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April 19, 2011


Denise in PA

Monique's book looks great - I've loved seeing all the sneak peeks! And I don't have any of her rulers, so I'd love to win. Thanks for the chance!


Hi Nicole,
I'd love to win book and rulers, but I'm buying them very soon, anyway! How exciting to get a new studio; I'm green with envy. I used an Ikea wardrobe and added basket drawers for my fabric collection. I have hundreds of yards of fabric in 11 baskets in one deep wardrobe unit. It works so well, and has doors to protect fabric from sunlight. Have a great time with planning and implementing studio ideas!


Monique Dillard's book looks wonderful. So does the quilting studio. Good luck Nicole!

Cindy DeUnger

Would love to have a copy of the book and the rulers. Can't wait to see your new quilting space


Thanks for the giveaway! I love fat quarters and have plenty of them to play with :)

That workshop is amazingly clean, I agree--kind of what I think Norm Abrams' looks like. Me, I'd go with ready made cabinets though if you have to assemble them yourself it might be more time-consuming than you planned.


oh I'm so excited for the chance to win the book AND tools!

I've never remodeled, I live in an apartment where I'm not allowed to so much as hang a shelf, but you've got a great space to play with there!


Your book tour has been wonderful, Nicole! And I'm so excited for your new studio! My only suggestion is to get as much space as you possibly can - and you've done it! My space is tiny and efficient, but I would love to wave a magic wand and double the size!!


I purchased two large six-foot white cabinets at OSH for my sewing room. They each have two doors that open to three shelves, although you could add more shelves. They also have one large and three narrow drawers and all the doors/drawers have decorative fronts with silver handles. I love them and they are made really well. I even put one together myself!!! On my walls I have hanging cabinets that I purchased at Home Depot. They each have three flat white doors with two shelves inside. I have room in my sewing room for four of the wall units and they hang over my tables. My tables are just stock tables I purchased at Office Depot. I bought curtain rods to hang on the front of them and plan on making skirts to hang from them to hide all my other stuff. Right now I can't afford custom sewing tables and I like the height of these tables, which is 28 1/2". All these pieces were really reasonably priced. My splurge was a cutting table that hubs bought me from our local quilting store. It is just the right height so my back doesn't go out! I'll send you pictures. I did a post on it but don't remember when it was....

I don't know if you read it, but I suggested a Dutch door for your sewing "cabin". I think that would be just darling. Oh, that and a flat screen television! You are going to have so much fun putting it together. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Thanks for the chance to win. :)


You lucky girl. That is going to be an amazing space. You might want to check out Alicia Paulson's blog,
and go into her archives of August 2010, she redid her sewing studio and used a lot of Ikea stuff so maybe that will give you some ideas.

Elaine P

Just don't forget during the planning stage to set aside a little bit of space for the baby equipment/toys you will need to entertain your precious new grandbaby. To save a ton of money, I'd go with the Ikea cabinets. Saved dollars could then go toward a long-arm quilting machine later on. Good luck Nicole.


Looking forward to seeing your studio. Thanks for the giveaway. I have some IKEA pieces in my quilting room and they have been very useful.


What a great time you have ahead of you! And how envious are we who sew in converted bedrooms!! Also, really love the book. I'm really enjoying watching the new versions progress.


Oh to have a studio! Ikea is great, go with it. Thanks for the chance to win a great book.


I would love to win the book and set of rulers, which I promise to share. As for the posted garage and woodworking spaces - they are cleaner than my house. It looks like they are brand new and no one has stepped foot into them. Makes me want to move and start all over again.


Go buy the book on setting up a studio. I have heard the author speak and I own the book, it is excellent. Gives you lots to think about. It shows you how to map out your room on graph paper, HUGE help when buying furniture for your studio. I opted for the wire baskets under my cutting table. I also love having my laptop in my sewing room,


What a wonderful give-away. I would love to win the book and rulers ! I recently finished converting 1 of my bedrooms into a quilt studio / office. I bought all of my cabinets & counter at home depot. I just love all of my drawers and cabinets to keep me organized.

Helen in Switzerland

Hi Nicole,
I think I'd go with IKEA if their cabinets are nice. I bought some from them years ago for my sewing cubby hole and I still like them. What I wish I had and don't? Three things - a very large table for cutting out, a design wall and space for a long arm machine....maybe in my next life. Oh and I'm also a believer in making things cosy!


The author is Lois L. Hallock, just look her up online and you will see her two books.


I am in envy of your new space! What fun to plan, and then see it come to life. I have no advice to give...I'm lucky to have a small room for my quilting space!


I think I would go with Ikea, Nicole. It would be much faster and probably less costly. And they have such a wide variety of storage and shelving. You could then get into your sewing room/studio as soon as possible. I find the more shelves you have the better. Especially a small area where you can put a few projects that you might be working on in a day. My sewing room is small so my ironing board usually becomes that shelf. I also like my cutting table in front of a window.

Julie in WA

Sorry, I can't help with the design process. My sewing room is in my dining room. I do have a large Koala cabinet that shuts up nicely if I want to have people over to dinner. (HA! like that ever happens!) We talked about adding on to the back of the house so I could have sewing space. But we decided to pay off the house first. You will have such a wonderful sewing space when it is finished! Have fun!

Cindy in NC

I recently got my own sewing/crafting space after waiting more than 30 years. I call it "The Tree Fort" because it's carved out of our third floor, walk-up attic and because it's the play space I always wanted, but never had, as a kid. The best part is the 42" x 72" x 36" work/storage table my husband made by stealing .. err.. copying an idea from Jodi at Pleasant Home. It's great for cutting, pinning long pieces, and laying out parts for assembly-line sewing. I send pics, but my camera is broken. Whatever you do be sure to leave space for the little one. Babysitting and quilting -- Heaven!

paulettte Doyle

I would LOVE to win this book!! I just bought a bunch of Civil War fabric and am looking for the PERFECT pattern....this book looks like it would hold such a pattern!! Love the cover quilt!!
Take care and I have my fingers cross...

Jan Smith

Since becoming a quilter, I've moved a couple of times. The cabinets that the carpenter makes are built-ins, and that meant that I had to start over in our current home. This time, the cabinets are freestanding pieces of furniture. We don't plan on moving, but they can go with if we do. These cabinets were unfinished pieces of furniture, and I'm very happy with them. IKEA makes great pieces, but they were too modern for our house.
Please post pics of your progress - it's loads of fun putting a sewing room together!
I've seen pics from this book, and the quilts look great, so I would love to have a copy:)

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