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April 19, 2011


Shelley dionne

Go Ikea! then you can sew in your new room sooner!! I would to have a copy of this new book. I've so enjoyed the tours too :)

Sallee from NH

A great view from your sewing table is my suggestion. Being able to look up and out a window is good for your eyes - and you can keep tabs on what is happening outside while you work away in your dream space! I look forward to your posts about designing your studio.
Thanks for offering the FQ Winners book and rulers for your giveaway. I like rulers!

Stephani in TX

This room is going to be so fun for you in your turned-over life Nicole. Good luck on your move and your room design; looks like plenty of space for your stitching. Leave a corner for grandbaby's playthings. Thanks for thinking of us with the drawing for the new book and rulers.


My sewing room is pretty scrappy, extra book shelfs, unwanted dresser etc. I can't wait to see how you set up your new space.


You're so lucky to have such a nice space for your studio. My "studio" is a 9 X 11 room in the basement with no windows. It does have a finished ceiling and walls but no room for storage or a cutting table. That's all in another room in the basement. Have fun putting your dream room together.

Valerie Zuleewski

Your sewing room is going to be incredible! I made one of my spare bedrooms my sewing room and just love it! One thing to keep in mind, you can never have too many outlets! My room does not have enough so keep this in mind when doing your re-modeling! Thank you for a chance to win! Can't wait to see the final reveal!


How fun to have your own space. As a previous IKEA employee many moons ago, I would suggest their cabinets! They are very versatileans come in so many sizes and colours. Look at the wardrobe and kitchen cabinets. Take your room dimensions and wish list and they will help design your storage space. I have enjoyed the book tour, but I would really enjoy my own copy and the rulers would be a bonus!!!

Sandy (Strlady)

I would love to have a studio to re-decorate. I think in my next house I will be making a room into a studio. I think the next house will be my last until retirement so I can splurge.
I would go with IKEA. I think I would go that route so I can have the flexibility of changing my mind. If I want to change things up a bit i can just move things around. I also recommend paying attention to Height and Light. I think that we don't tend to forget the height part just because everyone talks about it, but lighting is so very important too. I don't want to place a cutting station in a low lit area and I won't put my fabrics in direct sunlight, so when you are designing the layout of your room pay attention to those windows and replace that lightbulb with something that will provide better light. Good Luck and thanks for taking us on this journey with you.


Once you think you have enough shelving .... add more! (learned this the hard way)


Congratulations on your new house. You're going to have a great time putting this all together.

My two cents regarding the sewing room is figure out the lighting first, and then design the rest of the room around that. To me, good lighting makes or breaks a quilting room, although it sounds like you have lots of natural light in that space. My sewing room, which is just an average size bedroom, has three sets of track lights, plus a center light that has seven bulbs. I love it - I can get a suntan in there if I want. But the light makes it such a pleasure to be in there. Maybe that wouldn't make such a difference in California, but a Wisconsin winter is so dark to begin with, the light is a requirement.

Also, I would like a wood floor in a sewing room. I currently have carpet, but if I was starting from scratch, I'd do a wood laminate floor.

The Ikea cabinets sound like a good idea. I've heard a lot of good things about them.

A good sturdy pressing station is really important, too. I love my Big Board on top of a cabinet - it's much better than an ironing board.

I can't wait to see what you do with your new space! Thanks for having the giveaway.

Sherry V.

I love multi-fabric quilts and this book would be a terrific addition to my library. Been away so I'll have to catch up on the fun of your latest adventure.

Ginny Worden

Nicole, the only recommendation I can make for a sewing room, is make it work for you. I have tried sewing in friends sewing workshops and find myself trying to change it to my set up. We are all creatures of habit. Have fun !


I am sooo jealous of you getting to plan and do all of this! I would go with Ikea, they have some great stuff. What fun!! I'd love to win the book and rulers, too.


I love fat quarters! They are such a fun way to build my stash. Your new quilting studio is going to be great. Love all of the open space! I would definitely go with the IKEA cabinets! I have IKEA products in my quilt/craft room and love them.


It looks like a great book and I have tons of fat quarters!

I have a couple of those PAX wardrobes from Ikea with pull out wood drawers - I just love them - they are so big and the drawers pull out completely. One has the doors on it and one does not. I could probably use about 5 of them though!


What a great place for your studio! Anne Sutton, Heather Peterson & Carrie Nelson have all shown detailed pix of their studios recently. It would be worth it to take a peek at their blogs for inspiration! Light & height do sound like good advice! I spotted Thelma's Horn table last year and immediately had to have one! Oh, boy! It's right up there with fork pins in my opinion!! Love 'em both!

Wendy P

Congratulations on your upcoming awesome design studio! My first question is: what color for the walls? I know a lot of people stick with white, but I love the True Turquoise I painted in my sewing room (which is the grandson's room for the foreseeable future.) If there is a color you find energizing and inspirational, you might want one wall at least of that.

You should do whatever your budget allows for storage.


Morning Nicole, Please sign me up for the great book. Lizzie!


I am working on the redo of my sewing area. I ordered IKEA cabinets because I can move things around, add a piece, replace something...once I am actually working in the space... without a huge cost and major regret for mistakes. I look forward to watching your project develop and further refining my space.
I'd love to win this book and the rulers. Thanks for the giveaway.

Richelle in TX

I have seen several studios done up with the Ikea premades and they are gorgeous! You couldn't go wrong with either decision. You will have a ton of fun! Enjoy your new adventure!


I can't wait to see what you do with your new quilting space. I've been enjoying the blog tour on Monique's new book, too. You ladies are so talented.


My hubby would be drooling all over the place looking at that wood working shop, LOL! He has a lot of hobbies and never enough space.

It will be so much fun for you to convert that space and organize it just to your liking. Thanks for offering this great give-away and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Butterfly George

What fun Nicole to start from the begining. I have a spare room for my sewing and cutting but I mostly use it for storage as I like to sew in the living room and hear my dh and the tv while there. I would suggest that if you build a cutting area or layout area (ie island) that you put it on castors or wheels and have it cut or measured to your comfort level....In our quilting group we have legs that we can add to our regular large tables that are removable and add to the height of the table which makes it very nice for cutting etc. My dh made some for my table (portable folding) out of pvc and what a difference...luv luv luv it
anyway enjoy all the processes.


I will be very happy to win this book !


Hi Nicole: So, some of us are lucky enough to have a room in our house dedicated to quilting but an entire separate studio...? I say go with IKEA and use the money you save for more fabric. The cubby hole units they sell are great for storing bins holding an entire project together. I bought a couple of 8 foot tables from Staples for pinning and basting. Some of those leg booster thingys from the bath store raises them to a comfortable level for that purpose. (I ordered the tables on line, the delivery guys even set them up for me and took the empty boxes with them). Such pleasure awaits you with all you are anticipating. What fun!!!

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