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February 18, 2011



What a great post Nicole! I'm still on the fence about this quilt at this time, only because my list of "quilts to do" is too long.

Judy C in NC

Thanks for posting your process and insights into picking fabrics for this project - so helpful and right on. Judy C


Your fabrics are just gorgeous Nicole am really looking forward to seeing your quilt progress. I'm very tempted to join in but am still trying to finish all the tops I started last year!


Nicole, You have missed your calling, you need to work in or open up a quilt shop! Your ideas are the best. Usually I just dig in and start cutting but I like the way you analyze a quilt and it's colors. Maybe that's why your quilts are so drop dead gorgeous! I think I will try some of your ideas for the next quilt I make!
[email protected]

Karen L.

Nicole - Thanks so much for your insight and your willingness to share! Attention to detail does make a wonderful quilt.

Karen L.


Fun post! You're so good at choosing just the right fabrics for your projects. I've been on the fence about joining this quilt-along, and every time I see it, I get a little closer to giving in. I was drawn to the subtle fabrics in the original quilt, but your blocks are exquisite. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Cindy T from Tulsa

Thank you, thank you, thank you....a thousand times thank you!

I have thought so much about this sew along and fabric selection that my brain had become frozen. After your fantastic advice and order of approaching the project, I definitely feeling a thaw coming on!

This post took a lot of your time, and I truly appreciate every word and picture.

What a great teacher you are....again my heartfelt thanks.

Quilter Kathy

That was really fun! I studied the photos and tried to picture each combination and learned how you pick fabrics for a quilt like this. Thanks Nicole! Picking the fabric is definitely the challenge of this quilt design.

Barbara Anne

What a GREAT post!! You've made it easy to "read" a quilt to find how to place the lights, mediums, and darks so a similar quilt could be made. Love the fabrics you've chosen to use and you're certainly tempting me to fall off the UFO wagon and made this quilt.

Rationalization .... I have several sweetly beribboned fabric bundles that have no pattern yet (and that have been bundled together for years) so could be used for this delicious quilt ... hummmmm. Food for thought!

Thanks again!



What a gorgeous quilt. Love your fabric suggestions. One of these days I WILL start on Elizabeth!


Thanks for sharing this very interesting post !


I like Antique Faire or Charlevoix


It sure makes a difference to break it into bite-sized pieces when choosing fabrics. Now it seems feasible to me. Love the quilt, but fabric choice seemed overwhelming.

Paula Peck

Wow thanks for sharing these ideas. I have Luna Notte, and will probably use it because I love the soft dreamy look. My favorite perfume is L'Heuere Bleue by Guerlain, so the soft blues really appeal to me in a quilt named Eventide...

But I'm always working on thinking outside the box with fabric choices.
I'm going to bookmark this entry under "tutorials" to remind myself of the process..." Thanks!


What a great educational post with all these possibilities! THanks so much for going through this step-by-step process on how you create your quilts and how you choose your fabrics.


This is a great post. It is useful for many quilt projects. I really like the Eventide quilt, but I think it will have to wait until I can gather enough fabrics. Thanks for all your information in this post.

Peggy Reilly

Nicole- I am using an older line of Moda called "Gatherings." It is a darker, country line but I started cutting it out last night and I think it will work. I'm going to kind of fiddle with the fabric as I go along and see how it looks. I wish I had your eye for color. Thanks so much for your ideas.

Laura Tawney

Great post! I'm really liking the idea of using Charlevoix (Minick and Simpson for Moda). I really like their fabric lines and think that you could add in some other fabrics from some past lines to work with it. It just has that Spring feel to it. I guess I must be in the mood for Spring.
Laura T


Oh, my goodness, Nicole. You have a new calling!!! When a shop has a class for a quilt that is, shall we say, challenging to pick the fabrics, they should have you in the week before to talk about fabric selection and then have you help the students pick what they will use. I for one would pay more for that kind of service. Great post to refer back to.


Thank you for this truly educational, insightful and inspiring post. You've helped make choosing fabric for this (and other) quilts much more possible. Thank you. Thank you.

Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for this post. You are very insightful about color choices. I always learn something from your fabric combos. Have a great weekend. Hope your daughter is feeling well these days (and starting to glow!). When do we see the baby quilts started?


Thanks Nicole I think it helped some people. I just decided last night to which fabric collection I am going to use. It will be "Roses the Noel"from RJR from a few years ago.


Awesome post! Tons of inspiration! I never would have looked at the Charlevoix group for that pattern, but now I'm thinking it would look VERY nice.

Sinta Renee

Thanks for the "picking fabric 101" for Eventide! Good ideas:)

Peggy Reilly

I've got a question for you, Nicole. On the "something else" blocks where are those listed in the instructions? I think I'm confusing myself. Thanks for your help.

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