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May 09, 2011



Look for an iron with a manual temperature setting. I have one and when it shuts off I just tip it slightly to turn it back on and it heats fairly quickly. No haveing to adjust the temperature. I dislike digital settings as they tend to have issues manual ones dont.


I like digital & I go through irons like you do. I stock pail them when I get them on sale.

Pat C in Washington

Love those blocks - they are so cute! I can sympathize with you on the destroyed iron cords. My son's cat Cloudy, in the space of one week, chewed up the power cords to two desktop computers (the keyboard power cords) and one laptop.

Barbara Anne

Love the Baby Bliss blocks and those fabrics! Yum!

My Rowenta was purchased at Tuesday Morning for a fraction of the usual cost. It has the cut-off feature but you just tip the iron and it's quickly back to the chosen temperature (not digital).

As for having your ironing board next to your sewing machine, remember that in "Rx for Quilters" we're told to move often as we sew to keep our circulation at its best. Convenience may not be a healthy choice if you're sewing for a long time at a stretch. Just a thought!



My Rowenta iron is like Colleen's. I just tip the iron and it's back on, no adjustment to temps. I know most folks like to put water in their iron, but I've had my iron for about 6 or 7 years now, and I keep a spray bottle with water right on the ironing board. It gives me just the right amount of water to spritz, and I think it has saved my iron from an early death.


Your baby blocks are just darling!! I have had a series of whatever iron was on sale at Walmart...but now have a Rowenta and really like it...I try to protect, because my irons meet their doom falling to the floor, LOL!!


I use a travel iron for my sewing - completely manual, no steam and no other fancy stuff. I've had it and my main clothes iron for at least 15 years or more - guess I just wear more crumpled clothes!!

Debra in Ohio

I'm loving your blocks! Thanks for sharing.
Now, on to the whole iron thing...
I have a travel-size Rowenta and it's the best. Just a manual on/off dial, it has a great pointy tip for getting into little areas, and is HOT. I never put water in it though, as I think that makes an iron, whatever it's size, burn out quickly. And a good thing about this Rowenta travel iron, it's pretty inexpensive and available at the chain stores like the Bedding/Bath place and they always have a $10 coupon! Good luck. If you find something you love, please share your find with us.
Happy Stitching!


my iron is the same way~shuts off quickly too. i'll be sewing and wanting to iron, sew, iron, sew, and it's constantly cold when i go to iron. frustrating. hey, i have a contest going on today, and i will be posting another later tonight, that is awesome a half yard bundle giveaway! just wanted to let you know~

Sandy (Strlady)

I have a rowenta that doesn't need temp adjustments but does shut off at 8 min.
I HAD another travel rowenta that didn't shut off but I put too much presure on the handle (which was weird to start with) and it broke. :(
So, I'm looking for the right travel iron (without a funky handle) to replace it.

The quilt is turning out wonderful!!


What cute blocks, Nicole! Perfect for a baby.
I'm no different than you - iron problems. Finding a good one is a real task. Several years ago I had the best iron ever and when it died I went to purchase another one and the company had discontinued that model. A real bummer. It was heavy and looked like one of the first irons ever made! Since then I have tried others and have had to make do. I guess the comments about not putting water in the iron is something to consider but I like steam so will try the suggestion of the spritz bottle next to the iron. Thanks for the tip, Jocelyn. I currently have a Shark and it seems to be doing fine so far.

Helen in Switzerland

The blocks are gorgeous Nicole. I LOVE Bliss and it's such a cute pattern!

Leslie Myers

I have a digital Conair that has an over ride feature for the auto shut off. I purchased in online from Allbrands a few years ago for about $60.00 and it is heavy enough and NEVER leaks.


I have a cheap iron from WalMart that takes about 30 minutes to turn off - but sometimes it turns off WHILE I'M USING IT! It's a Black & Decker. It's about time to get a new one though because occasionally it will spit out rusty steam :( I found that out while ironing my new WHITE curtains I made for my camper trailer :(


Love those blocks! Oh, I remember all of those "Ozzie" posts like they were yesterday. I think the lipstick one was my favorite...or was it the one where he dragged your blocks in the back yard...or...:-)


This is going to be a darling quilt, Nicole! I can't wait to see Linda's magic on it, too! I have an Oliso which stays on for 30 minutes, but it's expensive and has flaws of it's own, too! Someone out there needs to hear us quilters as we all seem to have the same issues!

Patt Anderson

I just bought a sunbeam iron at Fry's, I am sure you can get them elsewhere. It shuts off after 30 minutes and then there is a easy button on top to push and re start which is real fast. It cost about $25.00. I had read about this iron on another blog a while ago and I finally found it (or remembered to look for it while I was out shopping I couple of weeks ago.) It has weight and I used it all weekend and I LOVE IT. I might pick another one up if I can find one. Good Luck.


Those baby blocks are to die for! So adorable! Glad you were able to make such good progress over the weekend.


Pretty quilt! Dropping irons is a big problem for me.. where Ozzie chews yours my scotties run by and knock it down. My favorite quilting iron is the little rowenta on an ironing pad next to me while I stitch.. has not tumbled in the past 4 years. It did suffer a handle malfunction due to my force.. but a quarter placed between the handle and iron solved that.. (mother of invention!) Good luck.


Super cute blocks! I love that Bliss fabric! As for irons I also have that travel size Rowenta it's about $40 but you can get it at Bed/Bath Beyond with a is small though. Other irons I like are Black & Decker and Shark. They're very inexpensive at Walmart, Target and they've lasted me a long time. It seems the Shark takes a little longer turning back on...but I am a little impatient :)

Wendy P

I know exactly what you mean about irons. So disappointing. They seem to all be made in China. I've been through as many as 4 in one year, but I'm sure you use yours every day.

My answer came from buying a 1960s GE iron off Ebay. Super cheap. No automatic shut off. Very heavy and tons of steam. I love it.


Love those blocks! Or is it that Bliss is just to die for no matter how it's used. I have a Rowenta Focus. But purchase it at Joanns, as they won't turn off. It's considered a craft iron when you buy it at Joanns so it doesn't have that auto shut off feature. Keep track of those coupons, every now and again they have one you can use on irons, which is how I got mine.


I am so loving your Blissful baby quilt!! So darling! The little flower centers are my favorite! Can't wait to quilt it! :-) Patti, the previous comment is my friend Patti and we have the same iron. No auto shut off is a dream! Purchase it at Jo-Ann's and they are considered a craft iron. I relly love the Rowenta Focus but it also has issues. It does not like water left in it when not in use...I forget to remove it all the time. That seems to make it spit water when I do. I have been very pleased with this iron and would buy it again. While no auto shut off is convenient, I really have to remind myself to shut it off.


Looking good! I think my iron waits 15 minutes before it starts beeping, then a few more before it shuts off. The beeping is handy when I've forgotten that Im meant to be ironing something...


I love my Rowenta, but wish they would last longer. One of mine recently met an untimely death by taking a nose dive off the ironing board. Maybe a sturdier ironing board would help! While waiting for a good price on a replacement, I bought a Sunbeam Classic that I really like. It has 30 minute shutoff and heats up quickly with just a push of a button. It also has a non-stick sole plate which is nice when working with fusibles. It may not be as heavy as you like, but I think it would be worth a try. I got mine at Target for $20-something, can't remember exactly. I did buy another Rowenta at BB&B, but now when I go to classes or sew-days I can leave it at home and take the Sunbeam.

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