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January 27, 2011



Oooh, I do have Scrap Basket Surprises and would love to have its baby sister! The sneak peek of the patterns is very appetizing!


Scrap Basket Sensation looks intriguing and would love to make some more of her quilts. I have her first book and have enjoyed making several of them. Love your bali pops.


The Over and Under quilt that you pictured is calling my name....


What a wonderful new book. I'm working on 3 batik quilts now and love those bali pops! Thanks for the chance!

Christina D

Your blocks are beautiful!
I thought I could resist Kim's new book,but
Island Chain is too beautiful to pass up.
Love the Grasshopper Bali Pop!


Thanks for giving away the "spare" book. I will have to look for the first book and create some 2 1/2 strips from scraps.


The book looks great! I love seeing your progress on belle Meade.


Hi Nicole, your blocks are looking great and so is the batik fabric you bought. Wish I had bought some Batiks when I was in Bali years ago but I was not yet "into" quilting at the time. I'd love to win the book as the Over and Under quilt looks intriguing.


Hi Nicole,
I'm finally learning how to comment on a blog. Your blocks are beautiful and I just love the Rural Jardin fabric line. I would love a copy of the book because I'm always wondering what to do with the Jelly Rolls I have. I read your blog every morning and I really enjoy it. How's the baby quilt coming?


Thanks for the giveaway, Nicole! I have Kim's first book and just love it....this new one looks great! And batiks...dontcha just love 'em?!!

Anna McD

Awesome! Thanks for a chance to win.


Wow, the first book was great, and this one looks even better! I'd love to win it.


How nice that you would have a giveaway for your spare book...I hope you pick me! I LOVE the way your Belle Meade is turning out, and LOVE reading your blog! Thanks so much!


I just received my copy of Scrap Basket Surprises and I love it, I'd really love to have her newest book too.


I'd love to do a quilt from the book in blues...


I love your Belle Meade blocks. I have a Jelly Roll of that line and haven't decided what to do with it. Maybe I'll just keep it to gaze at from time to time!

Thanks so much for your kind words about the book. I really hope you enjoy it. The Grasshopper Bali Pop looks yummy. I haven't seen that one before. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


I don't have either book, but would love it. I have some scraps are anxious to be used. Please, Please, Please pick me.
Thank you

p.s. Love reading your blog


I bought Scrap Basket Surprises on a road trip with my quilty friends. We all looked at it on the way home (to Washington DC area) and my friends all bought a copy for themselves when we got home. I would LOVE to win a copy of Kim's new book, and will watch for the blog event. Thanks for the opportunity!


I loved her first book so I'm sure I will feel the same about this one. I think Bali Pops are so pretty!! I really like the Grasshoper with just a touch of purple. Perfect. I was just admiring Zinfandel when I was at the shop Tuesday. Also would be gorgeous in that pattern.


I have Kim's first book and it is a beauty. I haven't decided how to use my jelly rolls of Pure and Allspice Tapestry.Your Belle Meade is coming along quickly. Don't you tire of doing the same block over and over? Sometimes one just needs a break to dream and plan something else.

Kim Juilfs

I'd love to have a copy of this book. I don't have her first book that everyone refers to. Your Belle Meade is looking great!

Mary Kastner

I have Kim's first book and would love to have the second. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Belle Meade is looking awesome! Can't wait to see what color border you choose.

Karen L.

Hi, Nicole - I love the Bali pops and they would be great in any one of those quilts! I admire your eye for fabrics!
Karen L.


The first book was wonderful, but I do still have a drawer almost full of jelly rolls. I would love to win the new book. I'm looking forward to the blogging event.

Jayne Honnold

One just can't have too many quilt books, so thank you, Nicole, for the drawing!! I've succumbed to the Bali Pops a few times, with no clear plan on using them, so this will be inspiration! I, too, love reading your blog.
Happy Quilting!!!

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