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April 11, 2011


Kim Juilfs

I just purchased the Angler Two and have used it just a few times. You are right--It is such a time saver! I always love a good tutorial and your's was great!

Barbara Anne

Great tutorials and now I need an Angler 2! Thanks for the great photos and explanations.

I've often used the "quick corner" method but what I learned to do before the SNIP (scissors), is to sew another seam toward the corner and 1/2" from your first seam. SNIP halfway between the two stitching lines, and your corner triangles that were to be cut away and now half square triangle units! These are perfect for mini quilts and for the Alzheimer's itty bitty quilts. They're also cute!


Barbara Anne

Oh, where is the edit function so I can fix a typo??

Make that "SNIP halfway between the two stitching lines, and your corner triangles that were to be cut away ARE now half square triangle units!"



I love my angler device too. Now the squaring ruler has me intrigued


Thanks for a great tutorial - I must dig out my angler and use it the next time I am making blocks.


Thank you Nicole, another great tutorial and for the comment on my blog. The ruler I demoed really does make trimming half square triangles so much faster and easier and more accurate, I hope you will give one a try.
The angler tool is a great idea, another thing to my want list!


Great tutorial! Love The Angler! It really does make things so much easier!


I have wondered about how the Angler worked, and didn't really "get it" until this post. I don't have one, but seem to be doing more quilts that require short corners or HSTs, and I do get tired of repeatedly drawing that line!


It's so nice to know I'm doing it exactly right. I have the angler and love it. Thanks for a great tut on making a perfect hst!!

Butterfly George

Great explanation.......and beautiful new pattern......can't wait to see more.

Pat C in Washington

Oh boy! Another gizmo! I love gizmos :D


Thanks NIcole, I own the angler 2 and never could figure out how it was supposed to attatch to the sewing machine. I don't remember anything in the directions that say tape it down. duh, I have owned it for a number of years and it sits unused in a drawer someplace. I will have to get out my tape and use it! sew simple! thanks again. Lizzie


Oh I was so hoping you'd talk about hte Angler with this because I have an issue using mine and I want to get past it so I can make some of these fabulous quilts (and some of the Kim Brackett ones and snowball ones and on and on) I'm beginning to get friendlier with my Angler II but I still have an issue with the first corner in. The last one I can keep on the line no problem but the first corner in I never seem to hit the same place twice. Sometimes I'm right on the corner, sometimes not. As always the best fix is to slow down and watch what I'm doing more carefully :) But do you have any other tidbits of advice?

Janelle J

Good tutorial. I love my angler too - everybody should have one! Your piecing must be perfect!

paulettte Doyle

Thanks for the tutorial!! Love it!

Sandy (Strlady)

I am loving that block and very excited about the quilt your working one. It's going to be so wonderful! I know you are not affiliated with The Angler company so I'm going to make another recomendation (I hope you don't mind)...

I used to own the Angler (still have it some place) but I found that the whole taping it onto the machine was a pain for those of us that have the drop in bobbin. Everytime I had to change the bobbin I had to pull it all apart. I was at a quilt show one day and at the Bernina booth there was a lady that had a similar device on the extension table of a machine. It was a film that stuck to the clear table and could peeled off like vinyl. It's called Clearly Perfect Angles by New Leaf Stitches (no affiliation at all - just a very happy customer). Now, when I run out of bobbin I just peel the front of the film up, make the change and then lay it back down. Soo easy and time saving.

For those that don't have a little extension table... Do a Macgyver and use a 1/2" of masking tape. I had to resort to this once when I was at a retreat and had forgotten my extension table with my Clearly Perfect Angle tool. I drew a line down the center of the 1/2" tape and trimed it so I could use the edges or the center line to make my HST.
Here is the blog post so you can check out the pictures of my Macgyver moment...


Thanks for the great tutorial. My quilting instructor (from whom I took my beginner sampler class) had one of those on her machine. It was a little too expensive for me, but I can definitely see the advantages!


Case in point. This is why we love your blog. We always learn something useful and you explain it so well. I keep saying, you should teach at a quilt shop!!

Paula Zumaris

Thanks for the tutorial. I have one of those plastic sheets and have yet to use it. Maybe this will spur me on.


Great tutorial, Nicole! I've not seen that square-up ruler - I think it's begging to be added to my gadget collection!


Great tutorial Nicole. I would love to have an Angler but my machine base is curved just enough that it prevents me from using it. I'm thinking maybe I could use a wide strip of the blue 'Painters Tape' and draw the three lines I need for your method. It won't look great but I'm hoping it will do the job because your method would be such a time saver!

I love your fabric choices too, just gorgeous!


AWESOME!! Now where do I find these two tools??!! ;0


I have the Precision Trimmer 6" block ruler and really like it! The markings are very simple and is easier to use for trimming than the ruler I use for cutting.

Sandie ~call me crazy

Great post! Thanks for all the info!~ I love your block~ your quilt is going to be gorgeous! Have a happy day!


It's been so long since I've worked on any quilts! My heart is drawn to making some and I think I'd better check my supplies and go shopping! Thank you for the tutorial and for the info about the tools you used. Wish I could head to the quilt shop right now. It will have to wait for another day or two. Thanks for the inspiration.

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