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April 20, 2011


Mary Kastner

Now that is one cute baby quilt! Many quilts are good. The 11 month old granddaughter loves her quilts. She just sits on them and smiles. (Very gratifying I must say!). Have a great day Nicole!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas

Awwwwwww... Now, that IS cute!!!! Having a granddaughter is soooo special. Do you think you will spoil her???? Of course not...


No, I have NEVER seen anything so cute! I don't think you could make an ugly quilt using Bliss, but I think you found a really adorable pattern for the baby's room. I love it.


Too cute!


OK...those are REALLY cute!


That pattern is so cute for a baby...and Bliss is the perfect choice for fabric! I agree about Bonnie & Camille's knack of coming up with great designs! I'm looking forward to their newest line that is supposed to be out soon!

Debbie Berenato Samuelson

OH MY GOSH! I love it :) Adorable!



Lisa D.

Those blocks are adorable! I love BLISS!


Now how cute is that??!! Perfect for a new baby. Only thing is, I am a hand applique person and would never use glue - yikes!


absolutely adorable !! . . . love it !!

and yes . . . I will be buying all their fabrics from now on too . . . I still have a layer cake of Bliss that I haven't cut into . . .


Love it! Yes, Bliss is perfect! I'm going to make a small simple baby quilt out of Bliss charms for my new niece! Everyone needs a little Bliss!

Helen in Switzerland

Oh Nicole - it's GORGEOUS!! Isn't Bliss just the best fabric collection!!I'm still saving mine - it's too nice to use!!


Very sweet!


So so cute and adorable. Such fun we get to see it all.


That is one of the most delightful baby quilts I have seen! I can tell your not at all excited about this baby *wink*. When is she due? Hugs...

Diane Linford

So cute!

Remember that you will need a quilt or two at your house for when the baby is visiting. So you can never have too many quilts for this baby.

PamE - Las Vegas

That baby quilt is going to be waaaaaay too cute! Just love the pattern and your fabric selection.

nancy, near philadelphia

omigosh. spectacular.

Sue Bennett

That is just adorable. I love it and I love Bliss. Just Awesome..


Heh heh heh, I knew that Sweet Little Blossoms pattern would be cute when you showed it last week! To use the Bliss line for it looks like a perfect match. How fun that it is going together so nicely. Your little Princess Granddaughter will love it!


OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! that. is. darling!!!! oh nicole, you have inspired me... i may have to do this quilt!


Very cute pattern! Seems simple enough but like it will take a lot of blocks to make even a baby quilt. Good thing you are loving all the fabrics and enjoying yourself thoroughly creating quilty love, beauty and warmth for your granddaughter!

Richelle in TX

Someone took the words out of my mouth. Absolutely adorable!!! What a lucky baby!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Now this is charming. One of the cutest baby quilts yet.

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