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May 25, 2011



I agree, whatever Bonnie and Camille design is a hit! I do think that whatever you make that quilt out of though turns out really nice. Those baskets are so cute. I made that pattern out of a pastel line that Blackbird did a few years ago (can't remember the name though - it was awhile ago. Turned out really nice too. Still love that quilt.

nancy, near philadelphia

Well, friend, it is just gorgeous. The border is spectacular. I remember when you first started this project. You posted pictures and I got inspired and made a similar quilt, Going Rouge; you can see it here:

I often languish before getting borders on. I don't enjoy that part of the quilt.

Anyway, Bravo!!!

Barbara Anne

Your RCBC is WONDERFUL!! Well done on fabric choices and placement, too. I agree there could be nothing be sweet dreams when sleeping under this quilt. Applause, applause!!!

I share your tendency to make quilt centers and then let time pass before adding the borders. I did that very thing on 4+ quilts that are or were part of my UFOs. This year I am on my way to finishing them.

Cheers that Ahren's trip was uneventful and that he's safely in Ireland. I hope he and Mary Ann find a lovely apartment that is well located. I'm with you on the mattress thought!



Oh that quilt IS ridiculously cute, it's one of my all time favorites of all the favorites I have of your quilts. I have just a enough Simple Abundance fabric left for one more quilt, I agree, that fabric is great.

What's not to love about finishing 3 quilts in one weekend, there's your silver lining. Things will get better soon, really, I can feel it!

Sandy Rowe

I love how your quilt turned out! Fabulous!

Mary Kastner

This is one of my favorites you have finished. I love it. Ahren's life is so romantic right now but hard on Mom I'm sure. Your finishes this week have been so entertaining! and amazing!


Diane Linford

Love it! I think I'd quilt along the sashing lines, and I also think I would outline the flower basket, and even go so far as to outline all those lovely triangle "flowers". Lots of work, but it would sure pop.


The quilt IS ridiculously CUTE!! I think quilting around the sashing & outlining the baskets and flowers suggested above would be perfect. Pretty labor intensive, but it would pop!! I can get my borders on but slow down on the back of quilts! Why? Because I like to do some piecing on the backs and often have trouble deciding how to put a variation of the top on part of the back.
Seriously, maybe Mary Ann & Ahren could invest in a mattress of their own if the apartment they find comes furnished!!


Ridiculously cute is just that! Simple Abundance is one of my favorite collections ever, I still haven't seen something made from it that wasn't also ridiculously cute... though not as ridiculously cute as these baskets.

I am SO with you! Rented furniture is fine for a little while... Ahren and Mary Ann can start collecting pieces together. But i absolutely, positively would not want a rented bed. I know... it is no different than a hotel but still. For a week or two... maybe. But after that, I would have bought my own. That is what Ikea is for! Thet ought to have those in Dublin, wouldn't you think?


Oh Nicole....another FABU-lous quilt! These are truly the ridiculously cute baskets. I'm so inspired by your work. Quilting flowers on each of the triangle flowers in the baskets does sound like the best thing to do even though it sounds like it is labor intensive as others have said.

Best wishes to Ahren and MaryAnn as they find their first home sweet home!

Laura Tawney

I'll come stay in the guest room! How cute of a quilt is that:) I love baskets and someday want to make one and the fabric is perfect in every way! Well done:)
Laura T


I love that you finished this gorgeous quilt, Nicole! It rocks! I would quilt it with the panto Hearts in Bloom that I just used on Stephanie's new quilt. It has hearts and flowers and those cute baskets need to be filled with both! I hope the lovebirds find a nice place - Europeans are so much less intimidated by "used" furniture, but I would frankly worry about crawly things in the mattress for sure!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

RCBQ is fabulous Nicole. I'm not the one to ask about how to quilt it though. Simple Abundance will definite bring sweet dreams..
Thank goodness for quilt therapy....he'll move back one day.

Nancy Watkins

Yes, yes, definitely my own mattress! I'm glad your son arrived safe and now let life begin....! You are on a roll! I let my quilts lay forever, too, before I get the borders put on. Very cute baskets!


You're RCBC quilt is more than cute. And I'm with you about putting borders on - not my favorite part of making a quilt. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.


I like it a whole lot, and I've never been a big fan of baskets.


Hi Nicole, When my youngest daughter's boyfriend left last year to go to university in Edinburgh, Scotland, he bought a device called Magic Jack. I have no idea how it works. They could phone each other every day for free. My daughter was able to visit him for nearly two weeks recently, and she phoned me every day. For free. I'm sure Ahren would already know about this, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Keeps them closer, right? My daughter's boyfriend came back to Canada just two days ago. Yay! Fondly, Rae Parkin.

Sinta Renee

Sweet Perfection!It looks like not only did the stars line up for you and the pattern and the fabric- but also the points of the HST's! Your quilt is perfectly beautiful. It looks like the stars are lined up for Ahren too. I use Skype to talk to my special people in far away lands. Free. I even get to see them face to face on the computer.


Beautiful! What about playing off the basket theme and incorporating a woven looking background quilting.

Debbie R.

Very cute & lovely quilt. Guaranteed to bring sweet dreams. Glad to see that you're cheering up some!
Debbie R.


With the population of bed bugs soaring...I was INSIST on my own bedroom furniture. Period.


Absolutely darling quilt! I read your blog faithfully but rarely comment...but wanted you to know I was thinking of you with your son so far away. My son moved to France to be with his (now) wife. I was happy for him but it broke my heart at the time. If you don't use skype already, I would recommend it. We chat frequently and I get to see him and his family every week. I was virtually at my grandson's birthday parties, Christmas etc. It is not the same as having him here but thank goodness for technology and it is free! Take care....

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Beautiful basket quilt. I love basket quilts. Glad to hear Ahren arrived safely. Now, when are we going to visit him and his lady?


Love this quilt. I have added it my list of projects...I might have to copy your cute name for it when I make it, though!


Ridiculously cute baskets is right!! Love the sashing. No idea on the quilting, I've seen baskets done all kinds of ways with tiny feathers in the basket and then a flower quilted in the empty basket handle part, maybe with leaves going around the outside of flowers mimicking the border? Whoever quilts it will do a great job I'm sure. PS - I had to LOL at your mattress true!! They won't even take used mattresses for donation, so what does that tell you. They carry bedbugs, diseases and who knows what else..just saying :)

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