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March 25, 2011



Those two fabrics were made for each other. I also really like Renee Nanneman fabrics - I have an almost finished top made using fabric from her Meadowsweet collection. I'm looking forward to getting back to it when Purple Passion is finally finished.
Enjoy your cutting day - hope you get some sun for the weekend.


I like to mix fabrics. Kits? Hmmm, I havent' takent them apart nor have I sewn them yet! ha!

I like to look at Teri Christopherson's (Black Mountain Quilts)quilts for scrappy inspritation. Her mix of colors and fabrics makes me happy!

I'm trying to mix fabrics for the Eventide QAL. I'm wondering now, if it can be "too" mixy. I'm a chicken. I just need to get sewing!


That red is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you are working in!!! I've never taken a kit apart, but I have added fabric to one before. In time, I'm sure I'll take a few apart though!


You are just amazing with what you crank out! Meanwhile I am hemming pants and ironing clothes! Love your blog and love your inspiration! I can't wait to see this latest project - love the red and the background.


I do the same as you. I'm amazed at how I can remember fabrics that are buried in my stash and can easily pull them and mix them with new additions or kits to add just the right zing!


I don't buy kits. Sometimes I will buy fat quarter bundles that a LQS has put together but even then it is never my intent to use them together. I think it's fun, kinda like being a painter, to mix and match different lines and designers to get YOUR look. But, I do understand the appeal of a kit. The biggest intimidation for beginning quilters is picking the right fabric. Toni


I have taken kits apart and used the intended fabrics for other uses I love that there are no official rules in my quilting world. I can do what I want with what I have. Another bright and sunny day here though this morning it's chilly -17C or 0 F.

Barbara Anne

What delicious fabrics! Do you mean that your new project will be ready for borders by next week??? You must be a quilt piecing wizard who can wave her wand or wiggle her nose and - PRESTO! - the quilt top is complete!

Yes! The scrappier the better in my book and I always mix and sorta match. Truth be told, I've never bought a quilt kit of any sort and I seldom buy more than 3 fabrics from any fabric line. My quilts are all one of a kind because that floats my boat. Just saying!

Happy weekend! Hope you see the sun.


Patty E

I've never purchased a kit. Often because I simply couldn't afford it at the time but usually it's because they have 1-2 fabric choices that don't appeal to my eye. I've built up quite a sizeable stash over the years buying a little here and there, so I can usually find comparable fabrics at home. This is not to say that I no longer buy new fabrics, heavens no. There are always new fabrics/patterns that manage to find their way into my stash. Besides, one must going shopping to find that perfect green/blue/yellow (you get the drift) to go with the other fabrics too. That's the fun part for me. I'm beginning to do more scrappy quilts (never seem to have enough of any one fabric - gosh I wonder why?)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The red fabric is THE BOMB!


I can already tell this is going to be one gorgeous quilt, Nicole! I love to mix and match different fabrics lines! However when it comes to how to store all those broken up lines...I'm still figuring it out!
I hope the sun peeks out for you soon!


That is one beautiful red fabric. Can hardly wait to see the finished / semi-finished product! I have never bought a kit - haven't been quilting long enough to warrant buying a kit. Besides, choosing my own fabric is what I love. It can sometimes be frustrating, though, when I can't find what is in my mind's eye.


OMG Nicole !

I just love that read fabric :-D You are such a tease. I can't wait to see what you are up to now. Anything with these 2 fabrics is going to be nothing but GORGEOUS! HAVE FUN !

Deb A

I buy kits that I really like, and I buy single fabric. Normally don't buy a lot of fabric out of one specific line, but some people do, and to each their own. When I buy kits it's because I really LOVE the sample and why recreate the wheel when they've already completed it for me? Can hardly wait to see what you create, the fabric is BEAUTIFUL!


I don't buy many kits, and I'd be afraid that if I took something out of it,when I actually went to make the kit, I wouldn't be able to figure out any fabric to take its place!!


I just discovered Renee's fabrics and love them! They have a reproduction feel, but go equally well in any quilt. I'm totally oggling the red and can't wait to see what you make. PS - I have tons of kits, some I put together from manufacturer specs and others in pristine wrappers waiting to be back in the day when I had money I had to buy a little of every fabric in each line. My pocketbook (and brain) stopped that when I had tons of fabric and no project to match my yardage. Although one can never have too much French General, just saying :)


lol at "This fabric is meant to be part of a kit, which I am notorious for breaking up."

I have only bought one kit in my quilting life and YES, I am saving it in it's pristine packaging. I bought it 3 yrs ago from Prairie Queens! ;0

Sun is coming out on Monday so hold on...hold on!

Diane Linford

My kits usually get made as is, although if enough time goes by, then it's all up for grabs any way I want to use it.

I had to laugh about your rain. One year when we were living in the Seattle area we had rain over 90 days straight. Yup, 90 days. That was a long winter.


Gorgeous red print! I like the Lilac Hill print, too. They're perfect together. Can't wait to see what you're up to.

I like mixing it all up, too. Using the same fabric line is convenient, but I think it looks more interesting when you throw in other fabrics.


I'm guessing you won't be surprised to read that I don't break up my kits and use the fabric for a different project. I do add fabric to my kits, there are always one or two that I swap out, but that fabric in that kit stays all bundled up until I make that kit! Isn't it funny, I find it a relief to have the fabric all picked out for me, and you find it fun to do it yourself! I should buy you a plane ticket to come to my house to select my fabric for my next 10 projects. Fabric selection, that's the hardest part of a project for me!

Appalachian Quilts

Love the Home to Roost fabrics. I can't wait to see what you are making with it. That is such an elegant red!!!!


Paula Zumaris

I planned to start my home to roost quilt that you helped me locate the material for in about one week. Now you are lighting the fire under me. I must finish a project first though. I did take a needle turn class,just enough knowledge to be dangerous! I a betting you have a quilt done before me, but nice to have someone to attempt to keep up with.

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