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February 22, 2011



Great tutorial.
I love your double pins. Where did you get them. I pin Pin Pin, and these look like they could save me some time. Thanks for the update. Things are moving along in la Casa Nicole!


It's looking good! Once again, your breaking the block into bite-size pieces makes it all seem so simple. I have those U-shaped pins, but haven't used them much. I'll have to get them out again.


Looks great. I call those little points "little points" inventive eh? Love your blog!

Barbara Anne

Yep! That's my tried and true method for half square blocks and hour-glass blocks. You cannot beat it for accuracy and for ending up with 4 hour-glass blocks!!

I call the "dog ears" giblets. It somehow seems kinder.

The U shape pins are new to me and I can see I need some.

As usual, you are speed sewing your way through Eventide! Applause! Love your fabrics!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks for the great tutorial, Nicole. I can't wait to try it.

Lisa D.

Beautiful blocks, Nicole. I love the ones with the dark floral centers. Great fabric choices!


"Dog ears' are not only a stupid name but I also hate having to snip them--just a bother, but a necessary one, for sure!!! The U shape pins are new to me and I'm going to buy some a.s.a.p.!! Genius! Thanks for the great tips! Your colors are terrific, as always, and it's gonna' be a beauty!

Nancy Watkins

I've never heard of U pins. Have to look these up. Thanks Nicole!

Wendy P

Your Eventide is going to be gorgeous. Love the fabrics!


Great tutorial with some very helpful tips. Love your rooster mug in the background LOL.


I can't wait to get started on my Eventide - but I am going to go out and get me some of those U shaped pins. For someone like me who does almost every Miss Rosie pattern, they could come in very handy!
Thanks for the tips.

Deb A

Thank you for this lesson and for answering my question on "something else" - it all makes sense now and I put together my first block last night. Think I'm going to love this quilt, but mine is going to be much darker than Carrie's sample. Love the U shaped pins, need to find some of those!


Thanks for the tutorial. I just started cutting all the fabrics.


Thank you for the great tutorial. I have long been wondering if there was a better way to make these blocks.


It all sounds so easy when you do it Nicole but when I get A bit of spare Time I will try It thanks For the tutorial.
Hugs Mary.

Paula Peck

thanks Nicole, I have been pinning but I forgot about my little fork pins. Its that "41 more times" part that gets me...


Thanks for the tutorial. Your quilt is going to be beautiful! You and Thelma amaze me with how quickly you sew!
I have never seen the fork pins. Those would be so helpful. I will have to look for them!


Love your fabrics Nicole. You definitely have an eye for color!!


I'm not pining in the proper place on my final hour glass run through the machine, guess that explains why sometimes they are perfect and sometimes off just a tad... I always make sure the seams abut, but then pin in that general vicinity, not right on that line. Lesson Learned for me, THANKS.

Great Tutorial

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