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April 14, 2011


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thanks Nicole. This is what I was talking about when I said what I like about your blog! It's precision that make a quilt sing!

Karen L.

I use lots of pins. One of my frustrations is having the ends of the pieces not meet any more at the end of the stitching. If I
spend a lot of time with my seam ripper, I get frustrated and then the project is moved to the bin of the unknowns forthwith!
Karen L.


Yes, pinning is a must for perfect piecing!!


Great lesson today Nicole! I really need to find some of those U shaped pins, I've never seen them here but I'll be in the states next month and hunting for them!!


I first read about U pins here...and I RAN to the quilt shop for a box!! They are everything you describe and everytime I use them I am amazed at the p-e-r-f-e-c-t seam abutment they produce! (I may or may not sit and admire the results in awe)!!

Helen in Switzerland

I love this pattern Nicole, but I think all those matching points would probably drive me completely loopy! I guess I'll have to wait until I'm feeling very strong for this one!!


Thank you for the tutorial and such clear photos. I must get some of those u pins! One question, when do you remove the pins or do you sew over them?


Thanks for another great tutorial. Those U shaped pins do look like they help tremendously. Now I have to go look at Lisa's blog.


My friend calls me the queen of pinning! I use lots!!!


I so agree with you on pinning, Nicole! I just love seeing my seams match up perfectly! Great tutorial!


I too dislike the "seams flipping" when stitching on the sewing machine - sew will be looking for the U-pins when next travel to shop at the "big city" cloth store. Your tutorial is wonderful - for such a complicated block.

Barbara Anne

Great tutorial Nicole! Thanks! I've gotten some U shaped pins since I saw how you use them but have not had occasion to use them yet.



Those kinds of seams tend to make me nuts! I'm so glad you've broke it down for us. I've gotta find me some of those pins.

Sue Bennett

Thanks for the great tips for putting these seams together. I just got some of the U pins.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole,I appreciate your help with pinning. I knew how to find the right spot, but not how to properly pin. I will also keep trying to use my u pins.


Great tutorial, but I too had a question on when to take the pin out. Sometimes it seems I take it out too soon and lose my "sweet spot". Do you just go over them? Thanks!

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