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April 13, 2011


Kathy J

Poor Ozzie! He looks as if he is sporting a Fu Manchu (?) mustache. He needs a little silk kimono or karate gi to complete the look.

Barbara Anne

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Poor baby! Ozzie looks so cute - but don't tell him so as his feelings might be hurt.

Our Basset used to walk around forlorn if her collar was off. She loved her necklace!

Dogs are eloquent, aren't they?



Poor least he has so many beautiful quilts to curl up in while he waits to look like himself again :)


**Giggle**...Sorry Ozzie! I just blogged about my "little boy" and his haircut! Because of the shivering and shaking, I had to go buy a new sweater because I couldn't find ours! Poor pitiful puppies!


Poor Ozzie! My 2 Belgian Malinois do not need clipping so we do not have to deal with the aftermath. My Mom's Shnoodle (schnauzer-poodle) loves her clipping. She races around and dances cause she has been to the beauty parlor!

Aren't dogs just the best?


He looks like those old prints of older gentlemen in the Victorian Age, doesn't he? Very cute either way.


Poor Ozzy!! He looks so sweet! Dogs are so funny! My dad had a Cocker that acted just like that when he used to get haircuts! Sarge a
Ways acts a little fruity after a bath, but is back to normal fairly quick.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Poor Ozzie. You tell him that I think he's just as handsome as can be. Women like men with a few scars. Bless his heart. Sophie hates her grooming too, but she gets over it after a short session of pouting. Give Ozzie and hug for us.


Oh my, poor Ozzie. But he looks so beautiful when he is groomed. If he only knew.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas

Dogs have feelings, too! Our Yorkie acted like a princess after grooming, but the Jack Russell sulks and won't make eye contact after a bath. He will actually sit with his back to us and stare everywhere but at us... such an attitude!!!

Nancy Watkins

Poor Ozzie! He's still flippin' cute! I had a friend growing up whose Schnauzer would hide under the table for a few days after his hair cut. They must feel so naked.


Poor guy. He is quite the character.
At least he has you guilt ridden and might be able to scrap a few treats for his trouble? LOL!


Poor sweet Ozzie! I'm sure he's not over the 'funnel head' look and now you subject him to further 'humiliation' with a haircut?? WHAT is a dog to do? They sure know what they like and what's unacceptable, don't they?? the way...where is Sophie is all this and has she been kind to her brother??...just asking...


Dogs can be so funny! I hope he gets tired of feeling sorry for himself soon!


Ozzie is just so cute, I love all your posts about him. As for his behavior after his cut...We get the same treatment from our two Schnauzers after they are groomed, LOL. But Friskie has a heated bed now, for her arthritis and she lays in it with a blanket over her. Sadie just finds her favorite feather pillow to curl up on, also with a blanket over her. We stopped having them cut Schnauzer style years ago and just have them shaved down except for short eyebrows and short mustache and beard. Their 'pouting' only lasts a day or two, then they decide they feel much better, but we do have to cover them at night.

Susie Parr

Hi Nicole, you are the first person I have found blog hopping on quilt sites to have an Airedale like us. Ozzie looks very neat having been done. I know exactly the look you mean from Ozzie as Treacle, our Airedale, gives me the same look! I also manage to have her clipped and it turns really cold the next day. She has spent today curled up in a tiny ball as it is really cold here, after the weekend which was in the 70's. Can't win. Susie x


Oh Ozzie, you poor sweet boy. I like your blue sweater, and thank goodness your mama has all those lovely warm quilts around for you to snuggle up in!

LOL, he really does look like "how could you do this to me?"


Poor thing. My grandmother raised Kerry Blue Terriers and whenever they had a summer weather grooming they got the same look. Like you'd just put their dignity through the paper shredder. Keep an eye on your irons and shoes!


Ohhh, poor Ozzie. Maybe there is a heated bed in his future? I love the first photo of him on the couch - the look on his face is priceless! Well...maybe Mom and Dad will give him some more snuggle time until the hairs grow back!


Oh.........dear!!!!! I've experienced the same feeling with haircuts gone wrong!! When it does, I just hold my head up high and say, "What? I meant for it to look like this!" Give Ozzie a hug from me and let him know that it will grow out. (Don't tell him I laughed!)


Dogs are characters! When we get our Old English Sheepdogs shaved they look at us like we have really injured them. I'm sure that Ozzie thinks that you have stripped him of all his dignity. Give him lots of love and tell him how handsome he is...that goes a long way!


He's so funny! We had a little dog when the kids were little who did the same thing every time he was groomed. He pouted and hid and acted like the world had ended! Not long after his hair started to grow again he acted like he was the king of the hill!

Diane Linford

My cat does the same thing when we have him shaved. But it sure keeps the shedding to a minimum, and gets rid of that nasty matted underbelly.


Ozzie looks so grown up with his new cut, maybe it's that serious look he's giving you! It's great to see Ozzie back in your blog, it seems like it has been ages.


What a shame! But you can see his beautiful eyes at present!

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