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March 28, 2011


Deb A

I always looking for ways to use my stash, because I have the tendency to buy new, and not use from my stash, and I have a HUGE stash. Waiting to see the book to see how it might help me use that stash. Thanks


Can't wait to hear and see all about Monique's new book!! How exciting! Her rulers changed my quilting life for the better!! I love her rulers so I know I'll love her new book too!

Barbara Anne

Oh, goody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen Monique's patterns or her rulers but will look for them.

I adore scrap quilts and I, too, have a healthy stash from which to choose fabrics. I also have 2 large drawers full of lovely fat quarters who do want to come out to play.

Happy sunshine!


Barbara Anne

me again ...

I forgot to say how much I love Thelma's Rising Star quilt and how much I'm looking forward to the blog tutorials!

Where is the "p.s." function that allows adding more to a post?!!

More hugs!

Sue Bennett

I always look forward to using up the stash. looking forward to the tutorials and the new book. The Rising Star is gorgeous. The greens and reds work well with that pattern

Christine Thomas

I recognize the pattern company now. I have a pattern and now need to go look to see what I have. This will be fun to watch the book tour for the month of April.


I purchased one of Monique's patterns that had the flying geese ruler with it. But since our move, I have been unable to locate either the pattern or the ruler :-( I am hoping it will turn up in a box somewhere.

Diane Linford

I can't wait to see what you all share about the new book.


Looking forward to the book tour. It sounds great. I've been eyeing my stash lately and looking for ways to use some of it up. I have the mini Fit to be Geese ruler and now I will have the incentive to try it out. Thelma's Olde World Stars quilt is absolutely beautiful.


I like the community of sharing on quilting blogs. We should always be kind to each other and assume nothing!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with fabric and quilting gadgets. I always take it as "advice" not an endorsement!

Looking forward to the book tour!

paulettte Doyle

Well said!!
Can't wait to see the new book and hear all about it!! Thanks for spreading the word!


I've actually seen you mention when a method isn't to your liking or if pattern instructions aren't clear, it's one of the reasons I trust when you say something is good. If it weren't, I know you'd tell us! So I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing about the new book. Her Fit to be Geese rulers opened a whole new world for me since I'd been scared of flying geese before. Now I keep looking for patterns to use them in! And yeah, my stash is calling out to me, in fact it's calling right now, it's so tempting... stupid job wanting me to work. :)


I LOVE Monique's Fit to Be Geese ruler and just ordered the her Fit to be Square! Can't wait to see the book - how fun that you and Lisa and Thelma will be on the book toor!


Looking forward to the book tour and getting through some of my stash! I love fat quarters but find it hard to use them up sometimes. Here's hoping you will help me with usual :) Thanks for not being on a payroll, but thinking you should be...I've bought lots of things based on your tips :)


You spend a significant amount of time "stunt sewing" for designers. What a honor. I, personally, have no qualms with a designer gifting you with some fabric, patterns, books, or even money for that matter. They make money designing the products and the samples need to be made. You are willing to help them get their wonderful designs to market. It seems to be a good exchange. I know you wouldn't sew for someone who's work you didn't appreciate.


Oh this book sounds right up my ally! It's all about using my stash now. I love Thelma's quilt. You both make wonderful quilts. Look forward to the book tour.


Nicole! I'll put you on my payroll to say nice things about me!! ;0

Listen, your blog is lovely and authentic. Don't let someone with a chip on their shoulder make you feel like you have to constantly declare your unbiased opinion. :)


Nicole, I am thrilled for you when you get a gift from Carrie or anything any other designer wants to throw your way - even if it's just a compliment. I am cheering you on from the sidelines. And I love your quilts; they are inspiring. Keep up the good work, and the bloggers with their negative comments can only be jealous or insecure.


I don't know what the big deal has been this week about "being on the payroll". I could care less if someone is paying you or giving you fabric or patterns. I'm smart - if something you are being paid to talk about appeals to me, I might buy it. Conversely, if it doesn't, I won't. I think the whole conversation going around the internet is stupid. Not sure if it's the "quilting is being dumbed down" conversation but that one is stupid too.


Great blog.Can't wait to see the new book. Will recommend to others.


Pu-leeeeze, you do not need to explain any more about your endorcements. Those of us that know you, know that they are from the heart, and not paid for! I for one so very much appreciate all the information about new products, fabrics, patterns, and techniques I can get. I don't get to classes often and am not around quilters that much so you are my "school"! Keep up the good work!!!! Can't wait to see the book!!!

Becky in Georgia

Great news that Monique has a book coming out! Looking forward to the month blog tour in April!

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