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February 17, 2011



Great interview. I love getting new insights from the designers of quilts. Kim's new book looks awesome. Not to mention how beautifully the quilts were made by her amazing friends.

Karen Shackleford

Thanks, Nicole and Kim, for the interview. It looks like a wonderful book, and it's been fun to learn so much about Kim!

Kay Mc

Thanks for the insight into the book. I can't wait to get a copy of it.

Julie in WA

Great interview. Thanks!


Thanks for the great interview. Truly looks like a great book.

Meg in CT

I know how Kim feels! I have one finished quilt in my house--I've gifted or donated every other one I've made to date!

Sandy A

Love the quilt you featured! I hadn't seen it yet. Just added this book to my "gotta have" list!

Thanks for the great interview!


Thanks so much for your kind words! You're too sweet!

Quilter Kathy

That was fun to read. I enjoying learning more about the process of making a quilting book.

Naomi Bannister

Beautiful quilt as always.


Love the quilt


Interesting interview, I love to hear how people came to the art, there are so many paths but Grandmothers seem to be a common thread (unintentional pun)


fun interview


This Sparkler is looking so fantastic... Very neat texture and design.. Wonderful article and these quilt are always.. It was great reading about art.. Thank you..

Marianne Snowden

Nicole, your One-sies are adorable with the embroidery. They look every bit as nice as your friend's blocks!

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