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February 18, 2011



Can I please come visit your stash for a day?


Great tutorial! Thanks for all the valuable now I want your stash.


Hey, I enjoyed reading the entire post. I think you should make a quilt in each color wave so your audience can see how beautiful each selection is! Just kidding. ;0

Gosh, I LOVE fabric...even pictures of fabric make me happy. I'll have to go see what Thelma is using...

Nancy Watkins

Thanks Nicole for taking the time to do this for us. It still boggles my mind! :) Your picks are gorgeous but when don't I like something you choose? :)


Great post on choosing fabrics. Thanks Nicole. You have a talent for fabric coordination!


You have definitely missed your calling - why sell clothing when quilting fabrics is so evidently your vocation. I think you probably have a bigger stash than some of the local quilt shops I've visited(lol). Thanks for a great post with such delicious photos.


Thanks for taking the time to write this out and sharing your thoughts about fabric selection. I was very interested what you wrote, and learned soemthing about analyzing my color choices more closely.

I just finished a quilt in Charlevoix this week, and posted a picture of it on my blog. (I agree those bright and cheery prints were super fun to work with!) I was in a huge hurry and had a terrible time choosing a backing. I read your suggestion about the polka dots and kicked myself. That would have been so perfect!! Great idea!

Although the wildly popular precuts available help many quilters (me!) to be more efficient and coordinated in our work, I know I'm guilty of relying on the fabrics within that particular line as a boundry for my choices. Your post is a good reminder to always stay open to adding more things in. After all, choosing the fabrics is half the fun!

I love what you have chosen for this project, and look forward to following your progress. I can already tell it's going to be a stunner!


I'm a huge Miss Rosie fan. Looks beautiful!


I just want to grab all those stacks of fabrics and run away with them. :) I loved the way you analyzed the quilt that made me really look at the fabrics and see why they worked. Thank you. blessings, marlene

Deb A

Nicole - I'm participating in the Eventide sew, and need your advise/help. Where in the cutting instructions does it reference the cutting of your "something else"? I thought I had it all figured out, what fabric I wanted to use/where, the coloring and just cut away, sorted based on the instructions and then get to the piecing instructions and it tells me to use one "something else". I thought I knew what I was using for that, but I know I didn't cut any of those out based on the instructions. Now I feel really dumb and I've been quilting for over 10 years! I also noticed you used dark centers for your Ohio stars, but not the same dark as your points. Maybe I'm too anal but I had thought about using the same dark fabric for my centers, guess it's a personal choice. Thanks for any help you can offer.


Brilliant post! Very, very informative. Thank you.

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