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May 13, 2011



Hmmm? Am I the first one to comment? Love these patterns. I may just have to check these out! Thanks for the heads up.


I introduced a friend of mine to Just Joey quite a few years ago. Her nick-name is Joey, so it was fitting! It is a beautiful rose.

Marilyn McKinnon

Hi Nicole. Thank you so much for directing me to this site. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the patterns and being a big Beatles fan from the 60s makes it even more exciting. I just may have to buy all of them Thanks Marilyn

Sinta Renee

I have made Glad All over and their pincushion pattern. Their patterns are written very well... and are just as fun to make as they look!


Oh gosh - I was a huge fan of Joey Heatherson in high school - how nice that she had a beautiful rose named for her! The patterns are adorable, Nicole! I'll be headed over there now!


OK, first of all, why, when I try to bring up your blog, and now even when want to comment, do I get Type pads page? It is really annoying! Now, on to Abbey Lane : ) They have really cute patterns. You have got to make yourself the Abbey Bag. After you make one, and all your quilty friends see it, you will be making lots more! I have made 5 or 6.

Barbara Anne

Love your Joey roses!! The pedals are such a lovely and delicate shade of pink. I remember Joey Heatherton, her dancing, and her cute haircut.

When I visited Abbey Lane Quilt Co. yesterday, I saw only a few of their patterns but I love the variety and that so many were so cheery. Glad you liked the site!



Love roses don't you? I hope to keep mine going this year as when it gets hot up in Chico the poor roses just fry. Abbey Lane has another great pattern called Let It Be..that is wonderful. p.s. Your Fig Tree Quilt is in the french magazine Quiltmania this month! and your name girlfriend! woohoo! International acclaim! Have a good weekend. Pam

Rose ::

"Feelin' Allright" is gorgeous!


Your roses are just gorgeous. And thanks for sharing the Abbey Lane patterns -- too pretty!


Hi Nicole, I love the Just Joey rose too, such a pretty apricot colour. However it wasn't named after an actress, but the wife of the director of the company that bred the rose. Her name was Joey Pawsey.


I planted Just Joey this year (along with 6 other rose bushes, I'm addicted!), she's the first of the dormant roses to gate on blooming, and right now, she's being SUCH a tease. I'm sure our cloudy weather isn't helping, but gah, I want that bud to open already!


Hi Nicole, lovely rose - so delicate looking. I just finished Abbey Lane's Abbey Bag which was really easy to make - could have done it in half a day if it hadn't been for having to wait for the fabric glue to dry.

terry cortez

I too have Just Joey rose bushes. Another favorite is Marilyn Monroe. Both roses are a delicate apricot/blush that bloom forever - especially in the So. Calif weather. Thanks for sharing yours. Love the quilts too.

Terry in So. Calif


None of my business BUT, has your son left for Ireland yet? Sorry, I hate to be nosy. ;0

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