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April 22, 2011



Happy Easter! Hope you have a lovely time and that it's as warm as it is here in Anglesey today.

Barbara Anne

How nice of Thelma to make such cute coasters from so-appropriate fabrics for you and the other Eventide participants!

I thought the tan border was sewn onto the Rummy quilt. If it is not, I think a different color - black? - would set the quilt off in a stellar way.

Happy Earth Day and it's also our 39th wedding anniversary!!! I'm still sick and I sound like a frog. Bummer!

Clearly we need your recipe for Blueberry French Toast! Happy Easter!


Diane Linford

Have a lovely brunch. We too will be having a lot of family, but for dinner, and at my house. Traditional ham and potatoes, etc. It should be fun.


I'm glad you decided on different borders for that perfectly pieced quilt. Emphasis on perfectly.... WOW. And do you really have five sisters?


What a nice Easter! Sounds wonderful to spend the day with your family having all your favorite comfort foods!
The change of both borders will make you feel happy about the whole quilt! Take your time and find just the right fabric...just remember to show us when you do!
Happy Easter!


Darling coaster!!

Happy Easter, Nicole!!


Such a sweet idea for Thelma to make those coasters! They are adorable!

So....that means that there are 6 of you girls in the family? Wow, that sounds like fun to me, who is an only child.


You are fortunate to have such a wonderful friend in Thelma. Please post pictures of the Easter food! Maybe a recipe or two? The French Toast sounds divine.


Nice post! Happy Easter to you and your family.


Thelma is truly wonderful! Enjoy your Easter brunch!



Have a wonderful holiday with your family! ;0


OOO The Blueberry Fench Toast...I cant wait!!

(best part...but shh..dont tell the others)

jelly roll fabric

Lovely design you've got there. Happy Easter all!

Judy C in NC

Sounds like a very well-rounded and lovely brunch. Love the little coaster also. JudyC


Thelma is the best and it was an awesome sew along...but so are you!!! You were way generous with your prizes for your post and always great with advice and tutorials, so props to you too! Now we just need that blueberry french toast recipe...yum or how about the mimosa recipe..double yum!!! Happy Easter, Earth Day, Every day to anyone who celebrates :)


Nothing I like better than a good afternoon nap. Followed by a nice glass of cool white wine. Hope your family Easter brunch goes well. Your friend Thelma is the best. I love the little coaster she made you. It's just perfect.


Hurray for traditions! Those that evolve on their own are the bestest (as one of the kids said about my Christmas Eve macaroni pie).


Oh Nicole, what a lovely post, thanks so much. I'm thrilled you intend to use your mug rug until the end of time! Your posts were such a wonderful part of the sew along, between your fabric lesson and your quarter square triangle tutorial I don't know what we all would have done with out you. I refuse to do another sew along unless your in too.

Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Easter Weekend. Just think, next year it will be all about Easter dresses and bonnets for a perfect baby girl!


Thelma is the best ... she truly, truly is ... i love her to the moon and back again

Sandy E

Can you post the recipe for your french toast - sounds yummy. Happy Easter.

Laura Tawney

Happy Easter and what a wonderful thoughtful gift:)
Laura T

Paula Zumaris

Love that coaster!! I may have to try making some. Hope I can come up with some cute ideas! Happy Easter to all!


Oh darn wish I had read this post this afternoon. Dont have enough eggs. Sounds delicious! Have a wonderful Easter

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