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January 24, 2011



I LOVE your little quilt with the white dishes and the red wine glasses! You've got me heading to my machine to make my own little Valentines quilt. I don't have read wine glasses, but I've got pink.


Perhaps in person, your rooster plates don't look as great as you had hoped, but in the picture posted it all looks fantastic! Enjoy a lovely Valentine's Day dinner at your romantic table.


What a great little quilt! In the pictures the colors look great together, but sometimes the computer monitor lies. By the way, a great photo (still working on that here).

I'm just starting to read Queen of Attolia, the sequel to The Thief by Megan Whelan Turner. Should be good.


Lovely little quilt - I agree it looks best with the white china - if you want an extra dash of colour perhaps red napkins might do the trick. I'm still working away on my "Purple Passion" quilt - had two borders on but they puckered so took them off again and will try to do better today.
Enjoy your quilty days off.

Helen in Switzerland

Oh it's lovely Nicole! I think it actually looks nicest with the plain white plates - the pink ones distract from it. You've motivated me to make something that size too! But first I have to finish the pinwheels and the socks and.... Thanks also for the mention in the blog - my back is healing nicely actually. Just can't carry anything heavy and I haven't tried any sport yet - but I'm getting there!
Enjoy your four free days. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

A Betty

I actually really like the pink dishes, but I really like the white ones too. That is a fun little valentine quilt. I have made two Schnibbles patterns lately. They are fun and turn out so cute.


I love it! This is my opinion on the dishes: Get a small red dessert plate to put on top of the pink plates, this will bring some red color to your table and will match well with the other plates.

Sue Bennett

I love your little quilt with the white and red dishes. To me the rooster dishes are beautiful because I own them, LOL but something more red to match the wine glasses. But no matter what you use I love the table topper.

Barbara Anne

Your little Mon Amour quilt is too cute and is so perfect for Valentine's Day and for your table.

Seems to me the pinks and various reds in your cute table mat look great with both bubbly glasses and dishes.

Applause, applause for quilting it yourself, too!!

Happy 4 days off!



wonderful little quilt and your table looks fantastic even with your new plates :)


It's adorable, Nicole. Can't give you an opinion on the dishes because I keep changing my mind. LOL


Mon Amour is perfect on your table! Love the white plates with it. Get some bubbly and celebrate!!


The dishes are perfect! I wouldn't change a thing.


It's so cute!!!!!


Love it! Perfect size too! I love the look with the dishes in the photo! I would keep it like it is. I'm patting you on the back too! Wonderful job on the quilting!! AND it's completely finished!! :-)

Jackie Hicks

I think it looks just fine. If you used a darker red dish it would compete with the table runner. Enjoy it as is!

Georges & Wendy Ouellette

I think the plates look fabulous with the table mat. You have more than one colour of pink going on so it is just an extension of that colour. A lovely table setting. Go with it! Love your blog too by the way.


love it all. as someone else mentioned maybe some red napkins to bring it all together! off to work on my hearts!


I think the plates look just fine with the table topper.

Sherry Vlcej

I think the plates work perfectly.

Modifying patterns to fit your needs is an excellent way to get exactly what you want.

Cathy Burk

I love both table settings, but maybe the pink one looks different in person. You remind me of Romper Room...when she looked in her magic mirror and said "I see Mary, and Susan, and Billy and Johnny and...." Did you get that show when you were a kid?

Christine Thomas

Well, actually, I think the red/pink chicken transferware looks more country than not and your tablescape seems a little more elegant than that. I think the coloring of the plates is fine, though. Very cute quiltlet.


Wish my daughter were here so I could ask her what "too adorable" is in French! It looks just wonderful, tres magnifique! Near the ditch stitching is de riguer around here as well....have fun with your days off.


I love both looks. The white seems somewhat more 'serious' than the pink which seems more 'fun' than the white. You are so inspirational! I can not wait for the next four days to see what you all accomplish!

LeAnne Olson

Nicole, you inspire so many of us and after working today, I am going to pull out some of my valentine fabrics and make a sweet lil quilt. You made me realize that every quilt I make does not have to be big... also love the table set... Its perfect and I am going to run out later and see what is at our TJ maxx... gotta love those stores.. right next to quilt shops :)

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