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April 19, 2011


Sandy E

Nicole, that will be a wonderful sewing studio. A pressing station, cutting area and storage, storage and more storage.
That is what I would want. Plus a comfortable chair or loveseat and a lamp for hand sewing and relaxing. Look at what you have now that can be re-purposed.

Sandy A

I'd love to win this book! Thanks for the great reviews and the beautiful quilts you have featured!


Thankyou so much for the chance to win the book. Just love all that scrap and using fat quarters provides plenty of that. To have the rulers too would be wonderful.
Just love the workshop and so love the smell of wood.
Your studio is going to be great:-).

Andee Neff

Thanks for the chance!


Congratulations on your new home and studio! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I would definitely make sure the cutting table is at the right height - that can make such a difference. I'm sure you have a large design was in your plans Nicole!


Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. My flying geese do not fly in a neat formation! Would enjoy using the book and rulers to make one of the fantastic quilts in Fat QUarter Winners!

Janelle J

Along with many...Ikea is awesome. I have it in my sewing room and totally love it. I actually have it in a lot of places in my house. It's reasonably affordable and it's sturdy. Have fun.


I LOVE Ikea! When I redo my craft/quilt room I am going to order from Ikea. My father has worked in the custom cabinet industry for years and while custom cabinets are cool, they cost way more, going with Ikea you can get the same great look yet have cash left over for fabric. Lots and lots of fabric!


Here's what I did initially in my sewing --- I left it just as it was and just set my machine up on a table and sewed. Then I began to really get a good feel of the room, the light and how I wanted to set it up. Since my room was small, I have wheels on my cutting table and sewing cabinet and I love that I can move both. Anyway, so happy for your new chapter! What an exciting time full of blessings! Can't wait to see your finished studio some day!


OH I would Love Love Love to win Please count me in.
Hugs Mary.

Karen Beigh

I like the design on the cover of the book. Something I would like to make.

Mary Flynn

IKEA has some wonderful things to help a quilt studio along and for inexpensive. My cutting table is actually a kitchen cabinet that sets at the right height and 12 very handy drawers for "stuff" and we all know we collect stuff. LOL

Deb A

Would love to have a copy of the book and the rulers. Would go the Ikea route...amazing space you'll have when it's done...jealous!


I would be sure to incorporate a desk area for your computer. Be sure to have lots of electrical outlets if you don't already have them. Flexibility is key so that you can move things around as you work in the space and see how you use it. Congrats on having the studio! Love the book and would love to have it.

Jeanine C

Hi Nicole,

I love IKEA furniture. My favorite piece is the Varde Counter Storage unit. I use it for my cutting table and storage for my fat quarters. I also have bookshelves from IKEA and am just as pleased. Either way you choose, I'm sure it's going to be fabulous.


Nobody can have too many quilting books that focus on one cut of fabric, and fat quarters will always be #1 in my heart. The quilts from the book look great, and any specialty rulers make our quilting days easier.
Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.
Sorry I can't give any recommendations re: a quilting studio. I sew on my dining room table :(


Great to have your own studio. Thanks for sharing with us. It will be exciting to see how your new home comes along.

Nancy E

It it is going to be wonderful to have such a nice quiltroom! I have a large room, but no cabinets or built-in shelves so can't offer any suggestions. Your Monique post have been fun to read. I have some of her patterns, but don't have any of her rulers so it would be fun to win some. Her new book looks like a great one.


Your new quilting space is going to be wonderful no matter how you decide to go with the storage space. I could get into some serious bird house building and other woodworking projects myself in that wonderful shop. I'd probably have to keep it and build another quilt shop next to it, LOL. I have all the saws!!! Inherited many of them from my dad and hubby has purchased a few. Your right, it is the cleanest wood shop I have EVER seen, wow! Great interview yesterday too Nicole and thanks for a chance in your giveaway. Hugs...

Irma M

I know I'm not supposed to be but I am envious that you are getting such a wonderful quilting studio. I just know you will enjoy it so much.


This book looks great and the rulers sound awesome too. I'd love to win!

Congrats on your new home and new studio place and I agree...that is the neatest workshop I've ever seen!


Thoughts about a quilting studio ....I wish I had one. Currently my son's 2 bedroom closets serve as my storage area, my dining room table as my sewing table and the floor is my design wall.


I'm in the process of reorganizing my sewing room, too. I'm ready to get the ironing "center" done and get going on some projects...I feel like it's taken forever! Thanks for a chance to win the book!

Anne Cevat

I never did this, but for every thing there is a first time. I would love to win the book it looks stunning. I am a traditional quilter and live in the Netherlands. Hope to win.

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