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March 29, 2011



We've got a whole week fo finish! Good luck! I know I'll need it!

Diane Linford

I love your final fabric choice, and I love the red side borders. They really add pizazz.


Your Eventide is just gorgeous Nicole !

I just LOVE your choice of fabrics. Looking forward to seein it completed next week . You can do it :-D

Barbara Anne

You can get Eventide finished in a week, wizard that you are! It's lovely!


Sandy (Strlady)

You can do it!!! It is just so lovely. I can't wait for next Tuesday. So many gorgeous quilts to be displayed... Yummy.
BTW: I started my Elizabeth. Drop by my blog to see the progress. I'm so excited about it!


I LOVE what I see so far!!!


I know you'll get it finished in time. The scrappy borders are a snap. Penultimate is one of my favorite words too :)

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