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March 11, 2011


Helen in Switzerland

Oh I could really relate to you this morning Nicole! I'm a big Paul Green shoe fan! (Not that I buy a lot of shoes, but when I do they tend to be Paul Green and here in Switzerland they are relatively sensibly priced!). Mashed potato is one of my comfort biggies and I wouldn't turn down the pork chop - and I've just finished reading My Antonia. Coincidence or what? Certainly kindred spirits - although I'm happy to wait a while for grandchildren!!


LOVE the sandals!! Gorgeous! I can tell they are well worth the price!! Pork chops sound so good. I made something very similar last night, but with noodles instead of potatoes. Comfort food for sure! I love Willa Cather!! I love that book, but O Pioneers! is my favorite by her!! A must read as well! Are you under a tsunami warning?????

Kelly Ann

One of my favorite reads...I didn't find it till about 15 years ago and have re-read it twice since...

Barbara Anne

Love the saucy shoes! So many interesting things are being done with zippers these days!

Okay, a bit more information on the pork chops, please. During the 40 min. of cooking time is that:
on the stove (low, med, or high heat?) or in the oven (temperature?). Covered?

I'll check out "My Antonia" and "O Pioneers" when I'm at the library next time.



Great post, Nicole...really don't know how y'all keep up with the quilting on your blogs...maybe that's WHY you keep up...the blogs! Anyway...LOVE 'My Antonia', one of my favorite books. Living on the edge of the great plains really makes it come to life for me. I also loved Cather's book 'Death comes to the Archbishop'...horrible title, but a great read about early life in the Santa Fe area.


Chit Chat is good! Congrats on the shoes! I love porkchops - but my husband hates them, so I never make them.

Our book club read "Song of the Lark" many years ago. I think it is free on Kindle also.

Judy C in NC

Very good post - kinda like what I had to do - post about my clock - but it was fun. Love those sandals Judy C and


You are so funny...I think you could squeeze out another pair of shoes (or two) out of the inheritance...Hee!! enjoy, they are fun shoes!!


I make the same pork chops with Golden Mushroom soup.

Diane Linford

Cute shoes, I'm drooling over the pork chops, and I love the book My Antonia - I didn't discover it until I was an adult either. Have a great weekend!


Love the sandals! Who knew zippers would become such a fashion statement? I work with lots of twenty-somethings and I see exposed zippers on the backs of fancy dresses and skirts now. Love the recipe - will have to try it or something similar!


Love the porkchops,we have raised our own here and that is our go to meat for dinner in the winter time and we serve it over rice. My hubby loves gravy too. Sounds like a good winter day/evening,sign me up please...Good break away from the rest of life. I read that story years ago but haven't had time to read lately(except blogs) so thanks for the diversion.


Thanks for the book recommendation! I just hopped on over there and downloaded myself a copy. Aren't those kindles great?

Jan Smith

Fun shoes, and I am happy to see the other comments about My Antonia. What a wonderful book; I just reread it in January. I remember it being my favorite book from high school English, but it probably was more appreciated with this rereading (in my advanced years!).


My Antonia.. so good. Spent a summer reading all those Willa Cather books. Love them.


Love the new shoes! I make that recipe all the time because my husband loves it. I usually use cream of celery or mushroom.

Jayne Honnold

A lot of kindred spirits here in these comments!! Your sandals rock; pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy are a great combination; and My Antonia is a true delight to read. I had the great fortune of teaching this book a couple of times; plus I first read it in high school. It does have much greater meaning to me as an adult reader, as so often is the case. For all who are considering reading it - yes, do it! And all the others suggested here by Cather.


Why, yes, I'd love another glass of that pino grigio with dinner...and love those shoes!


I went on a Willa Cather reading streak last fall/winter. A friend had gone to the conference in Red Oak and gifted me with a cookbook from there with favorites from Willa and her neighbors, relatives, etc. If you have read a lot of Cather, you know that food factors in all her books and the recipes in the cookbook sort of followed along, leaving me nostalgic for those books I read in my teenage years in Iowa while growing up. Nothing would do but that I hauled them all out from my shelves, the library, and even a couple online to immerse myself in the prairie, etc. once again. It was so worth it. Fun that you also enjoy My Antonia. lol on Grandbaby and purchases...oh yeah!


Oh those sandals ROCK! You are right, some times you just have to have that pair of shoes. I've been there too. In fact, I have 2 pairs coming from Nordstom this week! Shoes, you gotta love them!


I grew up in Nebraska a few hours away from Willa Cather's home in Red Cloud. So 'My Antonia' was definitely required reading in high school. I re-read it again last year for a book discussion group at my library (in Pennsylvania) and loved it even more the second time around.

And may I recommend another book I just read, 'When We Were Strangers.' It's about a young woman's immigration from Italy to the United States, and is just a beautifully written book. Of interest to all of us is the main character's ability to earn her living through her needlework.


No comments about your new sandals - I'm not a shoe person. BUT the pork chops, just the way my mother made them, sans wine. Now I'm hungry for them. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Cahill

Love the sandals!

Lisa LeBlanc

Your sandals totally rock! I bought a pair of Tori Burch sandals two years ago..not sure what I was thinking..but love, love them and smile each time I wear them...Lisa in Texas

Stephani in TX

Hi Nicole,

Thanks bunches for your blog. I have just turned my computer back on to your blog. Such a welcome home and welcome back to where your brain was a week ago. We were in SoCal and leant our support to two parents now, moved from acute care to nursing centrs.

From feeling like "shot from a rocket" and then going to Nicole's sandals, cooking, quilts, etc. With humor, I say, thanks big for quilting and blog friends in both camps. Such relief. And omigod, Willa Cather to boot (required HS reading).

Talk to you later. Thanks for the promise of some good quilty reading.

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