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May 26, 2011



How did you ever live without a design wall!! Good Luck finishing Beach Cottage, I think we've seen these blocks a time or two, I always enjoy seeing those blues and yellows, it definitely has a Beach Cottage feel to it.


Just chose this pattern fir my my sister's bed runner. Mine/ hers will be in lavender, dark purple, green, cream etc, I am so excited to start it.

Karen CA

I really like this quilt a lot and its name totally fits. Love the fabric colors and it looks like it belongs in a beach cottage!

Barbara Anne

Beach Cottage is so wonderfully breezy and pretty! I have to agree about that check fabric. It brings the ethereal flow to a screeching halt. You do such wonderful borders so I look forward to seeing what you choose for Beach Cottage.

Oh, yes! Fun with Sara, baby conversations, and perhaps shopping or antiquing for some unusual, perfect something to go in Sara's home, your home, or in the nursery!



This quilt is like a splash of cool water. I love those colors and haven't seen the combo in awhile. You are quite right about that check block.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the colors.


Just love this quilt Nicole ! Seems like you have been getting alot of UFO's finished. Good for you !


Adorable! I happen to like the witch's nose...


Have safe travels, Nicole. Enjoy a little break from your reality! xo Pam in Chico


It looks great! I see what you mean about the check, but I didn't notice until I read the post. Kim has some wonderful patterns :-)

Sinta Renee

I think I need that book in my collection! (and a beach cottage too)


Remembering seeing this project before... I know it's not in your favorite color scheme, but I love it with all those blues-yellows-greens. Have fun this weekend with Sara!

Debbie R.

I like this quilt a lot. I agree that the checks stand out, but if you remove that block, then do you also remove the block at top left which also has checks (although they don't stand out nearly as much in the corners of the block as in the body)? The thing that's standing out for me is the three darker blue blocks in the fourth vertical row. Although you probably don't need or want my two cents! Have a great, relaxing, stress-free weekend.
Debbie R.


Like it very, very much... I'm starting a crush on blue colors all of a sudden.


Love the colors! Can't wait to see it finished. I'd lean toward spending time with your can always squeeze a quilt shop along the way...two distractions :) Plus it will be nice to spend mom/daughter time before the baby, maybe spa day or can drink extra wine for her..three distractions :)


So pretty. I should send you my pieces to lay out, and then you could send them back to me for sewing. I like the subtle contrast in your fabrics -- looks watercolor-y.

We did have a good time in class. I felt a little silly "teaching," since they were better quilters than me!


What breath of fresh air, Nicole! This quilt is so light and airy! I hope you get up to see Sara - a break is always good for the soul!


Love the last four quilts you posted! I hope things settle down for you soon.

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