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February 01, 2011



How nice of you to bail out a co-worker! Must be someone having a baby was your weakness!! Looks like you have a beautiful start on a baby quilt! Love the fabric!!


That has great potential! Love the fabrics you are using. It gives it a distinct look.
Hope the rest of the week improves!!


Yeah! It's the beginning of a baby quilt! Looks great!


Very important to support the birth of the father's cousin's brother's neighbor's girlfriend. Lordy that cracked me up!

Barbara Anne

Still laughing here about the close relation who had the baby!! You get a gold star for coming to the rescue and working that shift. I think you can count today as Jan. 32 since you gave up the 31st for a noble cause!

Love the baby quilt!



Looks like life got in the way of you completing a quilt in January - but look what you did complete - all those Belle Meade blocks were not easy.

Sue Bennett

Well it looks like you got a great start on the baby quilt. Love the colors that you have choosen.


I know what you mean about the stickers. It's what I dislike about having a machine serviced. What, they think you forgot where you took your machine! Your baby!


Don't ya just lovvvvve your Bernina!!!!! I have no back up so wait until it is so sticky hot outside to take to shop for it's annual tune up. (Old house, no central air, few window units.....feel my pain!)

Wendy P

You need to learn to say "NO"

I played with some fabrics until late last night. Nice change for me, since I am usually not able to do much experimenting with my stash. And of course my goal was to come up with something cute and Valentine's themed. A little late to start a quilt for Valentine's day, right?


A great start on that adorable baby quilt! Love the soft green fabric. Too bad the close relative (LOL) had to give birth on your deadline day, but so nice of you to help out.


You are such a nice co-worker :) I like how you explained how close the relationship was with the baby! LoL!! I didn't have any finishes either, I mean quilted and everything.....there is always next month I'm telling myself ;)


I worked with someone like that, her neighbors kids friend fell and she had to leave work??? Okey dokey. Key word in this story was "worked", Hey, no worries about the finish, enjoy the process of each and every piece you make and relax about the finishes, they will happen when they happen.

Sinta Renee

Hell HAS frozen over! Nice of you to do a good deed though. But I don't think I have evern seen you go a month without a finish... or three! I like your design wall though... nice colors!


Well, that is quite a connection to ponder. You were nice, props for that!

Loving all the green in your new project!


Things I love:
1. Your design wall!!!
2. Your green Bunny Hill baby quilt - green is my favorite!!!
3. The fact that my machine repair shop would not think of putting stickers on my machine.

Here's to a fun day sewing!!


first of all I laughed so hard at: "Her father's cousin's brother's neighbor's girlfriend" That sounds like an I Love Lucy episode!

Secondly, you've done a lot of sewing in January. Don't be so hard on yourself! ;0

Audrey Bretz

Yeah, what is the deal with the stickers? That is so annoying! I'll bet in February you will have 3 or 4 finishes! You can average it out between the two months!


Doesn't Mon Amour count as a January finish? It would in my house!


I knew you would take her shift you always think of others before you think of yourself.The baby quilt will look good when finished I like the colours.
Hugs Mary.

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