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April 20, 2011



This is just adorable Nicole!

Karin @ Quilt Frenzy

cute cute cute cute KEY-YUTE!


Gash - that is one of the cutest blocks I've seen in a long time, Nicole! Grammy is certainly having a lot of fun :>)


oh my goodness!! It is adorable!!!


Again a very cute pattern and a lovely work.


Gorgeous! I've put this on my 'will do one day' list! I particularly love the red and white fabric you used in the step by step photos...I'm off to find a FQ of it for my red and white quilt.


That is the cutest quilt! I have to get the pattern. If you love will absolutely love Bonnie & Camille's new line Ruby even more...

Sinta Renee

Very cute pattern- I love Laundry Basket patterns:) This one will be a great baby quilt!


If the quilts don't "go" in the baby's room, they can still be used. They don't always have to match! One to keep in their car with the rest of the emergency supplies. Also, I'm sure you will be getting a crib and all to keep at your house so you'll need them there as well. I love Bliss!! Our local quilt guild had a Bliss challenge. Everyone loves that fabric.


Oh, such a sweet baby quilt. And you really can't go wrong using Bliss. I think it is my all-time favourite collection. As for all your other quilts. One can never be too rich or have too many quilts, baby or not.


I don't know what I like better, the block pattern or the fabric??!! Both SO cute!!

I'm 'saving' my Bliss FQ bundle for me. ;0


Love the Bliss fabric. I am just about finished with a quilt from a Miss Rosie book and I'm using Bliss. I'm down to the piano key border and I'm not having fun with it. This will be my second finish with Bliss and I think I still might have enough to try the baby quilt. It is too cute!


Bliss is perfect! Love how the little block goes together. Very sweet.


So So Cute!


How stinking cute!!! I love that fabric and have been drooling over it everytime you use it. Lucky baby is right! Now you have to make a coordinating diaper bag for mom :) Also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOu!!!!! For my fabulous prizes...they are so gorgeous and I can't wait to make something out of them You are way too kind beyond words and generous to boot, just some of the reasons why I always enjoy your blog! Thanks again! Anita. PS - I wanted to send a formal card but threw away your address by mistake :(


That IS really cute! I fell in love with red & Aqua after following Camile's blog..I'm gonna try to add a pic or link so u can see my aqua & red quilt...
Ok, I cant get it to copy & paste here..Its on my blog

Quilter Kathy

Adorable...perfect fabric choice and cute pattern!


OH Nicole I love It I should try it Still no granddaughter yet still Waiting she it taking her time LOL.
Hugs Mary.


Noticed this yesterday. Had to come back and say how much I love this!


Yep You are right!! These little blocks are adorable! Makes me want to order the pattern and make some myself...(I have a grandbaby due any day and another one due in Sept. :)) May just need to make this quilt! :) Nicole, I really enjoy stoppping by your blog to see all the things you are sewing. Your photos are great and you are very inspriational and encouraging.
I hope you have a great Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of the Lord.

Barbara Anne

How sweet this little blossoms quilt is! Well done Grammie!

Is there any chance the nursery will be done in neutrals so these colorful, cute quilts you've made can be on every wall? Yes, this is one lucky baby, indeed!


Deb A

OH, how cute! I have a bunch of Bliss fabric and an 8 month old granddaughter, so maybe she needs ANOTHER quilt, she already has 4!

Becky in Georgia

Great pattern! I've not heard of this designer. Thanks for the link to her website. I've already taken a look.


Ack! Love it!! Love!

Laila Kristin Skauge

That is just sooo cute! I've been playing with my Bliss fabrics lately too, and I just love them :o)
Looking forward to see your quilt when it's finished :o)

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