!


Just love the view out your window as you sew! It might distract me a little too much on some of my more daydream-heavy days LOL. Either of those fabrics will look wonderful for your setting triangles, but I'm sure you will end up choosing the red because that's how you roll....if it was me I'd be choosing the blue probably!


Making the same block over and over does get a bit tiresome - LOL Keep your eye on the brass ring because your quilt is going to be stunning.


They look beautifull. I am leaning to the red too.

JoAnne McPherson

Red is totally my favorite color, so that choice would probably be easy to make for me! I had to laugh at your audio book comments. I love to listen to them when I sew. I have to say, though, that I listen off a docking station, not through headphones and find that listening to the sex scenes "out loud" really embarass me--even when I'm home alone! I guess reading them in a book seems more private or something.


Nicole, I LOVE your quilt...and I'd go with the red! Your fabrics are very familiar to me...I'm working with Rural Jardin right now in a "Crazy Old Ladies" quilt, "Maison Bleu". And yes, the blocks are starting to get tiresome to me too! But I LOVE this fabric!


Just love this quilt. As for design walls, I just put up a really big one in my new sewing room. I used polar fleece I bought at Joanne's and it is working out great. The fabric sticks to it and does not come off. My husband's secretary told me about this. She has this for a design wall and swears by it.


Don't give up!! You're so close! ;0

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