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January 20, 2011


Helen in Switzerland

It looks great Nicole - and lets face it, you're halfway there! I love it too when things like that happen!


Ooooohhhh yes, you should totally make a little table topper out of what you've started!! It would be super cute! Perfect for Valentine's. Heck, you're about half way there now!!


Nice and easy. You'll have fun figuring out a table topper with that great start. That's what I call a bonus quilt - one you find already well on its way.


A light colored inner border, a red outside border and you're done! Post a photo when you've finished it. It will be perfect!

Deb Myers

ooooh, there's just something about the cuteness and sweetness of pink and red together....get's me every time~~ I just love those colors together! added bonus? projects that jump outta your closet and land in your lap done, or well on their way to being done! enjoy the process~~

Barbara Anne

What a lovely gift hiding in the closet to be rediscovered!! Love the cheery and very Valentine fabrics! You're certainly well on your way to a table topper, placemats, and perhaps even a Valentine's Day wall hanging and/or lap quilt?! I look forward to the pictures of your creation(s) with these delightful fabrics.



It is very cute and perfect for a table topper! How fun to "find" this treasure!!


Very Cute! Is the pattern from a book? I love this block and have been looking for a pattern for quite some time.


I agree with Ina...hate mail??? who in the world could find fault with you...YOU'RE THE BEST!!! I just got finished scooping ANOTHER six inches of snow off my front porch and sidewalk.....and, my gray roots have been driving me crazy for days... Would love to have a Spa Day in Monterey to get out of the snow and get beautified!!


Oh that is so cute! What a lucky discovery! You'll be able to finish that off with some adorable border design and call it done.


Well, I love table toppers and I too don't have a Valentine one. I have a Valentine lap quilt so now you've got me thinking that I may have enough scraps from that quilt to make a runner or a topper.


Gotta love a day that starts with a red quilt on the sewing machine. What cheer!! Your closet has some magic in there.

P.S. We saw The King's Speech yesterday. It was great. It was on our list but thanks to your tip, we got going and got out to enjoy it.

Susie Carroll

What pattern is that? It's so pretty!


Lots of cuteness in that box. I have many of those fabrics and they will look wonderful in a table topper!


Looks like a tabletopper to me, Nicole! Add a couple of gold chargers and white plates and you'll have a romantic Valentine's dinner for two with the Mister!


That is going to be so sweet. Love the toile!!


What I find amazing is that you didn't like it and stuck all that prep work away. Glad you're inspired to take all the work you already did and create something else. I think the block is terrific!


It looks beautifull and I think it is a great start

Sue Bennett

That block looks great. It is a wonderful start.


A pink and red quilt has been on my mind lately, yours is going to be stunning. I think I might have to collect a few more pinks or make it small! Can't wait to see the whole thing.


Whoooo, Haa. Something for you. I've felt the mid-winter blahs lately (Illinois is frigid this time of year) and have been dreaming of Valentine's Day colors -- I ordered spring fabric and am now cutting to my heart's content.

It's all your fault. When I got the "stare" from my husband, I told him to blame it on you! "Honest, David, I had no intention, but Nicole said/did".

Sorry to hear about the snarky individuals who have been invading your blog. Tell them you receive respect from at least (if my math is correct) 150 people! To me you have excellent taste and are an inspiration.


Oh yes, it becomes new again :-) It will make a beautiful table topper. Just in time for Valentine's.


lol, I'm no longer surprised by what I find stashed away in cabinets, bins, and baskets. Seriously, it is just crazy! So glad to see it is not just me...

I love the fabrics and I say go for it! ;0


One more quick thing...I am new to your blog but you are already one of my favorites! I think your blog is inspirational and funny.

I'm feeling protective of you and I don't even KNOW you but STILL it bugs me that there are people who think they can send you snarky emails because they disagree with your opinion.

Nicole this is YOUR blog and you get to say whatever you want. If your opinion bothers other people then they shouldn't be reading it. They should stop acting like school age children and grow up. GROW UP AND GO AWAY!


I love finding something old that all of a sudden feels like something new. Your itching for a valentine looks to have found an outlet. Get it out of your system and then move on! LOL!

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