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April 21, 2011



I like a your tone on tone idea. Monique's designs are so intricate, I think something that reads more solid would be beautiful.
Looking forward to seeing whatever you decide!

Sue Bennett

I like the piece of fabric that you have there but not for this quilt. All I see when I look at it is green. I think I would pick the tone on tone or wait till I found the perfect piece. It is a beautiful top and I would not want to mess it up. But that is just me.

Butterfly George

I made a quilt in the past and the fabric I chose wasn't just right and I still regret not getting another piece. It needs to be right in your eyes to "sing".........Make it sing Nicole


I would wait - while the fabric you now have is very nice it really doesn't do anything for the quilt as a whole. Finishing for the sake of finishing is not always the best way to go.

Barbara Anne

I love the border fabric in the photo but agree it may not be just right for this quilt. The border fabric's larger pattern makes me think it will draw too much attention to itself. I vote for a red tone-on-tone unless you find something different that makes the quilt sing!



You will never like this quilt if you aren't happy with the border. It will be worth waiting until you find something you love.....forget the Monday deadline.


I would wait for the right piece of fabric...I like that fabric but I think it's just too much for the quilt.


Looks like I have the same opinion as everyone else! Wait and look for the right fabric - you will never be happy with the quilt if you don't. I know this for a fact - if in doubt, don't!!! The border piece is nice, but not for this quilt - it's meant for something else. I'm sure you'll find the prefect project for it!!!!


I agree with everyone else. If you don't really love it now, you won't in 3 months either. :)

Deb A

Same opinion as the others. The fabric is beautiful but fights with the blocks...wait on a different border.


Your top is finished and that is a noteworthy accomplishment. If the border piece is not "singing" to you now it never will - don't just settle! Keep looking. Love that top by-the-way!

Christine Thomas

Just one more thought...what about changing up the containment border? I didn't realize that was a piece of tan fabric until you said so. I thought the border was just separated by some space. (all of this was at first glance). Though, the consensus seems to be to change out the border. I love the border but I do understand everyone else's points of view. You sure don't to not like looking at this quilt because you were hasty.

paulettte Doyle

WAIT!! You want it perfect!! It is a gorgeous quilt so you don't want to look at it 30 years from now and say "Isn't it pretty but I hate the border". Wait and go shopping (and take the quilt with you to the shop)!!

Diane Linford

Wait until you're happy. You will never really like the quilt otherwise. You've put in too much work to rush it now.


Wait, for sure, and taking the top with you to try out border fabrics is a good suggestion! As long as Monique is OK with revealing the top without a border I think that's the best plan. (And, you're not just a "pretty good" kind of a quilter, so you'd never really be satisfied would you)?

Ginny Worden

You already know, wait and find the border that you think is right, don't just "finish".


I'm with the "wait" group. If you are not sold on this one now, you never will be and will always think about that when you look at this quilt. It's so gorgeous that I wouldn't settle for deadline's sake. I love the block design!!! Beautiful quilt!! Plus, if you find a border that is more tone-on-tone in the burgundy color family, a beautiful feather border would look gorgeous on that quilt! Hint. Wink. :-)

nancy, near philadelphia

If you are making this quilt for me (and I love it that much), I'm happy to wait until you find the right TOT fabric . . . .


Love the quilt. Can't wait to see the big reveal. Glad you decided not to use that fabric for the border (very pretty but really busy). Can't wait to see what you choose. I will be keeping an eye out for the book.


Just what I was going to say, Nicole! Go with what you love!


Wow, I guess I was with the majority of the group. I love the border fabric, but not for this quilt...looks too pink for me, but it's gorgeous! I'm also with one of the comments about the inner tan border, I didn't realize it was a border until you said somethng. Love, love, love the blocks though! What great color combos!!! It's going to be stunning :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Maybe you're right not to use that fabric for your border on this quilt--but it gorgeous fabric and I hope you can find a home for it as a border or something that shows it off and doesn't chop it up into tiny pieces.

Sinta Renee

LOL- worked like a donkey? I have never heard that one before! So funny!


I'm glad you are waiting for just the right fabric. The first beige border isn't working for me either. I think once you find the best outer border fabric you'll find what you need for the inner border. Whatever you do, it'll be beautiful.


ditto on your "added" comment. If it's not right, it's just not right. You don't have to have the right fabric in hand, but trust your instincts, they haven't led you astray yet!

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