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February 02, 2011



I love that pattern. Is the small pinwheel inside appliqued? I too have a very small curved piece pattern lurking in a drawer until I am brave enough to try it. Maybe I will watch yours and take any advice you give before I start.

Helen in Switzerland

Now that looks like fun Nicole! I've always shied away from curves myself - so I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes and whether you would recommend it to the average mortal!


Hi Nicole - I love that pattern!! Actually, the KT quilt you have pictured is on my to-do list. I thought it was HST and 60 degree points rather than curved pieces. May need to re-think that!! Hope you have a great week!!


You are always one step ahead of me. I have a pattern book with many curved pieced blocks. It sat on my coffee table for several months last year and I used it for a "lap desk" while appliquing. Every time I looked at the cover, I wanted to make that quilt. Now, you have me getting that "feeling" again. Can't wait to see what you do.


I pieced a Wheel Of Mystery a few years ago and really enjoyed the whole process. What a fun baby quilt yours will be!

Barbara Anne

Count me in with those who've always stayed away from curved piecing. I've set in sleeves so I'm not sure what I'm worried about.

Winding Ways and Wheel of Mystery quilts have always held my interest. Perhaps this year?!


Pat Deck

I started a mini quilt using curved piecing, when I took a workshop with John Flynn at the Lancaster PA quilt show a few years back. We used a Wheel of Mystery Kit provided by him consisting of beautiful batiks that were already laser cut. John is an engineer, so everything he does is very precise; all of his curved pieces have a laser cut notch at the mid-piont, which makes it very easy to match along the curve. His acrylic templates have that same notch cut in. Seeing these beautiful quilts makes me want to pull out that UFO and start back upo on it. It's table runner size, so that's very doable. Thanks for giving me the little push I needed!

Nancy, near Philadelphia

You are nothing but a temptress, and that is the truth! I have already written my friend who owns a Go! to see if she had curved dyes . . . .


I've made a winding ways quilt, and it is one of my all time favorites. It hangs on the wall in my dining room. It would make a beautiful baby quilt.

Although I love the look of curved piecing quilts, I've hesitated to make them. If you follow the directions, this one is easy.


That is a really sweet block. It will develop into such a nice baby quilt, and I'm glad the curves were easy for you to put together.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I don't do curves. But I know you'll do great. Good luck.


Breaking out in a sweat! I've never had the courage to do anything with curves, although I would love to do an Apple Core quilt. You give me pause to actually think about it. I'm going to see if any of my quilter friends have the templates before I actually jump in with both feet!!

Sinta Renee

I love Winding Ways. I took a class from this lady once...
who wrote a book or two on it. It's very fun... a quilt worth doing twice!


Wow, Sharon's quilts are gorgeous!

Good start on yours!! I have wanted to make one of these for a long time too, but am not a big fan of templates. I suppose I'll have to break down sometime!


I've done some curved piecing and don't find it that difficult. It's those stinking templates that give me grief. I have those exact ones because I would love to do a Winding Ways quilt, but I am all thumbs when it comes to using a small rotary cutter with them. I usually veer off into the middle of my fabric or the template slips, even with sandpaper dots. Any tips on cutting out the pieces?

Sue Babich

Nicole this is going to make a adorable baby quilt ! I can't wait to see how this one turns out


Does anyone know if there is a smaller Drinkard's Path die for the GO! ? That 7" finished square/14" finished block is kinda big.


Nicole, how did you cut out the shapes? Must have drawn the lines on fabric with template and then cut with scissors?

I just don't see how I could use a rotary cutter with templates.


Love this quilt.


Thanks for the kind words. Check out this link to see some fab winding ways

EFT Therapy

The quilt looks very lovely.

Kat Stewart

Ironically, that last one that got you started looks more like a nine-patch with a mini- four patch in the middle, "Peaky and Spikes" in the middles of outside, half-square triangles in corners... mere child's play for the likes of you and Thelma!


I just Love that quilt pattern! I made one too :
and here :
Have fun doing yours!

Jeannette Bruce

I haven't stopped by your blog in a little while and I noticed today that you tried a Winding Ways quilt. That's my quilt that you have pictured there (red and aqua). Sorry to hear that you didn't have too much luck with the sewing curves. Try it again! You can do it! Do not baste though, it will just drive you wild. I used those templates for my quilt. I also used the smallest rotary cutter (18mm?) and a rotating cutting mat. The trick in sewing is to trust that they will line up. Do not pin and the important to lift the fabric up as you Slowly sew. Lift that fabric! Just trust it and you will not have puckers. Occasionally you will get some where the very end of the fabric drifts off, but to prevent that, use a pointer or something (I use my finger nail) to hold the very very last end of the fabric. With all your sewing ability I know you can do this, I've been following you for years.... :)


That's a great block, and I love the secondary design the quilts make. I wonder if you have ever tried the Curve Master foot. I know some people who have bought it but don't know whether they have tried it out or not. Your quilt will be gorgeous.

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