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May 25, 2011



That definitely is ridiculously cute -- the baskets and the fabric. Combine that with your superb piecing skills, and you've got a winner! I wish I could help with quilting ideas, but I have no imagination!

Linda W

RCBQ-Fabulous! Do you know anyone to handquilt it? That might be the ticket on this one with all the detail to pull out around the flowers and the borders.
Huge amount of emotion wrapped up in your son's leaving. So many milestones to recognize here. Pat yourself on the back that you have done a wonderful parenting job and have raised this secure young man who is willing to go half way around the world to make his life with his love. We can be so proud of their independence!(even tho it breaks our heart...). Oh, the pain we mothers go through :-)


Whew, just looking at all those HSTs makes my head spin. Congratulations on all the finishes! I hope you find joy each day during this transition.

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