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March 14, 2011


Barbara Anne

Love your sweet itty bitty Onsies! Just imagine the soft cuddly little Someone who will wear them!!! Your embroidery stitches look perfectly fine to me.

How exciting that your home is again on the market and may it sell this time, as quickly as you need it to, and for the price you want - or let their be a bidding war so you get even more!! Good luck finding where you stashed all the bits and pieces.

I'm looking forward to seeing Eventide and your embroidery piece from class. Love the bag you made for your son, too.



Those onesies are so cute! And the bag for Ahren looks really nice too. Can hardly wait to see your progress on Eventide.


Onsies are darling!! Oh my goodness, just precious!! I saved the girls first onesies because they were tiny little preemie ones and they were still big on the girls! LOL! My favorite onsies were Carter brand, btw. I just really liked them best.

Hope you sell your house super fast!!! Can't wait to see your Eventide progress! The shop just called me and mine is finally in from being on backorder!! I should be starting mine soon.


I saw your tutorial for the zipper technique on the bags. Love it! I have bought the pattern and am spending way too much time making bags. I love how you are adapting the pattern, too.

The Onsies are so cute! Your grandbaby is so blessed to have a creative grandma.

All the best on the house-selling. It is hard work and I hope it pays off.


Oh wow open houses and realtors. You did good. Just hope no one wants to look inside closets ;-D I hope things move quickly on selling your home. Very cute embroidery.


Beautiful embroidery! We had friends who were selling their house that kept a few empty moving boxes in the garage to throw extra items in before they had a showing. I thought that was a good idea :-) I've also heard that people toss things in the dryer, now that I have a front loader that might look strange, depending on what was in it :-)


I love your zippered bags. I like making those too.
Good luck with the house. It's so much work to keep a house up to snuff for selling!

Judy C in NC

Oh No - we are getting ready to list our house, but selling ourself so will have some control. I will hate not being functional in "my room." Those onesies are a wonderful idea. Great job. Judy C.


Good luck on the sale of your house. I found staying busy with hand work helped me when we were selling last time. The boxes in the garage sound like a good idea too lol. Aren't having girls coming fun!!!!


I feel your pain...once upon a time when moving house the agent gave me 1/2hr notice he was bringing people through my house. With 2 girls under four I went into panic mode and hid mess everywhere including the boot of the car!!
Love your onesies and LOVE your blog...its one of my favourites!
Krystena <3


The onesies are just too cute! Good luck with selling your house!


Your embroidery work is wonderful, imaginative and all free-hand! Welcome to the fold!

Kat Stewart

I have a new grandbaby... maybe I could embroider a couple of onesies... did you use a hoop for them?


I love the onesies. And the stitching looks great. It looks a lot better then my self taught embroidery.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sweet onesies.


Those onesies are adorable, absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see them on the wearer!

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